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- Love or Hate? -

Port Royal, Jamaica

Melchior felt lighter and calmer because of his runaway; if he had paid more attention, however, he would have been able to prevent what was coming next...


A large bat started to fly near Melchior. At first, it was quite distant of him, soaring quite gently. However, Melchior knew who it really was.

"Damn!" He thought. "It was of no use! He followed me!"

Suddenly, Melchior witnessed the large bat transform into Ushuriel, who already had two purple spheres in his hands.

"You can run, but cannot hide!" The majestic Vampire screamed. "Vampiric Charge!" Ushuriel screamed, throwing the charged spheres at Melchior.

In his bat-form, Elemental Alchemist couldn't respond. He got hit and went back to his regular looks; for he didn't know how to fly, he started falling, and Ushuriel soared to get him.

"You are coming with me!" He screamed, grabbing Melchior with his large, muscular arms.

Ushuriel flew with Melchior so fast that the Blue Moon Knight wasn't able to recognize the path chosen by his foe, who dropped him above the ruins of Port Royal. As Melchior was falling, Ushuriel laughed and said:

"Now, I'll come after the ones who gave you shelter! I am sorry things had to be this way, but you gave me no choice!"

The Vampire said those words with pain within. He never meant to hurt Melchior; he never wanted this fight to begin in the first place. But his Mistress had to be obeyed - his life depended on it.

"I am sorry... My son. None should ever now about the Vampire core. Forgive me in our afterlife... If there's one to begin with."

That said, Ushuriel became a bat once more and followed a weak track which Melchior's Aura made - a path to Morgan and Jasmine's house.

Elemental Alchemist was laying on the ground, unconscious. How could he save Jasmine if he couldn't even save himself? How?


"Wake up, Melchior... Wake up... Elemental Alchemist." A male voice was calling.

"Ouch... My head..." Muttled Elemental Alchemist, opening his eyes with difficulty.

It was all black; black and void as far as Melchior could see. He stood in his knees, confused.

"Melchior..." The voice was everywhere to be heard and nowhere to be seen. "Why are you alive?"

"I... I don't really know, to be honest." Elemental Alchemist replied as he looked for the voice's source. "And you? Can you show yourself? Or at least tell me where I am?"

Suddenly, Melchior felt a gentle light coming from behind. He looked at it, and a human shape appeared.

"It cannot be..." Melchior whispered widening his eyes.

The light took its humanoid form - it was an elf who died a long, long time ago. Still, Melchior knew who he was.

"Cody?!" He shouted, surprised. "What are you...?! How..?!"

"Don't you remember?" Cody asked. "That object you found... When I died..."

"The Soul Essence!" Melchior said.

Elemental Alchemist searched for the Essence in his pockets, and found it. The yellow gem, which fit his hand perfectly, was glowing as if it was trying to communicate. Melchior then looked at Cody, who was serene.

"Yes..." Cody commented. "I believe you wondered about the utilities of one's Essence. Very well: it keeps us attached to this world; in other words, if the right magician uses this stone, he or she may be able to revive someone who already joined the dead. Some people, depending on how good or bad they've been, they might have Soul Essences or not. Those who drop it, once dead, may drop powerful ones, which are attributed to powerful warriors or enlightened minds. Also, through these essences, we may keep the ones we care about safe."

"I understand that..." Melchior replied. "... But I don't understand your choice. Why save me? I am covering Kimi on the matter of your death! Why do you want to save me?"

"Because you were meant to make a difference." Cody answered with a smile. "You are meant to make a difference, my friend. You are a bridge between the world of the Living and the Dead. You can show the world Vampires and Magicians through the best glasses, but the choice is yours to be made. I can give you a chance to increase your powers and fight Ushuriel on the same feet, but you have to ask yourself: are you ready?"

Melchior took a deep breath and closed his eyes, thinking.

"All my life, I wanted to be different." He said. "All my life, I wanted to be noticed for the good things I did, for my intelligence and skills. I want to save people and show them another path, a better path to their lives. I want to guide people towards Light, regardless of being a Children of the Night..."

He slowly opened his eyes and looked to Cody's with determination.

"I want the power to do so." Elemental Alchemist said. "I want to save Jasmine and her relatives. Moreover, I want to fight Ushuriel and get my answers. I am tired of feeling weak and powerless; I am far more powerful than people think, and I want a second chance to prove it. Will you give it to me?"

Cody smiled at Melchior and nodded his head.

"Of course I will..."

That said, Cody became light once more; his Soul Essence shattered in Melchior's hand, releasing a dense light, which involved Melchior. As the light healed and strengthened Melchior, Cody's voice echoed in his mind one last time.

"Melchior, I give you the gift of Dream Walking.  Vampires cannot dream, but you can. The only reason you are able to do so is because of your mother, who's haunting you in your foreseeing nightmares. With this ability, you will be able to invade a Vampire's mind and fight him in his own realm with a large advantage. Use this power wisely, for it takes too long for a non-elf to master."

The light became brighter and involved Melchior's surrounding completely. When Elemental Alchemist opened his eyes, his outfit was different.

The cape was light yellow with a Gothic, bloody-red cross. He was wearing a sleeveless, light yellow turtleneck, and his pants were also light yellow. His cothurnus were golden with a pair of bloody red, Celtic crosses each. He looked at the bright sky with a smile.

"I am ready to fight, Ushuriel." He thought. "This time, I am the one chasing you down."

He sat on the floor and closed his eyes in a meditation posture. He took a deep breath and got concentrated in the image of Ushuriel.

"Dream Walk Path!" He thought.

In Melchior's mind, countless Auras appeared in the middle of a golden background. Ushuriel's Aura was the nearest. He had no idea of what he was going to do next. A smile came to Melchior's face: he could see it all. Ushuriel was already at Jasmine's, and he had knocked her down. Morgan was holding a crossbow full of silver bolts. Ushuriel was smiling at him, and his face was pure evil. Melchior saw Jasmine's mother lying on the ground with blood coming out of her neck - she was dead, no doubt.

Melchior focused on Ushuriel only, and the dream walking process was beginning - he opened his eyes, which were now golden, and focused all his efforts into invading Ushuriel's mind.

"You will go down!" Melchior thought before falling into the darkness brought by Ushuriel.



Ushuriel put his hands in his head and shook it violently, trying to get rid of Elemental Alchemist. Morgan was breathing with difficulty, holding the crossbow with fright. His body was covered in his mother's blood. He looked at Ushuriel with panic as the Vampire ran out of the room, trembling and screaming with anger.

"BEGONE!" He growled. " BEGONE!"

Suddenly, Ushuriel fell in his knees; his arms fell and his eyes became golden. Morgan appeared seconds after the strange event, still on panic.

"What the hell?!" He said breathless. He took a deep breath. "I hope this witchcraft is yours, Melchior.Only you are a match for Ushuriel."

Morgan started breathing rapidly in order to calm himself down. He kept holding the crossbow, ready to shoot, if necessary.  He was hoping Melchior helped him, and so Elemental Alchemist did.

He entered Ushuriel's mind and was ready to make it his own arena.


Deep inside Ushuriel's mind, there was a rainforest. It was dark and lifeless. The trees had black trunks and violet leaves. There were plenty human and animal bones in the ground. Some skeletons were complete, and other were not.

In the middle of that deadly forest, lied Elemental Alchemist. His clothes gave the place some light, driving attention to himself and allowing him to see something in that wicked darkness.

"Come at me, Ushuriel!" Melchior screamed. "I know you are here!"

"I am everywhere, kid."

Melchior clenched his fists when he heard Ushuriel's voice. Suddenly, the large Vampire appeared in front of him, separated by five meters of sterile soil.

"Welcome to my mind, Melchior." Ushuriel said mischievously. "Didn't your foster mother teach you good manners? It is not polite to invade one's mind, youngster." The Vampire also clenched his fists. He was ready for a fight.

"It is not polite to attempt to murder your only child either." Melchior replied with anger. "Why do people always get at me? Am I really that bad?"

"No." Ushuriel replied. "No, you aren't. In fact, you seem brighter and far more powerful than your fellow companions. You're also a good person."

"Then why are you guys chasing me down?!" Melchior asked. "Why are you trying to murder me and my friends?! What did I ever do to you?! I had no clue you guys existed! Why me?!"

"I am not chasing you because I want, Melchior." Ushuriel sadly replied. "I am chasing you because Mirabelle sees no other path. You, on the other hand, are proving me wrong, and I am glad about it."

"Why do you obey Mirabelle?" Melchior asked. "Aren't you a powerful Vampire?"

"Yes, sir. The most powerful of my core." Ushuriel replied, slowly nodding his head.

"Then why you take orders from her?!" Melchior asked. "Why are you doing something you clearly don't want?!"

"Because I have an allegiance with her. Moreover, I loved, love and always will love Mirabelle." Ushuriel answered serious. "All Vampires have to obey Warlocks; Camazotz created us to protect the servants of Mictlantecuhtli, but I fell in love with the one who holds me to my oath. From that love, you were brought to this world. I am your father and Mirabelle is your mother."

Melchior's eyes widened; his countenance showed Ushuriel that his was both terrified and surprised.

"It cannot be..." Melchior whispered.

"Since you are in my mind, youngster, would you like me to show you how was it?" Ushuriel said, extending his left hand to Melchior. "Would you like to find out when and where you were born?"

Melchior hesitated.

"No tricks?" Elemental Alchemist asked.

Ushuriel closed his eyes and gave him a mischievous smile. "No tricks at all. Only the truth. Follow me, youngster."

Melchior nodded his head, agreeing with Ushuriel.

"I'll tell you everything." Ushuriel said. "Everything..."

To Be Continued...                                                                                                         


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