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- Secrets of the Dark -

Meanwhile, in Jamaica, Melchior had absolutely no idea of what was happening in Guatemala. It happened about two hours after Mirabelle's speech to Lucia. Melchior was at Jasmine's, lying on his bed.

"Well, it seems life is perfect fine here..." He thought with a shy smile. "Jasmine has a perfect family, and doesn't seem to want to trade it for anything. I wish I had that kind of life..."

He was looking to the window; it was a full moon night, which made Elemental Alchemist smile mischievously. He slowly stood up with a confident smile.

"For the night is only a child..." He started saying. "... I am going out."

He looked at the mirror, which was on the right side of the room, and saw no reflection of himself. Yet he looked gloomy at first, his smile rapidly came back.

"Well, I can get used to that!" He commented. "Right now, there's only one reflection which will matter to me."

He then snapped his left hand's fingers, conjuring a new outfit for him - a dark red social blouse with dark denim pants and black shoes. Then, he checked out on himself, brushing his teeth, which were sharper than they had ever been, and combing his hair with his fingers.

Then, Melchior left the guest room and went to Jasmine's. He was about to knock on her door when Morgan surprised him.

"Where do you think you are going, young vampire?" Morgan asked with his arms crossed.

Melchior turned around in order to respond. Morgan was wearing no shirt, only dark grey pants. He looked slightly more intimidating than before. He was looking at Melchior with a mischievous countenance, ready to hear Elemental Alchemist's reply.

"Well..." Melchior started, slightly embarrassed. "I was thinking about going out with your sister, if that's okay to you."

Morgan widened his eyes before laughing.

"Oh, I see what you want to do there, young man!" He said with a smile. "Well, I think you can. However, I want to discuss a few things with you guys prior to your night out, alright?"

"I am okay with that." Melchior replied happily. "Let's talk to Jasmine then."

Morgan nodded affirmatively, letting Melchior knock on Jasmine's door. He knocked thrice, and she opened with a smile, despite her tiredness. She was wearing a large, white sleeping gown.

"Hello, boys!" She said, smiling. "What do you want?"

"Do you have the grimoire at hand?" Morgan asked, serious. "I need it, for we have things to talk to Melchior... Who also has something for you?"

Jasmine looked mischievously at Melchior, laying her body near the door.

"Someone wants to enjoy the Jamaican night, I can see that." She winked at Melchior, who blushed. "I'd love to join you, Melchior."

"I didn't even had to ask!" He laughed. "I am awesome!"

The two Jamaican people laughed. Jasmine let them enter on her room; Melchior and Morgan sat on her bed while she opened her closet to get the grimoire.

"Well, Maya said it is the Ecliptic Grimoire." She handed it to Morgan, who carefully opened it. "It is basically a Dark Magic book; it contains several darkness spells and summons - specially undead. This, Melchior, was the book Eclipse against you, Blue Moon Knights."

"Wow!" Melchior and Morgan said, impressed.

"It is amazing the amount of information it bears, sister!" Morgan commented. "Go on."

"Alright!" Jasmine replied, smiling. "It contains the spell part and the historical part - yes, it contains information about the undead. Some can be summoned, and others cannot.  Ye Vampires are on the non-summon list, they still are studied here, and a conjurer can summon something similar to it."

"Wait a moment!" Melchior interrupted. "Are you saying... Maya didn't really did a copy of me?"

"Well..." Jasmine started. "Unfortunately, yes. Vampires are complex undead, they cannot be summoned so easily. Only deities can do it properly. I assume Maya did an elemental which bears your characteristics, but does not behave like a Vampire."

"How wonderful..." Melchior ironically replied.

"Don't worry, Melchior." Morgan intervened. "Maya seems to be quite powerful, and I think her trick will work. So, let's move to Vampires - tell us about them, Jasmine. Tell us about... Maya Vampires."

"Alright!" Jasmine said once more, excited. "Maya Vampires are a creation of Camazotz, the Maya Bat-God. At first, they were believed to be bats who took human form when dying, since their souls have the same destination as humans'."

"Xibalba!" Melchior completed.

"Exactly!" Morgan replied. "However, since Camazotz was never able to get out of Xibalba, he needed something - or someone - to be his eyes in land. So, he used dead bats to do his trick. His magic is far more powerful than any so-called 'Necromancer' ever had,  therefore he is not only able to give life to dead - he can also shape their form."

"That's why Vampires can shift their shape into their bat forms!" Melchior concluded.

"Smart kid. You are learning it." Morgan complimented with a smile. "Keep going, Jas."

"Well, this is the origin of the first Vampire ability - shape shifting." Jasmine said. "Vampires needed to reach long distances in a short period of time, so that Camazotz could see it all, but also needed to be aware of human activity without jeopardizing their lives - yours and human's. Now, first question: why night? Why daylight bothers Vampires so much?"

"Their power comes from Xibalba." Melchior said, reflexive. "And Xibalba is a dark, hostile place. Light brings the opposite, this is why it hurts me... Them... So much."

"Exactly." Jasmine said. "Light brings life, happiness, comfort and all types of good. Light is also the symbol of whatever is holy or belongs to the world of the Living, and that's why Vampires get sunburn in a way which leads to their death - the Light reveals it all, and revealing the unholy is part of its power."

"This is the reason why Altagracia heals me no more!" Melchior concluded once more.

"Yes." Morgan said. "Whatever is holy cannot have any effects over an unholy existence. Jasmine, I assume you have more to say."

"Indeed, I have." Jasmine kept talking. "Vampires own a wicked mind - they have mental powers. They are able to read minds, control dreams, manipulate thoughts and enhance nightmares. Since they are creatures of Xibalba, they are able to twist and torture souls,  yet they cannot command it."

"Do they can foresee events?" Melchior asked.

Morgan looked at him, surprised.

"You are a foreseer?!" He asked, shocked. "Vampires do not hold this ability - Warlocks do!"

"Warlocks?" Melchior asked. "What are those?"

"Well, Warlocks are evil magicians, Melchior." Jasmine said. "Yet their powers are as dark as Vampires', they come from a different source: the god of the Dead, Mictlantecuhtli. They are all born Warlocks, you cannot become one... Unless Mictlantecuhtli does it to you. Mostly, they rely on Vampires to keep them safe, for their bodies are fragile, despite their enormous amount of power. They also may reveal who they are more easily, so the Vampire must keep them on the right path, so to speak. Funny thing you have a Warlock ability. Coincidence, maybe?"

"I don't know..." Melchior sadly responded. "Everything is so confusing for me..."
Jasmine came closer to Melchior, sitting on his side; she put her hand in his shoulder and looked at him with care.

"We will help you figure things out." She said. "Now, we know Vampires have mental abilities, weakness against light and holy-based magic, shape-shifting abilities and need blood to live on. What else?"

"Well, all Vampires have an Aura, so to speak." Morgan said reflexive. "Vampires can sense each other, and each Vampire has a unique aura. It is like our fingerprints. Moreover, they do have fluids,  but they are all made out of Cobalt and Lead composts; so, yes, they can breed. Vampires get pregnant, just like humans do. Here it says that a Vampire must breed with another Vampire only. However, if he or she had a deeper relationship with another Warlock, something would happen. Something really, really bad would come to life - or destroy both of them in the process."

"Hold on a second!" Melchior interrupted Morgan. "Are you saying that... I am no mere Vampire?!"

"Well, this was implicit." Morgan answered. "Ordinary is something you are not, Melchior. You have powers beyond any regular Magician's abilities, and you have features which other Vampires don't share. In other words..."

"What?!" Melchior replied, shocked. "Are you saying I..."
Melchior stopped talking. Morgan was right! He was no mere Vampire after all!

"Mirabelle..." Melchior whispered. "She said... She gave me my name!"

"Who's she?" Jasmine asked.

"The most powerful Warlock the world has ever seen." Morgan answered, giving Jasmine the grimoire. "Here, there is a profile of her. It seems she has a Vampire of her own - the mightiest, strongest living Maya Vampire..."

"...Ushuriel." Melchior replied with his eyes wide open. "Him and Mirabelle... No, no, no... It cannot be!"
Morgan looked at Jasmine and then to Melchior. He understood what the Salvadorian Vampire had concluded.

"It is the only way." Morgan said. "It is the only answer; it took longer for you to become a Vampire, and you were born a Magician. Moreover, you have foreseer abilities and clairvoyant treats that only Warlocks bear. There's no doubt in my mind, Melchior Raven-Hayes, that Mirabelle and Ushuriel are your biological parents. It's the only justification."

Melchior looked at Morgan shocked, angry and confused.

"No!" He screamed, standing up. "It cannot be!"

Right before their eyes, Melchior ran into the window, became a bat and flew away, completely lost. His whole life had been turned upside down. How was he going to get through it?

To be Continued...


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