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Guatemala City, Guatemala

On the meantime,  Maya was already back to Guatemala City with a plan on her mind. All the remaining Knights were at Kimi and Kaiser's, ready to witness Maya's summoning ritual. Black Witch was on the center of a large pentagram, which was drawn on the floor. She was holding an open purple tome in her hands.

"Very well..." She said solemnly. "Guys, I had never done this before, so I strongly recommend you to stay away from this pentagram, if you may."

The Knights affirmatively nodded and let Maya free to do her job. She took a deep breath before continuing. Then, passing her right hand over the book, with her eyes closed, ready to whisper the powerful, yet dark spell she had always hidden.

The words she spoke came from Maya language itself; words so deeply unknown that even Ixtab Blanca, the elder Shaman they all met in Xultún, would have difficulties to understand. As Maya kept her spell, a strange, dark mass appeared just a few steps in front of her.

"Almost there..." She said with a smile and her eyes half-opened.

The dark mass assumed Melchior's shape, wearing his civilian outfit, which was a sleeveless turquoise shirts, black denim pants and dark grey sneakers. He was smiling at them as he showed a marking in his left hand's

"Well, he will act, behave and talk like Melchior does." Maya explained. "He has the same powers, but weaker than the original, and that may be a problem. What we have to do is to keep him out of the fights, but always on Mirabelle's sight."

"Why?" Kaiser asked, confused.

"Because it will keep their attentions on him, and him only." Kimi explained with a mischievous smile. "Yet Vampires can sense each other's presence, this trick shall confuse Ushuriel's senses, and keep them out of Jamaica. Then, we'll have time to discover who they are and why Melchior."

"Then..." Anael hissed with a smile. "We may be able to find out their weaknesses and defeat them... And save Melchior from that evil which marshes before us..."

Somewhere around Guatemala City, Guatemala...

Mirabelle was sitting on a gothic-themed couch with an open book on her lap. She was looking at some old pictures, probably dated from the final years of the 19th Century, given the quality of those sepia-coloured  pictures. She had a weak smile in her face.

"These were us in America..." She whispered as she was recalling events from the past. "I believe it was New Orleans or other city from the South, given the people who were there... Ah..." She smiled as she turned the old pages with care. "The merchantmen... They always had good produce to give me for my  potions, I recall! Yes... They had..." Her voice became lower and sadder as she turned the pages.

She heard a few steps coming from behind.

"Funny." It was Ushuriel's voice coming from the darkness of the manor. "My senses are tricking me..."

"Why is that?" Mirabelles asked, closing the album and turning her head towards Ushuriel with an apathic look.

"Melchior seems weaker..." He asnwered quit confused. "Before our little fight, his aura seems smaller than it was..."

"Maybe you were wrong about him from the very beginning." Mirabelle ironically said, hiding her disappointment. "I believe you overestimated him, that's all..."

"If you say so..." Ushuriel said in a mischievous tone, which surprised Mirabelle. He rapidly stood in front of her, bending his back in order to ut his face on the same level of hers.

"Don't you dare!" Mirabelle objected with a blushing face.

Ushuriel answered with a gentle kiss and a mischievous smile right afterwards; he stood up again, looking at her face triumphantly. Then, he looked at the bright night.

"Oh, Mirabelle..." He said. "These guys may be smarter than you think."

She stood up with her eyes closed, as if she was up to something. She turned her back to Ushuriel and walked away, leaving the Salvadorian vampire quite confused.

"I have to talk to somebody." Mirabelle said coldly. "On the meantime, you'll go after Melchior. Understood?"

"Yes... Mirabelle." Ushuriel politely replied, feeling slightly angry at her.

He saw Mirabelle disappear in the darkness; with a sigh, he looked once more to the stars above. Then, he was involved in a dark matter, which transformed him into a large bat, which flew away from that manor.

"I wish these events weren't happening." Ushuriel thought. "This way, I wouldn't have to hurt the ones so dear to him..."

He started to fly faster and lower as he came closer to where he thought Melchior was - at Ice Guardian and Darkstalker's house. A willow next to the house hid one of them - Electro Archer was watching the skies with attention. When he saw the large bat, there was no doubts in his mind regarding who it really was. He rapidly snapped his fingers near his right ear and conjured his Communicator. He held the button in order to speak as low, yet clear as he could.

"Guys, he is coming." He said.

That was before he could see what came after him...


South Entrance of Guatemala City, Guatemala - 12:45 p. m.

In the southest part of Guatemala, there lied some poor houses, made out of raw bricks and even wood to help giving structure. It was a medium-range ghetto outside Guatemala City; a place which seemed to be God and government forsaken.

Mirabelle was wearing a large, dark magenta hooded cape, which covered her body completely; her countenance was gloomy yet full of anger.

"I hate this situation." She said to herself. "I did this path to do it once; if she had done as told, none of this would be happening..."

Mirabelle stopped walking to look at her final destination - the largest house of that ghetto, completely made out of wood. It was a two-floored building, and someone was waiting for Mirabelle on the doorstep. It was a medium-height, chubby female. Her hair was long, dark and wavy, and her eyes were dark-brown with a red glow.

"I was expecting you for a very long time, Mirabelle." She said coldly. "I thought you were never coming back."

"I wasn't supposed to be." Mirabelle replied, slowly walking towards the doorstep. "But someone didn't do her part of our deal. Am I wrong, Lucia?"

Lucia was her name; she was Melchior's adoptive mother. The woman responsible for his misery, and for all the events which were happening at that time.

"What have I done wrong?" Lucia asked, indifferent. "Wasn't I supposed to take care of him?"

"You let him discover his magical abilities!" Mirabelle was furious. "Worse than that, you let him expose it to the world and used it to profit! Moreover, because of you we are being forced to deal with a matter that should have been avoided!"

"You gave me your child, don't you remember?" Lucia was getting angry. "I didn't know he would inherit your powers! When you gave him to me, I thought he was just a regular child you didn't have the courage to raise!"

"How dare you, Lucia?!" Mirabelle replied growling. "After everything I did for you and your family, this is the way you retribute?!"

"He wasn't my child!" Lucia replied with tears in her eyes. "He would never be! He doesn't fit, and he would never fit in this family! He wasn't well-behaved, so I had to punish him by putting him in chains on the basement, so that he'd obey me! He was a hard kid, and he still is!"

Mirabelle froze as she heard how Lucia was 'educating' Melchior. She thought she'd never care if Lucia did whatever she wanted, but she felt her blood boil in her veins as her anger increased.

"You'll pay for this, Lucia." Mirabelle finally hissed with despise in her looks. "I gave you a gift, something which would erase all your sadness. Instead, you did a bad use of it. Don't test me, my dear friend, for you will be surprised."

Lucia looked at her with fright as Mirabelle disappeared in the darkness. She kept looking at the bright sky above her with a gloomy countenance. She knew what was going to com next.


It didn't cost too much for Ushuriel to invade each Knights' minds and overwhelm them. Melchior's clone was on chains, looking at the Knights' face. Their eyes had a sinister golden color, and they seemed not to be responding to anything Ushuriel didn't want them to.

The large Vampire headed near Anael, who was looking at him, but not seeing Ushuriel.

"Don't be scared, kid." He said. "We Vampires do more than suck blood and sleep in coffins. We can read minds, sneak into your dreams and control your nightmares. Yes!" He pointed at his head. "The true power of a Vampire lies deep down his wicked mind. Soon, you all will fall asleep... And shall never see Melchior again. I am deeply sorry for that, though. You seem to be very nice people; that said, I'll spare your lives, even if it costs... Mine, so to speak."

He snapped his fingers, releasing the Knights from his control. When they all looked around, Ushuriel was nowhere to be seen, and so was Melchior's clone - both were gone!

"So, he did it..." Maya slowly said, looking at all of them slightly confused. "He fell into our web. Now, we have to hope that Melchior stays safe and sound in Jamaica until we find a way to clean up this mess..."

To Be Continued...


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