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- Obscura Nox -

That night, Melchior couldn't do what he wanted - have a great time with Jasmine, as he used to do in either Guatemala or El Salvador with the girls he liked, even if it was for a brief moment.

In his bat form, he flew high above Port Royal, seeking for peace and enlightenment, which he would hardly find considering his mental state. He was too confused to understand things. Why him? Why?


Somewhere near Guatemala City, Guatemala

Outside Guatemala City, there lied a dark, abandoned manor, inhabited by a couple of villains we now know well.

"Mirabelle! I am home!"

It was Ushuriel; he had a smile on his face, despite he knew what was going to happen to the one he brought with him. He had a large rug on his left shoulder; on the moment he reached the center of the living room, Mirabelle appeared descending the stairs with a bored countenance.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"I've got a nice surprise for you!" Ushuriel said, happily. "I've brought you... Melchior!"

With that said, he put the rug on the floor and unwrapped it, revealing an unconscious Elemental Alchemist, which made Mirabelle reveal a sadist smile. She then met Ushuriel in the center of the room.

"Excellent!" She licked her crimson an black lips, ready to begin. "Now... We just do what should have been done 16 years ago..."

"Are you sure?" Ushuriel asked serious. "Once done, it cannot be undone; if it's the worst decision, you won't be able to undo it. Think about it."

"Never had I had to think about it, Ushuriel" Mirabelle said, angry. "And I'd remain that way if you had allowed me to do things as they should have been done. Nevermind..." She was looking now to Melchior. "Being the most powerful amongst my core, I've learned a spell which tear most of the beings from your kin apart, Ushuriel. Watch it closely."

The Vampire obeyed, stepping thrice away from Mirabelle. She raised her hands above her forehead; her eyes began to glow in a purple tone.

"Memento Mori!" She screamed.

The floor beneath 'Melchior' started to boil. The Blue Moon Knight slowly started to wake up, but it was going to be of no use, for the boiling floor started to expel silver, which made Ushuriel retreat violently.

"What?" 'Melchior' slowly asked.

The boiling silver then embraced the foul creature, which started to scream in agony. Following this action, the melted silver cooled down into spikes, which pierced the undead, causing the purple blood to spread in all directions. To finish her death sentence, Mirabelle snapped her fingers and the deadly, silver imprisonment vanished.

Elemental Alchemist's limbs fell on the floor. His head, torso, arms and legs had been crushed and torn apart. His body rapidly became a violet dust - the final fate of a fallen Vampire. Mirabelle was smiling with her eyes half-closed.

"I think this ends the matter once and for all." She said, turning her back to the dust which once was Melchior. "Well, now we need to do the same with the rest."

"What?!" Ushuriel asked, bewildered.

"You heard me." Mirabelle said with a serious countenance. "Do you think they'll lie there while a friend of theirs died? They are too much of companions to do so. They'll come after us. Regarding that spell, dear Ushuriel of mine, fear not: it wouldn't be able to kill you, even with that amount of silver. You are too strong for this spell to work."

Mirabelle left the living room, going upstairs. She was going to sleep, no doubt. Ushuriel knelt near the dust with a gloomy countenance.

"I don't think they deserve such fate." He said. "I don't think you are dead as well..."

He looked to the full moon with determination.

"I still feel you, Melchior Raven-Hayes."

He closed his eyes in order to feel it better. As he was getting more and more focused on the image of Melchior, his mind seemed to be flying rapidly over the image of various Vampires which inhabited Central America. Most of them had bloody red Auras, but some Auras varied in color, being sometimes blue, grey and even golden, but only one Aura had a color which none had: bloody red.

"!!!" Ushuriel violently opened his eyes, surprised. He took a breath and slowly sighed, smiling afterwards. "There you are, young Children of the Night."

The bloody red Aura was somewhere in Jamaica, and it belonged to Elemental Alchemist. Ushuriel slowly stood up, staring at the full moon.

"Well, it has been a while since I went to Jamaica." He said. "I think I deserve a vacation; I'll pay you a visit, dear Melchior."

At that moment, Ushuriel was engulfed in darkness and came out of it as an enormous bat, which rapidly flew away from that gothic, isolated, abandoned manor.


Port Royal, Jamaica

Melchior found somewhere to stay; somewhere empty and dark, which none would come for him. He was sitting on a swing at a playground. There was nobody with him or near him. Nobody to ask questions; nobody to understand his pain.

While he slowly swung, memories came into his mind: his childhood as a circus illusionist, which gave him almost no true friendships, for he kept moving from town to town in order to get money for his family. The abuse came just as quick as the joy of doing magical tricks. While remembering playing with Kimi, he also remembered being hit by Lucia many times. His foster brother also called him many names. For them, he certainly was evil; Melchior was a demon and a servant, nothing else.

He closed his eyes and a thin tear came out of one of them. Until that day, he had held all his tears, for the scars he bore in his body still hurt him. He was always in pain, and sports and his friends were the only thing that were able to keep the pain away.

"If I didn't have Kimi and the others in my life..." Melchior thought. "I don't think I'd have made through this day."

He sighed and looked at the sky.

"The only reason I went to Tikal that day... Was to die, no doubt." He said, remembering the day he met Anael and Thalas. "I didn't want to use my powers on that people - It would have been a coward victory, no doubt.  Perhaps, I wanted them to hit me, to find me and hunt me down, for I had always felt like a wild animal or even a demon, which deserves no life.  I guess... I guess I just wanted to feel free once in my life... Just once..."

He stared at the full moon. In his mind, the memories of that amount of youngsters with weapons, ready to fight until the last one of them. A smile came into his face when he remembered seeing an injured Anael, and using his powers to heal him.

"That day, I didn't do a trick - I did magic, the real stuff." He thought. "Anael was very receptive, but Thalas... He certainly wanted, and sometimes still wants to get me killed. These two may not know, but they didn't save my life - they gave me one."

He stood up feeling quite better than before. A mischievous smile appeared in his face.

"It doesn't matter how I am going to get through this, but I will." He said determinated. "I have been living through hell for quite a long time and I am still on my feet. I have to get through this not only for me, but for my friends. For my soul family, which had been there all times for  me."

The Salvadorian mage looked at the sky one last time before becoming a bat; if he had only looked to his left before, he would have seen him.


The large Salvadorian Vampire was looking at him behind a couple of trees, and he had a wicked smile in his face.

"Very clever, youngster." He said to himself. "Your next move, nevertheless, wasn't so bright.  I hope the ones who sheltered you are able to handle a Vampire properly, or else..."


Kimi and Kaiser's Home, Guatemala City, Guatemala

The first sunlight rays started illuminating the living room by the time Elite Dragon and the other Blue Moon Knights had finally awaken. They all seemed dazzed and confused, and their memories were more like a blur. All of them fell on their knees, feeling a strong headache.

"Ouch! My head!" Kaiser complained. "What the hell happened?!"

"I don't know!" Maya said slowly and confused. "The last thing I recall was... Oh... A strong wind and then... Just... Darkness, or something."

Thalas was just walking by the door, trembling, when Anael finally opened his eyes. There was a voice, a known voice, echoing restlessly in his head.

'We Vampires do more than suck blood and sleep in coffins. We can read minds, sneak into your dreams and control your nightmares. Yes! The true power of a Vampire lies deep down his wicked mind. Soon, you all will fall asleep... And shall never see Melchior again...'

"Dios mio!" Elite Dragon shouted, driving all attentions to him.

'Soon, you all will fall asleep... And shall never see Melchior again...'

"What was it?" Thalas and Kimi simultaneosly asked.

"Ushuriel paid us a visit." Anael said with seriousness and anger. "He caught Melchior's clone."

"So... It worked?" Altagracia asked, looking to her brother.

"Apparently, it did." Anael replied not so happy.

"So, what do we do now?" Kaiser asked. "Ushuriel seems very powerful; he won't be tricked for long."

"Neither him nor Mirabelle." Thalas commented, crossing his arms over his chest. "We don't have much time. We've got to defeat them as soon as possible."

"Agreed." Hissed Anael. "But I don't think we, who use melee, stand a good chance against her. " He said, pointing at himself, Thalas and Kaiser. "I believe our ladies have better chances against Mirabelle." He finished his speech, pointing at Altagracia and Maya.

"Us?" Maya asked, surprised. "You sure? I mean, my powers are Darkness-based! Altagracia is the only one who masters Light!"

"Exactly." Anael said with a mischievous smile. "But my sister is still a newbie at magical domain; you, Maya, however, is quite a master, and will be more than able to help and assist mi rayo de Sol. Can I trust on you?"

Maya stood there in silence for a moment. While quiet, she remembered all things she had lived until that point. She remembered when she tried to steal Anael's Shaman-stone; if she had been successful, Elite Dragon would have perished.

"Now, he trusts me." She thought, looking into his eyes, which were already reptilian. A determinate smile came into her face. "I am ready to honor his trust."

"So, Black Witch, what say you?" Anael asked.

"I'll do it." She answered. "Lotus Flower, come with me. I'll teach you some things before our fight."

"On the meantime, Kaiser and I will try to track Ushuriel down." Elite Dragon said. "Thalas and Kimi, I think you guys should follow Altagracia and Maya in case they need extra fire power. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" Thalas and Kimi replied.

"So, Knights... Let the Heart give us its blessings... Coraz√≥n de Guatemala!"

As Elite Dragon spoke his last sentence with bravery, the Heart started to glow as intense as it had ever been; all Knights were involved in its Quetzal-shaped, turquoise light, which gave them their heroic outfits. They were ready to go full throttle.

To Be Continued...


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