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- Out of the Name of Misery -

Kingston, Jamaica

While Maya, Altagracia and Melchior were in the battle, Kaiser and Anael had tried to track Ushuriel. They were already aware that Maya's spell didn't trick him for very long. Brign also aware that they were in Jamaica, they did their best to follow the leads to Ushuriel, but they lost his Aura when they reached Jamaica's capital, Kingston.

"It is useless!" Anael hissed. "At this point, he had already found Melchior!"

"Calm down, Anael." Kaiser calmly replied. "Jasmine must live nearby; if we contact her, we may be able to find Melchior."

"She might be dead by now..." Anael said. "Ushuriel might have killed everyone in his path."

"Don't be so pessimistic, Elite Dragon!" Kaiser replied. "We'll find..."

Suddenly, Kaiser saw a black van rushing towards them; he pushed Anael out of the road and the van avoided hitting Kaiser for just a few millimeters. DarkStalker fell on the ground quite angry.

"Hey!" He shouted. "Don't you know how to drive, douche?!"

When Kaiser said that, a tall, black man with large dreadlocks came out of the car with Jasmine Waterfall, who was wearing a plaster on her right arm. The man was none than Morgan Waterfall, her brother.

"You were on the street." Morgan said. "You knew this could happen. Plus, I had green light to go."

Anael was surprised.

"Jasmine?!" He asked.

"Long time no see, huh?" Jasmine replied with a weak smile. "I am sorry for showing up like this, Elite Dragon, but we have bad news."

"Terrible ones, I must say." Morgan completed. "Melchior is no longer with us. Ushuriel found him. He is either dead or..."

"...Back into Guatemala!" Anael concluded. Before heading back, however, he looked at them with pity. "You guys... Look terrible."

"Ushuriel is too tough for me." Jasmine said, laughing discretely, yet sadly. "I wasn't able to withstand him. I guess I got weaker..."

"Well..." Anael said with a smile. "I think I can handle this..."

With a sweet smile in his face, Anael revealed the Heart of Guatemala. Jasmine got incredibly surprised.

"Oh!" Kaiser said. "Haven't you seen the Heart?"

"No..." Jasmine said. "It has been a long time since I've seen your powers, Blue Moon Knights."

Anael raised the Heart with a smile.

"Let me heal you... Quetzal Healing!"

A large Quetzal made of pure turquoise energy emerged, involving Morgan and Jasmine. It took just a few seconds for the Quetzal heal the Jamaican brothers. When it disappeared, their clothes were renewed and there was no sign of recent wounds. The heart stopped floating and went back to the hands of its master.

"Wow... Amazing." Morgan said. "Melchior's friends are very powerful indeed."

"Thank you, sir." Anael said. "Now, regarding Melchior..." The Welsh Guatemalan looked at the bright sky."We have to save him."

"Anael, go after Melchior." Kaiser said. "I suppose Jasmine and her brother will need some help to get back on track again. I'll go after you as soon as possible, alright?"

Anael nodded affirmatively; then, he opened his wings and got impulse, flying as high and as fast as he could. Melchior's life was in danger, and he needed to save his friend from Mirabelle...


Guatemala City, Guatemala


Melchior heard Mirabelle's voice as a growl; she had just thrown him violently on the ground while holding Ushuriel on the rooftop of her manor, using silver chains to keep him there. Elemental Alchemist was trying to stand up slightly injured.

"Mirabelle, be reasonable!" Screamed Ushuriel. "There's no point in this fight!"

"Shut up!" She growled. "It was because of you he is still alive!"

Melchior stood on his knees, breathing with difficulty. He clenched his fists, getting ready for another round.

"Do you want to hear it, kid?" Mirabelle asked. "Dou you want to know your real story?"

Melchior was looking into her eyes; her face was deformed due to her anger. On the rooftop, Ushuriel was only hoping for the best, given the fact he couldn't loose himself from the silver trap. She got closer of Elemental Alchemist, clenching her fists.

"Stop it, Mirabelle!" Growled Ushuriel. "These chains cannot hold me forever, and you know it!"

"They can hold you enough!" Mirabelle shouted, turning her head towards Ushuriel. Then, she turned back to Melchior.

"I... I want to hear it all!" Melchior said. "I want my answers, Mirabelle. The ones only you hold."

"What do you want in return?" Mirabelle asked, serious and grin. "You know that things in life always have a price label, don't you?"

"I am aware of it for a long time..." Replied Melchior as he stood up. "You may kill me after it is done."

"What?" Mirabelle asked, surprised. "I didn't see this coming..."

At that moment, Maya and Altagracia, who had been knocked down, woke up and began to rise.

"No... You are so not doing it!" Altagracia said while spitting blood on the grassy floor. "You... You won't kill my teacher! Wisp Cure!"

Altagracia raised her tiny hands and white magic bubbles came out of her palms, healing herself, Melchior and Maya, who was already standing on her feet.

"If you want to kill Melchior, you'll have to kill us as well!" Growled Maya. "And we won't die so easily!"

Mirabelle gave them a despising smile as a reply.

"As you wish!" She said, charging her hands with violet energy, "THIS MANOR SHALL BE YOUR GRAVE!"

Melchior clenched his fist and took a deep breath. He was ready to perish there.

"Question number one." He began his round of questions. "When I was born?"

To Be Continued...

- In The Name Of Love -

Guatemala City, Guatemala - Southernmost Side

It was about ten o'clock when Black Witch and Lotus Flower arrived at the southernmost side of Guatemala City, where Mirabelle's manor lied.

"Is it here?" Altagracia asked.

"I think so." Maya replied in low tone. "Where else would they hide? This is the poorest, unknown-most part of Guatemala City..."

Altagracia looked around - though it was ten in the mourning, there was nobody in the streets nor in the houses.

"I don't like this, Maya..." Altagracia said, coming closer to Black Witch.

"Neither do I, Altagracia..." Maya replied. "Neither do I..."

Then, the two Blue Moon Knights reached the largest house of the entire side; it was an abandoned manor, which seemed to be as old as the town itself. Maya took a deep breath and looked to Altagracia, who nodded her head to Maya. Black Witch did the same and looked at the house once again.

A tall, red-haired and magenta-eyed woman was staring at them with an angry countenance. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and she looked at both with despise.

"Humpf. I can see Ushuriel hasn't done what he was told to." She said. "Since he is not here, I assume you tricked us." She was pointing at Maya. "Didn't you?"

Maya nodded affirmatively.

"Do you honestly think this would save him? He must be dead by now." Mirabelle replied. She looked at Altagracia. "A child? How old are you? Twelve?"

"Nine." Altagracia proudly replied.

"Interesting." Mirabelle said with a smile full of despise. "They send kids to do the work of elders. By your looks, you seem to be related to the Dragon-like guy. You don't have to confirm, I know I am right."

"So, you also know why we are here." Maya said, interrupting Mirabelle.

"Yes, indeed." Mirabelle uncrossed her arms and started to walk near them. "I was waiting for you to show up. You seek answers for a pointless question."

"If there is an answer, it is not pointless at all." Maya rapidly replied. "Melchior is our friend and we are not giving up of him. He is far more powerful than you can imagine. I bet you wouldn't be able to handle him."

"Heh!" Mirabelle smiled at Maya with despise. "You are brave, brat. Defying Mirabelle Hayes isn't something common. I am not used to be challenged and insulted. Very well, I'll accept your challenge. What are you terms?"

"Melchior's freedom." Maya said. "Let him be; let him live his life fully and unlimited. Leave him and leave us alone."

Mirabelle raised her right and and moved her right forefinger to the right and left, saying "no".

"Tsc, tsc, tsc, tsc, tsc. You are asking too much, brat." Mirabelle said. "You must be very confident in your victory."

"In our victory." Corrected Maya. "This girl bears the power of Light within her. You have no idea of what she's capable of."

"Then show me!" Mirabelle opened her arms. "I want to see if you are a match for me!"


Ushuriel's Mind...

Ushuriel took Melchior to a Scandinavian city, with clean streets, astonishing architecture and a beautiful landscape. As they were walking to the north, the city was replaced by the pine forests, whose snow was melting due to the sunlight.

"Where are we?" Melchior asked.

"Finland." Ushuriel replied. "We are somewhere between Vantaa* and Helsinki**. Here, Melchior, in the middle of the Finnish wilderness, is where you were born."

"That's why Finnish is so easy for me to understand!" Melchior concluded.

"Actually, is more because of Mirabelle." Ushuriel replied. "She used to talk to you in Finnish when you were inside her."

"She did?" Melchior asked.

"I understand you." Ushuriel said. "There is a lot you won't understand about her, Melchior. I have been with her for centuries and still she is a mystery to me. I hope you can change it and solve the mystery called Mirabelle Hayes."

Melchior nodded affirmatively. When they reached the deepest part of the forest, Melchior stopped walking.

"I've been here before... In my dreams."

"You remember..." Ushuriel commented, smiling. "Though you were just a day or two old, your mind kept these informations, these memories sealed somehow... You are fascinating, Melchior."

In the deepest part of the forest, lied some darker trees, which seemed dead. In the middle of them, lied a manor made of dark wood. Ushuriel made a sign with his hand for Melchior to stop. Melchior obeyed, and a few seconds later, Ushuriel and Mirabelle appeared. They were smiling at each other, and Melchior could see love in Mirabelle's eyes.

"She was truly happy." Ushuriel said. "We were in love. It happened after we left Central America, I guess... There had been a gathering in Belize and a ball was thrown. When Mirabelle was making her first steps in the world of the Warlocks, she always asked me for information. She always relied on me, depended on me. She used to be gentle and kind, yet strong and gifted with a powerful, seductive look. And we Vampires know how to enchant a lady as well."

"That trait I proudly carry!" Melchior commented.

"Indeed!" Ushuriel happily replied. "Anyways, that day, we forgot who we were, you know? It just happened, for it was meant to be. We danced, we kissed... We were happy for a brief moment."

The Vampire looked at the couple in the house and sighed.

"How happy we were..." He said. "I don't understand why it had to end..."

"It was because of me, right?" Melchior asked. Ushuriel looked at him surprised. "Yes, I know about... Me. I am forbidden and I was never supposed to exist. Morgan told me... Actually, we concluded it."

"So... You understand why she is chasing you?" Ushuriel asked, though he knew the answer.

"Still, it doesn't make sense to me." Elemental Alchemist replied. "I didn't destroy you and I am no danger... Then, why?"

Ushuriel sighed quite frustrated.

"It is difficult for me to explain."

"I have to reach Mirabelle, Ushuriel." Melchior said with determination. "I want answers. I need answers. Also, I want to know all the story - I want to know how Mirabelle's pregnancy was, how I was born, if the labor was difficult or not and how I ended up in El Salvador. I have to know who I really am, Ushuriel."

Ushuriel nodded affirmatively.

"I will help you." He said. "I just want to ask you a favor."

"Which is?" Melchior asked.

"Don't enter in my mind again." Ushuriel replied with a mischievous smile, charging two violet spheres of pure energy, which he threw against Melchior.


Before the spheres hit him, Melchior woke up. He was back to the ruins of Port Royal, sitting in the meditation position. Ushuriel was in front of him, holding a mischievous smile in his face. Elemental Alchemist was wearing his civilian outfit, but there was something different in him - his left hand had a Gothic, golden cross printed in it. He smiled, for he knew he had a new power - Dream Walking.

Melchior looked around - he was in a different spot. He was inside an abandoned house; Ushuriel must have brought him there, for he was far more sensitive towards sunlight than Melchior.

"There's one thing I regret here in Jamaica." Ushuriel said. "I ended up killing a person here. She seemed to be the mother of that Morgan. Sorry about that."

"It is not to me you have to apologize." Melchior censored Ushuriel. "Nevertheless, I don't have time to deal with this. We have to reach Mirabelle."

"...Before she reaches your friends." Ushuriel said. "She believes you are dead, and she is coming for the annihilation of your friends. If there are no witnesses..."

"...There is no crime!" Melchior concluded. "We have to leave! Quickly!"


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Never in her life had Maya being beaten so hard, nor Altagracia. Both of them were lying on the ground, severely wounded. Ther marks of Mirabelle's claws were all over her bodies. Altagracia was trying to stand up while Maya lied unconscious.

"Is that all, 'Knights'?" Mirabelle asked.

"No..." Altagracia hissed, spitting a bit of blood. "Light Wisp!"

Altagracia casted her cure spell, which cleansed her wounds and Maya's on a blink of an eye. Altagracia was ready to fight; for the fist time, she held her wand as hard as she could and took a deep breath.

"I may not win you, but I won't fall so easily!" Altagracia said. "I ask you, Young Moon Goddess, to bless me in this time of need!"

She closed her eyes and focused her thoughts in the tip of her wand. Suddenly, a crescent moon was being formed in front of it, made out of pure light. Altagracia's hair started to float gently, and butterflies began to fly and swirl near the youngest Blue Moon Knight.

"This is it, Mirabelle!" Altagracia said. "Moonlight Essence!"

When Altagracia shouted her spell, the crescent moon was thrown againts Mirabelle, who was fully hit by it. The Light injured Mirabelle hard, opening large and deep wounds into her fragile white skin. She fell brutally on the ground, but was not defeated.

"Oh... You want to fight, young child?!" Mirabelle growled while standing up. "I'll give you a fight..."

Maya was standing up when Mirabelle charged a strong attack on Altagracia, who was severely injured, being thrown meters aways of Black Witch.

"Dark Jaguar!" Maya shouted, casting an enormous jaguar, which ran and hit Mirabelle.

"Dark Tempest!" Mirabelle shouted, throwing up to ten shards made of pure darkness towards Maya.

Black Witch used her scepter to get rid of the shards, but some hit her on her abdomen and tights, causing her to scream really loud and bleed.

"Damn it!" She whispered, bending her back and her knees.

"Are you crying, sweetheart?" Mirabelle ironically asked. "I'll give you a real motive to cry... Heh."

She raised her left hand, charging it with a violet energy sphere. At that moment, Altagracia stood up, ready to battle once more. She rapidly held her wand and started to draw in the air.

"What the...?" Mirabelle asked, looking at Altagracia.

Lotus Flower was drawing large hares; as soon as she made them, they became... Bubbles. But they were no ordinary bubbles.

"Dream Summons! All evil, I reject!" Altagracia shouted.

The hares dashed and hit Mirabelle, trapping her inside them. She tried to get out, but the Light-based spell was somehow blocking her powers. She started getting really angry, concentrating power in her hands.

"Enough of this!" Mirabelle shouted.

She released countless violet rays, which pierced the summons, destroying them.

"Powerful trick for an infant." Mirabelle said. "But it isn't enough to hold me. Try harder on your next life."

Mirabelle started to float; the sky got darker, and Altagracia ran near Maya, who was still trying to stand up.

"I don't like the looks of this." She mottled severely injured.

Lightining started to appear, and a wicked smile could be seen in Mirabelle's face.

"I'll end up your lives. Any last words?" She said with despise. "I thought so. Vampiric..."

"Hold on, Mirabelle!"

The Warlock suddenly stopped; she turned around to see who was talking, and she couldn't believe in her eyes.

"It cannot be..." She said.

Ushuriel was alongside Melchior, who yelled at Mirabelle, comanding her to stop. He was wearing the Dream Walker outfit. The Warlock couldn't be angrier.

"You..." She growled at Ushuriel. "YOU BETRAYED ME! FEEL MY WRATH!"

"I am the only one you'll be fighting here!" Melchior shouted. "I want answers, Mirabelle! And you shall give me those!"

"Very well... You are walking to your grave." Mirabelle coldly replied. "I don't want to get used to be insulted and challenged. I'll end this insanity once and for all."

To Be Continued...


~ Glossary:

(*): Vantaa - Is a city and municipality in Finland. Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen make up the inner core of Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Vantaa, with its population of 206,960 (31 August 2013), is the fourth most populated city of Finland. The biggest airport in Finland, the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, is located there. It also hosts a science centre, Heureka.

(**): Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is in the region of Uusimaa, located in southern Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea. Helsinki has a population of 610,601 (31 August 2013), an urban population of 1,176,976 (31 December 2012) and a metropolitan population of 1,361,506, making it the most populous municipality and urban area in Finland. Helsinki is located some 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Tallinn, Estonia, 400 kilometres (250 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden, and 300 kilometres (190 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Helsinki has close historical connections with these three cities.

The Helsinki metropolitan area includes urban core of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and surrounding commuter towns. It is the world's northernmost metro area of over one million people, and the city is the northernmost capital of an EU member state.

- Love or Hate? -

Port Royal, Jamaica

Melchior felt lighter and calmer because of his runaway; if he had paid more attention, however, he would have been able to prevent what was coming next...


A large bat started to fly near Melchior. At first, it was quite distant of him, soaring quite gently. However, Melchior knew who it really was.

"Damn!" He thought. "It was of no use! He followed me!"

Suddenly, Melchior witnessed the large bat transform into Ushuriel, who already had two purple spheres in his hands.

"You can run, but cannot hide!" The majestic Vampire screamed. "Vampiric Charge!" Ushuriel screamed, throwing the charged spheres at Melchior.

In his bat-form, Elemental Alchemist couldn't respond. He got hit and went back to his regular looks; for he didn't know how to fly, he started falling, and Ushuriel soared to get him.

"You are coming with me!" He screamed, grabbing Melchior with his large, muscular arms.

Ushuriel flew with Melchior so fast that the Blue Moon Knight wasn't able to recognize the path chosen by his foe, who dropped him above the ruins of Port Royal. As Melchior was falling, Ushuriel laughed and said:

"Now, I'll come after the ones who gave you shelter! I am sorry things had to be this way, but you gave me no choice!"

The Vampire said those words with pain within. He never meant to hurt Melchior; he never wanted this fight to begin in the first place. But his Mistress had to be obeyed - his life depended on it.

"I am sorry... My son. None should ever now about the Vampire core. Forgive me in our afterlife... If there's one to begin with."

That said, Ushuriel became a bat once more and followed a weak track which Melchior's Aura made - a path to Morgan and Jasmine's house.

Elemental Alchemist was laying on the ground, unconscious. How could he save Jasmine if he couldn't even save himself? How?


"Wake up, Melchior... Wake up... Elemental Alchemist." A male voice was calling.

"Ouch... My head..." Muttled Elemental Alchemist, opening his eyes with difficulty.

It was all black; black and void as far as Melchior could see. He stood in his knees, confused.

"Melchior..." The voice was everywhere to be heard and nowhere to be seen. "Why are you alive?"

"I... I don't really know, to be honest." Elemental Alchemist replied as he looked for the voice's source. "And you? Can you show yourself? Or at least tell me where I am?"

Suddenly, Melchior felt a gentle light coming from behind. He looked at it, and a human shape appeared.

"It cannot be..." Melchior whispered widening his eyes.

The light took its humanoid form - it was an elf who died a long, long time ago. Still, Melchior knew who he was.

"Cody?!" He shouted, surprised. "What are you...?! How..?!"

"Don't you remember?" Cody asked. "That object you found... When I died..."

"The Soul Essence!" Melchior said.

Elemental Alchemist searched for the Essence in his pockets, and found it. The yellow gem, which fit his hand perfectly, was glowing as if it was trying to communicate. Melchior then looked at Cody, who was serene.

"Yes..." Cody commented. "I believe you wondered about the utilities of one's Essence. Very well: it keeps us attached to this world; in other words, if the right magician uses this stone, he or she may be able to revive someone who already joined the dead. Some people, depending on how good or bad they've been, they might have Soul Essences or not. Those who drop it, once dead, may drop powerful ones, which are attributed to powerful warriors or enlightened minds. Also, through these essences, we may keep the ones we care about safe."

"I understand that..." Melchior replied. "... But I don't understand your choice. Why save me? I am covering Kimi on the matter of your death! Why do you want to save me?"

"Because you were meant to make a difference." Cody answered with a smile. "You are meant to make a difference, my friend. You are a bridge between the world of the Living and the Dead. You can show the world Vampires and Magicians through the best glasses, but the choice is yours to be made. I can give you a chance to increase your powers and fight Ushuriel on the same feet, but you have to ask yourself: are you ready?"

Melchior took a deep breath and closed his eyes, thinking.

"All my life, I wanted to be different." He said. "All my life, I wanted to be noticed for the good things I did, for my intelligence and skills. I want to save people and show them another path, a better path to their lives. I want to guide people towards Light, regardless of being a Children of the Night..."

He slowly opened his eyes and looked to Cody's with determination.

"I want the power to do so." Elemental Alchemist said. "I want to save Jasmine and her relatives. Moreover, I want to fight Ushuriel and get my answers. I am tired of feeling weak and powerless; I am far more powerful than people think, and I want a second chance to prove it. Will you give it to me?"

Cody smiled at Melchior and nodded his head.

"Of course I will..."

That said, Cody became light once more; his Soul Essence shattered in Melchior's hand, releasing a dense light, which involved Melchior. As the light healed and strengthened Melchior, Cody's voice echoed in his mind one last time.

"Melchior, I give you the gift of Dream Walking.  Vampires cannot dream, but you can. The only reason you are able to do so is because of your mother, who's haunting you in your foreseeing nightmares. With this ability, you will be able to invade a Vampire's mind and fight him in his own realm with a large advantage. Use this power wisely, for it takes too long for a non-elf to master."

The light became brighter and involved Melchior's surrounding completely. When Elemental Alchemist opened his eyes, his outfit was different.

The cape was light yellow with a Gothic, bloody-red cross. He was wearing a sleeveless, light yellow turtleneck, and his pants were also light yellow. His cothurnus were golden with a pair of bloody red, Celtic crosses each. He looked at the bright sky with a smile.

"I am ready to fight, Ushuriel." He thought. "This time, I am the one chasing you down."

He sat on the floor and closed his eyes in a meditation posture. He took a deep breath and got concentrated in the image of Ushuriel.

"Dream Walk Path!" He thought.

In Melchior's mind, countless Auras appeared in the middle of a golden background. Ushuriel's Aura was the nearest. He had no idea of what he was going to do next. A smile came to Melchior's face: he could see it all. Ushuriel was already at Jasmine's, and he had knocked her down. Morgan was holding a crossbow full of silver bolts. Ushuriel was smiling at him, and his face was pure evil. Melchior saw Jasmine's mother lying on the ground with blood coming out of her neck - she was dead, no doubt.

Melchior focused on Ushuriel only, and the dream walking process was beginning - he opened his eyes, which were now golden, and focused all his efforts into invading Ushuriel's mind.

"You will go down!" Melchior thought before falling into the darkness brought by Ushuriel.



Ushuriel put his hands in his head and shook it violently, trying to get rid of Elemental Alchemist. Morgan was breathing with difficulty, holding the crossbow with fright. His body was covered in his mother's blood. He looked at Ushuriel with panic as the Vampire ran out of the room, trembling and screaming with anger.

"BEGONE!" He growled. " BEGONE!"

Suddenly, Ushuriel fell in his knees; his arms fell and his eyes became golden. Morgan appeared seconds after the strange event, still on panic.

"What the hell?!" He said breathless. He took a deep breath. "I hope this witchcraft is yours, Melchior.Only you are a match for Ushuriel."

Morgan started breathing rapidly in order to calm himself down. He kept holding the crossbow, ready to shoot, if necessary.  He was hoping Melchior helped him, and so Elemental Alchemist did.

He entered Ushuriel's mind and was ready to make it his own arena.


Deep inside Ushuriel's mind, there was a rainforest. It was dark and lifeless. The trees had black trunks and violet leaves. There were plenty human and animal bones in the ground. Some skeletons were complete, and other were not.

In the middle of that deadly forest, lied Elemental Alchemist. His clothes gave the place some light, driving attention to himself and allowing him to see something in that wicked darkness.

"Come at me, Ushuriel!" Melchior screamed. "I know you are here!"

"I am everywhere, kid."

Melchior clenched his fists when he heard Ushuriel's voice. Suddenly, the large Vampire appeared in front of him, separated by five meters of sterile soil.

"Welcome to my mind, Melchior." Ushuriel said mischievously. "Didn't your foster mother teach you good manners? It is not polite to invade one's mind, youngster." The Vampire also clenched his fists. He was ready for a fight.

"It is not polite to attempt to murder your only child either." Melchior replied with anger. "Why do people always get at me? Am I really that bad?"

"No." Ushuriel replied. "No, you aren't. In fact, you seem brighter and far more powerful than your fellow companions. You're also a good person."

"Then why are you guys chasing me down?!" Melchior asked. "Why are you trying to murder me and my friends?! What did I ever do to you?! I had no clue you guys existed! Why me?!"

"I am not chasing you because I want, Melchior." Ushuriel sadly replied. "I am chasing you because Mirabelle sees no other path. You, on the other hand, are proving me wrong, and I am glad about it."

"Why do you obey Mirabelle?" Melchior asked. "Aren't you a powerful Vampire?"

"Yes, sir. The most powerful of my core." Ushuriel replied, slowly nodding his head.

"Then why you take orders from her?!" Melchior asked. "Why are you doing something you clearly don't want?!"

"Because I have an allegiance with her. Moreover, I loved, love and always will love Mirabelle." Ushuriel answered serious. "All Vampires have to obey Warlocks; Camazotz created us to protect the servants of Mictlantecuhtli, but I fell in love with the one who holds me to my oath. From that love, you were brought to this world. I am your father and Mirabelle is your mother."

Melchior's eyes widened; his countenance showed Ushuriel that his was both terrified and surprised.

"It cannot be..." Melchior whispered.

"Since you are in my mind, youngster, would you like me to show you how was it?" Ushuriel said, extending his left hand to Melchior. "Would you like to find out when and where you were born?"

Melchior hesitated.

"No tricks?" Elemental Alchemist asked.

Ushuriel closed his eyes and gave him a mischievous smile. "No tricks at all. Only the truth. Follow me, youngster."

Melchior nodded his head, agreeing with Ushuriel.

"I'll tell you everything." Ushuriel said. "Everything..."

To Be Continued...                                                                                                         

- Obscura Nox -

That night, Melchior couldn't do what he wanted - have a great time with Jasmine, as he used to do in either Guatemala or El Salvador with the girls he liked, even if it was for a brief moment.

In his bat form, he flew high above Port Royal, seeking for peace and enlightenment, which he would hardly find considering his mental state. He was too confused to understand things. Why him? Why?


Somewhere near Guatemala City, Guatemala

Outside Guatemala City, there lied a dark, abandoned manor, inhabited by a couple of villains we now know well.

"Mirabelle! I am home!"

It was Ushuriel; he had a smile on his face, despite he knew what was going to happen to the one he brought with him. He had a large rug on his left shoulder; on the moment he reached the center of the living room, Mirabelle appeared descending the stairs with a bored countenance.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"I've got a nice surprise for you!" Ushuriel said, happily. "I've brought you... Melchior!"

With that said, he put the rug on the floor and unwrapped it, revealing an unconscious Elemental Alchemist, which made Mirabelle reveal a sadist smile. She then met Ushuriel in the center of the room.

"Excellent!" She licked her crimson an black lips, ready to begin. "Now... We just do what should have been done 16 years ago..."

"Are you sure?" Ushuriel asked serious. "Once done, it cannot be undone; if it's the worst decision, you won't be able to undo it. Think about it."

"Never had I had to think about it, Ushuriel" Mirabelle said, angry. "And I'd remain that way if you had allowed me to do things as they should have been done. Nevermind..." She was looking now to Melchior. "Being the most powerful amongst my core, I've learned a spell which tear most of the beings from your kin apart, Ushuriel. Watch it closely."

The Vampire obeyed, stepping thrice away from Mirabelle. She raised her hands above her forehead; her eyes began to glow in a purple tone.

"Memento Mori!" She screamed.

The floor beneath 'Melchior' started to boil. The Blue Moon Knight slowly started to wake up, but it was going to be of no use, for the boiling floor started to expel silver, which made Ushuriel retreat violently.

"What?" 'Melchior' slowly asked.

The boiling silver then embraced the foul creature, which started to scream in agony. Following this action, the melted silver cooled down into spikes, which pierced the undead, causing the purple blood to spread in all directions. To finish her death sentence, Mirabelle snapped her fingers and the deadly, silver imprisonment vanished.

Elemental Alchemist's limbs fell on the floor. His head, torso, arms and legs had been crushed and torn apart. His body rapidly became a violet dust - the final fate of a fallen Vampire. Mirabelle was smiling with her eyes half-closed.

"I think this ends the matter once and for all." She said, turning her back to the dust which once was Melchior. "Well, now we need to do the same with the rest."

"What?!" Ushuriel asked, bewildered.

"You heard me." Mirabelle said with a serious countenance. "Do you think they'll lie there while a friend of theirs died? They are too much of companions to do so. They'll come after us. Regarding that spell, dear Ushuriel of mine, fear not: it wouldn't be able to kill you, even with that amount of silver. You are too strong for this spell to work."

Mirabelle left the living room, going upstairs. She was going to sleep, no doubt. Ushuriel knelt near the dust with a gloomy countenance.

"I don't think they deserve such fate." He said. "I don't think you are dead as well..."

He looked to the full moon with determination.

"I still feel you, Melchior Raven-Hayes."

He closed his eyes in order to feel it better. As he was getting more and more focused on the image of Melchior, his mind seemed to be flying rapidly over the image of various Vampires which inhabited Central America. Most of them had bloody red Auras, but some Auras varied in color, being sometimes blue, grey and even golden, but only one Aura had a color which none had: bloody red.

"!!!" Ushuriel violently opened his eyes, surprised. He took a breath and slowly sighed, smiling afterwards. "There you are, young Children of the Night."

The bloody red Aura was somewhere in Jamaica, and it belonged to Elemental Alchemist. Ushuriel slowly stood up, staring at the full moon.

"Well, it has been a while since I went to Jamaica." He said. "I think I deserve a vacation; I'll pay you a visit, dear Melchior."

At that moment, Ushuriel was engulfed in darkness and came out of it as an enormous bat, which rapidly flew away from that gothic, isolated, abandoned manor.


Port Royal, Jamaica

Melchior found somewhere to stay; somewhere empty and dark, which none would come for him. He was sitting on a swing at a playground. There was nobody with him or near him. Nobody to ask questions; nobody to understand his pain.

While he slowly swung, memories came into his mind: his childhood as a circus illusionist, which gave him almost no true friendships, for he kept moving from town to town in order to get money for his family. The abuse came just as quick as the joy of doing magical tricks. While remembering playing with Kimi, he also remembered being hit by Lucia many times. His foster brother also called him many names. For them, he certainly was evil; Melchior was a demon and a servant, nothing else.

He closed his eyes and a thin tear came out of one of them. Until that day, he had held all his tears, for the scars he bore in his body still hurt him. He was always in pain, and sports and his friends were the only thing that were able to keep the pain away.

"If I didn't have Kimi and the others in my life..." Melchior thought. "I don't think I'd have made through this day."

He sighed and looked at the sky.

"The only reason I went to Tikal that day... Was to die, no doubt." He said, remembering the day he met Anael and Thalas. "I didn't want to use my powers on that people - It would have been a coward victory, no doubt.  Perhaps, I wanted them to hit me, to find me and hunt me down, for I had always felt like a wild animal or even a demon, which deserves no life.  I guess... I guess I just wanted to feel free once in my life... Just once..."

He stared at the full moon. In his mind, the memories of that amount of youngsters with weapons, ready to fight until the last one of them. A smile came into his face when he remembered seeing an injured Anael, and using his powers to heal him.

"That day, I didn't do a trick - I did magic, the real stuff." He thought. "Anael was very receptive, but Thalas... He certainly wanted, and sometimes still wants to get me killed. These two may not know, but they didn't save my life - they gave me one."

He stood up feeling quite better than before. A mischievous smile appeared in his face.

"It doesn't matter how I am going to get through this, but I will." He said determinated. "I have been living through hell for quite a long time and I am still on my feet. I have to get through this not only for me, but for my friends. For my soul family, which had been there all times for  me."

The Salvadorian mage looked at the sky one last time before becoming a bat; if he had only looked to his left before, he would have seen him.


The large Salvadorian Vampire was looking at him behind a couple of trees, and he had a wicked smile in his face.

"Very clever, youngster." He said to himself. "Your next move, nevertheless, wasn't so bright.  I hope the ones who sheltered you are able to handle a Vampire properly, or else..."


Kimi and Kaiser's Home, Guatemala City, Guatemala

The first sunlight rays started illuminating the living room by the time Elite Dragon and the other Blue Moon Knights had finally awaken. They all seemed dazzed and confused, and their memories were more like a blur. All of them fell on their knees, feeling a strong headache.

"Ouch! My head!" Kaiser complained. "What the hell happened?!"

"I don't know!" Maya said slowly and confused. "The last thing I recall was... Oh... A strong wind and then... Just... Darkness, or something."

Thalas was just walking by the door, trembling, when Anael finally opened his eyes. There was a voice, a known voice, echoing restlessly in his head.

'We Vampires do more than suck blood and sleep in coffins. We can read minds, sneak into your dreams and control your nightmares. Yes! The true power of a Vampire lies deep down his wicked mind. Soon, you all will fall asleep... And shall never see Melchior again...'

"Dios mio!" Elite Dragon shouted, driving all attentions to him.

'Soon, you all will fall asleep... And shall never see Melchior again...'

"What was it?" Thalas and Kimi simultaneosly asked.

"Ushuriel paid us a visit." Anael said with seriousness and anger. "He caught Melchior's clone."

"So... It worked?" Altagracia asked, looking to her brother.

"Apparently, it did." Anael replied not so happy.

"So, what do we do now?" Kaiser asked. "Ushuriel seems very powerful; he won't be tricked for long."

"Neither him nor Mirabelle." Thalas commented, crossing his arms over his chest. "We don't have much time. We've got to defeat them as soon as possible."

"Agreed." Hissed Anael. "But I don't think we, who use melee, stand a good chance against her. " He said, pointing at himself, Thalas and Kaiser. "I believe our ladies have better chances against Mirabelle." He finished his speech, pointing at Altagracia and Maya.

"Us?" Maya asked, surprised. "You sure? I mean, my powers are Darkness-based! Altagracia is the only one who masters Light!"

"Exactly." Anael said with a mischievous smile. "But my sister is still a newbie at magical domain; you, Maya, however, is quite a master, and will be more than able to help and assist mi rayo de Sol. Can I trust on you?"

Maya stood there in silence for a moment. While quiet, she remembered all things she had lived until that point. She remembered when she tried to steal Anael's Shaman-stone; if she had been successful, Elite Dragon would have perished.

"Now, he trusts me." She thought, looking into his eyes, which were already reptilian. A determinate smile came into her face. "I am ready to honor his trust."

"So, Black Witch, what say you?" Anael asked.

"I'll do it." She answered. "Lotus Flower, come with me. I'll teach you some things before our fight."

"On the meantime, Kaiser and I will try to track Ushuriel down." Elite Dragon said. "Thalas and Kimi, I think you guys should follow Altagracia and Maya in case they need extra fire power. Understood?"

"Yes, sir!" Thalas and Kimi replied.

"So, Knights... Let the Heart give us its blessings... Corazón de Guatemala!"

As Elite Dragon spoke his last sentence with bravery, the Heart started to glow as intense as it had ever been; all Knights were involved in its Quetzal-shaped, turquoise light, which gave them their heroic outfits. They were ready to go full throttle.

To Be Continued...

- Secrets of the Dark -

Meanwhile, in Jamaica, Melchior had absolutely no idea of what was happening in Guatemala. It happened about two hours after Mirabelle's speech to Lucia. Melchior was at Jasmine's, lying on his bed.

"Well, it seems life is perfect fine here..." He thought with a shy smile. "Jasmine has a perfect family, and doesn't seem to want to trade it for anything. I wish I had that kind of life..."

He was looking to the window; it was a full moon night, which made Elemental Alchemist smile mischievously. He slowly stood up with a confident smile.

"For the night is only a child..." He started saying. "... I am going out."

He looked at the mirror, which was on the right side of the room, and saw no reflection of himself. Yet he looked gloomy at first, his smile rapidly came back.

"Well, I can get used to that!" He commented. "Right now, there's only one reflection which will matter to me."

He then snapped his left hand's fingers, conjuring a new outfit for him - a dark red social blouse with dark denim pants and black shoes. Then, he checked out on himself, brushing his teeth, which were sharper than they had ever been, and combing his hair with his fingers.

Then, Melchior left the guest room and went to Jasmine's. He was about to knock on her door when Morgan surprised him.

"Where do you think you are going, young vampire?" Morgan asked with his arms crossed.

Melchior turned around in order to respond. Morgan was wearing no shirt, only dark grey pants. He looked slightly more intimidating than before. He was looking at Melchior with a mischievous countenance, ready to hear Elemental Alchemist's reply.

"Well..." Melchior started, slightly embarrassed. "I was thinking about going out with your sister, if that's okay to you."

Morgan widened his eyes before laughing.

"Oh, I see what you want to do there, young man!" He said with a smile. "Well, I think you can. However, I want to discuss a few things with you guys prior to your night out, alright?"

"I am okay with that." Melchior replied happily. "Let's talk to Jasmine then."

Morgan nodded affirmatively, letting Melchior knock on Jasmine's door. He knocked thrice, and she opened with a smile, despite her tiredness. She was wearing a large, white sleeping gown.

"Hello, boys!" She said, smiling. "What do you want?"

"Do you have the grimoire at hand?" Morgan asked, serious. "I need it, for we have things to talk to Melchior... Who also has something for you?"

Jasmine looked mischievously at Melchior, laying her body near the door.

"Someone wants to enjoy the Jamaican night, I can see that." She winked at Melchior, who blushed. "I'd love to join you, Melchior."

"I didn't even had to ask!" He laughed. "I am awesome!"

The two Jamaican people laughed. Jasmine let them enter on her room; Melchior and Morgan sat on her bed while she opened her closet to get the grimoire.

"Well, Maya said it is the Ecliptic Grimoire." She handed it to Morgan, who carefully opened it. "It is basically a Dark Magic book; it contains several darkness spells and summons - specially undead. This, Melchior, was the book Eclipse against you, Blue Moon Knights."

"Wow!" Melchior and Morgan said, impressed.

"It is amazing the amount of information it bears, sister!" Morgan commented. "Go on."

"Alright!" Jasmine replied, smiling. "It contains the spell part and the historical part - yes, it contains information about the undead. Some can be summoned, and others cannot.  Ye Vampires are on the non-summon list, they still are studied here, and a conjurer can summon something similar to it."

"Wait a moment!" Melchior interrupted. "Are you saying... Maya didn't really did a copy of me?"

"Well..." Jasmine started. "Unfortunately, yes. Vampires are complex undead, they cannot be summoned so easily. Only deities can do it properly. I assume Maya did an elemental which bears your characteristics, but does not behave like a Vampire."

"How wonderful..." Melchior ironically replied.

"Don't worry, Melchior." Morgan intervened. "Maya seems to be quite powerful, and I think her trick will work. So, let's move to Vampires - tell us about them, Jasmine. Tell us about... Maya Vampires."

"Alright!" Jasmine said once more, excited. "Maya Vampires are a creation of Camazotz, the Maya Bat-God. At first, they were believed to be bats who took human form when dying, since their souls have the same destination as humans'."

"Xibalba!" Melchior completed.

"Exactly!" Morgan replied. "However, since Camazotz was never able to get out of Xibalba, he needed something - or someone - to be his eyes in land. So, he used dead bats to do his trick. His magic is far more powerful than any so-called 'Necromancer' ever had,  therefore he is not only able to give life to dead - he can also shape their form."

"That's why Vampires can shift their shape into their bat forms!" Melchior concluded.

"Smart kid. You are learning it." Morgan complimented with a smile. "Keep going, Jas."

"Well, this is the origin of the first Vampire ability - shape shifting." Jasmine said. "Vampires needed to reach long distances in a short period of time, so that Camazotz could see it all, but also needed to be aware of human activity without jeopardizing their lives - yours and human's. Now, first question: why night? Why daylight bothers Vampires so much?"

"Their power comes from Xibalba." Melchior said, reflexive. "And Xibalba is a dark, hostile place. Light brings the opposite, this is why it hurts me... Them... So much."

"Exactly." Jasmine said. "Light brings life, happiness, comfort and all types of good. Light is also the symbol of whatever is holy or belongs to the world of the Living, and that's why Vampires get sunburn in a way which leads to their death - the Light reveals it all, and revealing the unholy is part of its power."

"This is the reason why Altagracia heals me no more!" Melchior concluded once more.

"Yes." Morgan said. "Whatever is holy cannot have any effects over an unholy existence. Jasmine, I assume you have more to say."

"Indeed, I have." Jasmine kept talking. "Vampires own a wicked mind - they have mental powers. They are able to read minds, control dreams, manipulate thoughts and enhance nightmares. Since they are creatures of Xibalba, they are able to twist and torture souls,  yet they cannot command it."

"Do they can foresee events?" Melchior asked.

Morgan looked at him, surprised.

"You are a foreseer?!" He asked, shocked. "Vampires do not hold this ability - Warlocks do!"

"Warlocks?" Melchior asked. "What are those?"

"Well, Warlocks are evil magicians, Melchior." Jasmine said. "Yet their powers are as dark as Vampires', they come from a different source: the god of the Dead, Mictlantecuhtli. They are all born Warlocks, you cannot become one... Unless Mictlantecuhtli does it to you. Mostly, they rely on Vampires to keep them safe, for their bodies are fragile, despite their enormous amount of power. They also may reveal who they are more easily, so the Vampire must keep them on the right path, so to speak. Funny thing you have a Warlock ability. Coincidence, maybe?"

"I don't know..." Melchior sadly responded. "Everything is so confusing for me..."
Jasmine came closer to Melchior, sitting on his side; she put her hand in his shoulder and looked at him with care.

"We will help you figure things out." She said. "Now, we know Vampires have mental abilities, weakness against light and holy-based magic, shape-shifting abilities and need blood to live on. What else?"

"Well, all Vampires have an Aura, so to speak." Morgan said reflexive. "Vampires can sense each other, and each Vampire has a unique aura. It is like our fingerprints. Moreover, they do have fluids,  but they are all made out of Cobalt and Lead composts; so, yes, they can breed. Vampires get pregnant, just like humans do. Here it says that a Vampire must breed with another Vampire only. However, if he or she had a deeper relationship with another Warlock, something would happen. Something really, really bad would come to life - or destroy both of them in the process."

"Hold on a second!" Melchior interrupted Morgan. "Are you saying that... I am no mere Vampire?!"

"Well, this was implicit." Morgan answered. "Ordinary is something you are not, Melchior. You have powers beyond any regular Magician's abilities, and you have features which other Vampires don't share. In other words..."

"What?!" Melchior replied, shocked. "Are you saying I..."
Melchior stopped talking. Morgan was right! He was no mere Vampire after all!

"Mirabelle..." Melchior whispered. "She said... She gave me my name!"

"Who's she?" Jasmine asked.

"The most powerful Warlock the world has ever seen." Morgan answered, giving Jasmine the grimoire. "Here, there is a profile of her. It seems she has a Vampire of her own - the mightiest, strongest living Maya Vampire..."

"...Ushuriel." Melchior replied with his eyes wide open. "Him and Mirabelle... No, no, no... It cannot be!"
Morgan looked at Jasmine and then to Melchior. He understood what the Salvadorian Vampire had concluded.

"It is the only way." Morgan said. "It is the only answer; it took longer for you to become a Vampire, and you were born a Magician. Moreover, you have foreseer abilities and clairvoyant treats that only Warlocks bear. There's no doubt in my mind, Melchior Raven-Hayes, that Mirabelle and Ushuriel are your biological parents. It's the only justification."

Melchior looked at Morgan shocked, angry and confused.

"No!" He screamed, standing up. "It cannot be!"

Right before their eyes, Melchior ran into the window, became a bat and flew away, completely lost. His whole life had been turned upside down. How was he going to get through it?

To be Continued...

- Media Nox -
Guatemala City, Guatemala

On the meantime,  Maya was already back to Guatemala City with a plan on her mind. All the remaining Knights were at Kimi and Kaiser's, ready to witness Maya's summoning ritual. Black Witch was on the center of a large pentagram, which was drawn on the floor. She was holding an open purple tome in her hands.

"Very well..." She said solemnly. "Guys, I had never done this before, so I strongly recommend you to stay away from this pentagram, if you may."

The Knights affirmatively nodded and let Maya free to do her job. She took a deep breath before continuing. Then, passing her right hand over the book, with her eyes closed, ready to whisper the powerful, yet dark spell she had always hidden.

The words she spoke came from Maya language itself; words so deeply unknown that even Ixtab Blanca, the elder Shaman they all met in Xultún, would have difficulties to understand. As Maya kept her spell, a strange, dark mass appeared just a few steps in front of her.

"Almost there..." She said with a smile and her eyes half-opened.

The dark mass assumed Melchior's shape, wearing his civilian outfit, which was a sleeveless turquoise shirts, black denim pants and dark grey sneakers. He was smiling at them as he showed a marking in his left hand's

"Well, he will act, behave and talk like Melchior does." Maya explained. "He has the same powers, but weaker than the original, and that may be a problem. What we have to do is to keep him out of the fights, but always on Mirabelle's sight."

"Why?" Kaiser asked, confused.

"Because it will keep their attentions on him, and him only." Kimi explained with a mischievous smile. "Yet Vampires can sense each other's presence, this trick shall confuse Ushuriel's senses, and keep them out of Jamaica. Then, we'll have time to discover who they are and why Melchior."

"Then..." Anael hissed with a smile. "We may be able to find out their weaknesses and defeat them... And save Melchior from that evil which marshes before us..."

Somewhere around Guatemala City, Guatemala...

Mirabelle was sitting on a gothic-themed couch with an open book on her lap. She was looking at some old pictures, probably dated from the final years of the 19th Century, given the quality of those sepia-coloured  pictures. She had a weak smile in her face.

"These were us in America..." She whispered as she was recalling events from the past. "I believe it was New Orleans or other city from the South, given the people who were there... Ah..." She smiled as she turned the old pages with care. "The merchantmen... They always had good produce to give me for my  potions, I recall! Yes... They had..." Her voice became lower and sadder as she turned the pages.

She heard a few steps coming from behind.

"Funny." It was Ushuriel's voice coming from the darkness of the manor. "My senses are tricking me..."

"Why is that?" Mirabelles asked, closing the album and turning her head towards Ushuriel with an apathic look.

"Melchior seems weaker..." He asnwered quit confused. "Before our little fight, his aura seems smaller than it was..."

"Maybe you were wrong about him from the very beginning." Mirabelle ironically said, hiding her disappointment. "I believe you overestimated him, that's all..."

"If you say so..." Ushuriel said in a mischievous tone, which surprised Mirabelle. He rapidly stood in front of her, bending his back in order to ut his face on the same level of hers.

"Don't you dare!" Mirabelle objected with a blushing face.

Ushuriel answered with a gentle kiss and a mischievous smile right afterwards; he stood up again, looking at her face triumphantly. Then, he looked at the bright night.

"Oh, Mirabelle..." He said. "These guys may be smarter than you think."

She stood up with her eyes closed, as if she was up to something. She turned her back to Ushuriel and walked away, leaving the Salvadorian vampire quite confused.

"I have to talk to somebody." Mirabelle said coldly. "On the meantime, you'll go after Melchior. Understood?"

"Yes... Mirabelle." Ushuriel politely replied, feeling slightly angry at her.

He saw Mirabelle disappear in the darkness; with a sigh, he looked once more to the stars above. Then, he was involved in a dark matter, which transformed him into a large bat, which flew away from that manor.

"I wish these events weren't happening." Ushuriel thought. "This way, I wouldn't have to hurt the ones so dear to him..."

He started to fly faster and lower as he came closer to where he thought Melchior was - at Ice Guardian and Darkstalker's house. A willow next to the house hid one of them - Electro Archer was watching the skies with attention. When he saw the large bat, there was no doubts in his mind regarding who it really was. He rapidly snapped his fingers near his right ear and conjured his Communicator. He held the button in order to speak as low, yet clear as he could.

"Guys, he is coming." He said.

That was before he could see what came after him...


South Entrance of Guatemala City, Guatemala - 12:45 p. m.

In the southest part of Guatemala, there lied some poor houses, made out of raw bricks and even wood to help giving structure. It was a medium-range ghetto outside Guatemala City; a place which seemed to be God and government forsaken.

Mirabelle was wearing a large, dark magenta hooded cape, which covered her body completely; her countenance was gloomy yet full of anger.

"I hate this situation." She said to herself. "I did this path to do it once; if she had done as told, none of this would be happening..."

Mirabelle stopped walking to look at her final destination - the largest house of that ghetto, completely made out of wood. It was a two-floored building, and someone was waiting for Mirabelle on the doorstep. It was a medium-height, chubby female. Her hair was long, dark and wavy, and her eyes were dark-brown with a red glow.

"I was expecting you for a very long time, Mirabelle." She said coldly. "I thought you were never coming back."

"I wasn't supposed to be." Mirabelle replied, slowly walking towards the doorstep. "But someone didn't do her part of our deal. Am I wrong, Lucia?"

Lucia was her name; she was Melchior's adoptive mother. The woman responsible for his misery, and for all the events which were happening at that time.

"What have I done wrong?" Lucia asked, indifferent. "Wasn't I supposed to take care of him?"

"You let him discover his magical abilities!" Mirabelle was furious. "Worse than that, you let him expose it to the world and used it to profit! Moreover, because of you we are being forced to deal with a matter that should have been avoided!"

"You gave me your child, don't you remember?" Lucia was getting angry. "I didn't know he would inherit your powers! When you gave him to me, I thought he was just a regular child you didn't have the courage to raise!"

"How dare you, Lucia?!" Mirabelle replied growling. "After everything I did for you and your family, this is the way you retribute?!"

"He wasn't my child!" Lucia replied with tears in her eyes. "He would never be! He doesn't fit, and he would never fit in this family! He wasn't well-behaved, so I had to punish him by putting him in chains on the basement, so that he'd obey me! He was a hard kid, and he still is!"

Mirabelle froze as she heard how Lucia was 'educating' Melchior. She thought she'd never care if Lucia did whatever she wanted, but she felt her blood boil in her veins as her anger increased.

"You'll pay for this, Lucia." Mirabelle finally hissed with despise in her looks. "I gave you a gift, something which would erase all your sadness. Instead, you did a bad use of it. Don't test me, my dear friend, for you will be surprised."

Lucia looked at her with fright as Mirabelle disappeared in the darkness. She kept looking at the bright sky above her with a gloomy countenance. She knew what was going to com next.


It didn't cost too much for Ushuriel to invade each Knights' minds and overwhelm them. Melchior's clone was on chains, looking at the Knights' face. Their eyes had a sinister golden color, and they seemed not to be responding to anything Ushuriel didn't want them to.

The large Vampire headed near Anael, who was looking at him, but not seeing Ushuriel.

"Don't be scared, kid." He said. "We Vampires do more than suck blood and sleep in coffins. We can read minds, sneak into your dreams and control your nightmares. Yes!" He pointed at his head. "The true power of a Vampire lies deep down his wicked mind. Soon, you all will fall asleep... And shall never see Melchior again. I am deeply sorry for that, though. You seem to be very nice people; that said, I'll spare your lives, even if it costs... Mine, so to speak."

He snapped his fingers, releasing the Knights from his control. When they all looked around, Ushuriel was nowhere to be seen, and so was Melchior's clone - both were gone!

"So, he did it..." Maya slowly said, looking at all of them slightly confused. "He fell into our web. Now, we have to hope that Melchior stays safe and sound in Jamaica until we find a way to clean up this mess..."

To Be Continued...

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