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- ...To Eternity (Part One) -

Anael and Melchior looked at that strange, sinister phenomenon already aware of what to do next.

"We have to send a message to the others." Anael said, lifting the Heart of Guatemala. "I do not like the looks of that scenario, Melchior, and so do you."

"Agreed." Melchior said, serious. "Ready to do your magic?"

"Corazón de Guatemala!"

The magical turquoise light, which was familiar to the two Knights, rapidly evolved them as they jumped of the window; Anael's wings rapidly appeared, allowing him to fly and hold Melchior's arms with his hands, flying as fast as he could.

Melchior loosened one arm in order to conjure his Communicator and speak with others. Rapidly he typed Drives #4 and #2, which were the codes to talk to Kimi and Thalas respectively.

"Guys, we have a problem!" Melchior said through his Communicator. "Something evil is happening downtown! Hurry!"

Kimi was playing with his flute when his Communicator got suddenly summoned; he heard Melchior's message with a surprised countenance. He grabbed his flute, which was icy blue, made of ethereal ice shards, and rushed to Kaiser's door, knocking on it violently.

"What the hell?" Kaiser asked when opening his door.

"Something evil is happening, veli!" Kimi replied. "Guatemala is at siege once again!"

"Do you think..." Kaiser started, concerned. "Maybe... Camazotz?"

"Neither I nor Anael or Melchior hold that information." Kimi replied coldly. "However, it doesn't matter. We have to aid the Guatemalans!"

Kaiser nodded affirmatively; Kimi rushed to the front door. As the brothers ran out of the house, two enormous Quetzals appeared behind them - one was icy blue and covered Kimi entirely; the other was lilac, covering Kaiser from his head to his toes. It didn't take much time for them to reappear in their heroic outfits, running like mad men towards Guatemala City.

Thalas, on that meantime, had dropped his Hunchback of Notre Dame on the floor as he noticed his Communicator being conjured and heard Melchior's highly concerned voice. As Elemental Alchemist finished his speech,  Electro Archer rapidly gave Maya a call through the Communicator.

Felicia and he father, Thalas' uncle, were talking downstairs. Swift as the wind, Thalas managed to get out by his window. As his feet hit the grassy ground of his courtyard, a light blue Quetzal appeared from his right shoulder, evolving him and giving him his heroic outfit.

As he ran towards the city, wandering alone in the streets, he could see a magenta Quetzal flying upwards; suddenly, Maya, dressed as Black Witch, appeared from the magical creature, conjuring a flying carpet and taking Thalas with her.


The six Knights were welcomed by a horde of enormous bats and other dark creatures.

"Icicle! Shard Shield!" Kimi screamed, conjuring a large, spiky ice dome.

They could hear the bats screaming as they got pierced by Kimi's new defensive system.  Yet they seemed to be protected, they were far from being safe.

"God damn it!" Screamed Kaiser, impatient. "I am going to end this stupidity right here and right now! Void, open you Veil!"

A violet vortex appeared few steps away from Kaiser, on the floor. Another vortex would open as soon as Kaiser fell into that one.

"Kaiser, wait!" Anael said "You don't know what lies beyond Kimi's barrier!"

"And neither does you!" Hissed Kaiser. It was the effect of the Shaman Marking upon DarkStalker. "Bring Melchior with us and let the party begin!"

When he heard his name, Melchior, or Elemental Alchemist, jumped into the vortex, followed by Anael and Kaiser. Thalas, Maya and Kimi stayed inside the icy dome, hoping for the best. When Kaiser fell in his vortex, another one opened just a few steps outside the dome. Bats were flying insanely around them, trying to pierce their necks in their wicked blood thirst. Kaiser gave them a wicked welcome smile.

"Come at me, fellow chiropterans!" He grunted, conjuring his sword. He started slaying the creatures as they advanced.

"Calm down, Kaiser!" Melchior commented. "Well, I won't let him have full glory at this! Fire Circle!"
Two small fire spheres appeared in Melchior's hands as he pronounced his spell; then he threw it against the bats, who dodged it and ran on other directions. Suddenly, a female laughter could be heard from the strange fog which appeared prior to it.

"I do not look the likes of this..." Whispered Kimi, concerned.

"Neither do...AAAARGH!"

Kaiser was about to complete his sentence when a large, purple energy sphere hit him hard and knocked him down.

"Kaiser!" Melchior and Kimi screamed at the same time.

"Icicle! Defense!" Kimi shouted, hitting his hand in the ground, casting an ice shield to protect his brother against more attacks. His eyes widened as he saw someone coming out of that dense fog, which was surrounding them. "Melchior..."

Elemental Alchemist was on his knees, looking to the image which was forming in front of his eyes. A tall, thin, white-skinned woman with magenta eyes and short, straight red hair and a black gown, with large black nails and black lipstick. She was looking to Melchior with a despising, angry look.

"So... There you are..." She said with her eyes half opened. "This will be easier than I thought..."
She raised her right hand, and a magical purple spear appeared. She threw it against Melchior, who only had time to do his defense.

"Forcefield!" Elemental Alchemist shouted, creating a magical golden shield, which involved him in a sphere, breaking the spear.

"Quite clever..." Commented the woman. "Very well, Melchior Raven-Hayes, which one of your friends you want to see killed first?"

"What?!" Melchior asked, surprise and slightly scared. "How do you know my name? Actually, how do you know my full name?"

"It is simple..." She said with a wicked smile. "I gave it to you."

Before Melchior could say anything else, she snapped her fingers, conjuring one of her deadliest spells.

"Vampiric Sky Rage!" When she screamed it, thousands of black lightning bolts struck Melchior's sphere, Kimi's dome, Kimi's ice shield and the two Finn twins, making these two fly meters away from him.
Melchior covered his eyes with his arms, trying to protect himself, but it was of no use.  He felt the lightning as it struck him and ran into his body, as if it was trying to burn all his veins. He fell on the ground barely moving.

He half opened his eyes, and he could see, even if blurry, the silhouette of a girl holding a staff. Also, he realized there was something protecting them.

"Ma...Maya?" He whispered really weak.

His vision became normal a few moments later, and it confirmed - it was Maya Altahuela, or Black Witch, how she was really known.

"Don't talk, please!"  Censoured Maya, holding him in his arms. "Electro Archer and Elite Dragon will deal with this situation themselves. Right now, we'll look for Kimi and Kaiser, who had flown as if they were rockets."

"D-don't... Please..." Melchior begged as Maya put his arm around her shoulders and stood him up. "I... I need to know... What she meant."

"It doesn't matter now!" Replied Maya. "Right now, what truly matters is..."

"Time's up!" Shouted the magenta-eyed woman with a wicked smile "Vampiric Tempest!"

With her right hand raised, the wicked magician conjured an enormous lightning spear, which she threw against Maya's defense; before it could hit her, however, Elite Dragon appeared and blocked it with his Sapphire Sword.

"Humpf." Commented the female foe. "So, the legend is true indeed: the Sapphire Sword was not only found, but found a Master for it. Whatever." She said the last word with despise. "I'll finish you and your friends... If you don't hand me Melchior."

"Never!" Hissed Anael very loud. "I won't give you any friend of mine! Quetzal Missile!"

The Missile, an enormous Quetzal made out of pure energy, was thrown against the evil magician, but it was merely a distraction for Thalas to act. The woman used her arms to create a magic shield, which blocked the attack entirely, but not without a price - she gained a small cut in her right arm, which made her smile as she looked at it.

"Very clever... Very clever indeed... You are the first who tries to trick Mirabelle in plain sight... Elite Dragon!"

When she looked downstairs, Anael wasn't there to be found. As she widened her eyes as a sign of surprise, she could see Electro Archer with a smile - and his light crossbow ready.

"You, madam, are going down!" He said. "Though I don't like Melchior that much, he is a friend, a friend in need. And I... Am a friend indeed. Therefore... Electro Gatling Gun!"

Thalas' magical dark blue crossbow started to shoot countless magical bolts against Mirabelle, who kept her magical field. However, when three bolts came altogether, the shield collapsed, and another foe came out of the dark to make his move.

"Mirabelle!" A majestic voice shouted, rushing towards Thalas as a fast shadow, hitting him hard.

Thalas fell about six meters from where he was standing. A tall, muscular, pale, yet copper-skinned man in a black suit was standing where Thalas were. Considering his pose, he hit Thalas with his shoulder.

"I am sorry for that." He said with a mischievous smile. "However, we just want you to hand Melchior to us, if you may."

Maya was still holding Melchior, who saw the other foe's arrival with his eyes wide open.

"Ushuriel..." He whispered.

"What?" Maya asked, trying to understand Melchior.

"His name..." Melchior started, talking slowly and in low tone due to his weakness. "His name is..."

"...Ushuriel." Said the mysterious man to Thalas, who was trying to stand up. "I am a humble servant of mistress Mirabelle, that charming lady up there."

"Less talk, more action, Ushuriel." Censored Mirabelle, clearly upset with his presentation. "Just kill them and bring Melchior in. I am bored out here!"

Ushuriel was walking towards Thalas, who finally managed to stand up. When the vampire was about to strike Electro Archer once more, Anael rapidly came into him, punching him as hard as he could. The punch damaged even more than usual, for Anael used his electrical powers to enhance its natural devastating damage.

The Vampire fell on the ground but wasn't knocked out; as soon as he fell, he stood on one knee, cleansing the wound in his face with a smile.

"Surprised, kid?" He asked mischievously. "Vampires can bleed as well; however, our blood isn't as vibrant as yours - we bleed purple." He stood up, positioning his body to battle. "You don't seem to be a regular human, like your fellow there!" He pointed Thalas with his head. "Now... I'll show you the true damage of a perfect punch. Watch it closely!"

Before Anael could think on evading, Ushuriel stood up, ran towards him and punched his stomach, causing the armor to break in that area. Then, the breathless Anael was hit in his back by Ushuriel's fists, which he joined in the shape of a hammer to do considerable damage to both Anael's back and wings.

Dazzled, Anael walked three false steps to the front, and Ushuriel punched his chin, knocking him on the ground.

"Electro Daggers!"  Shouted Electro Archer, throwing the magical projectiles against Ushuriel, who got hit, for he wasn't expecting such turn out.

"Curses!" Screamed the vampire, turning his attentions to Thalas, who was breathing rapidly due to his fear of the enormous Vampire. "You are brave..." He said with a discrete laughter. "I see that Melchior chose well his friends. It is a shame, though, we'll raze you all to dust."

Once more, Ushuriel used his high speed to strike Thalas, but an ice shield didn't allow him to make his move.

"Ice Guardian!" Thalas shouted.

It was Kimi indeed; standing on his right knee, the injured Knight was breathing unstably as he had one last trick in his sleeve.

"We are getting out of here!" He growled in pure anger. "They won't harm neither us nor Melchior! Ympyra Elinvoimaa!"

An enormous magical circle appeared above all of them, dragging all Knights inside its turquoise rays, sending them elsewhere. Ushuriel looked at it really impressed, while Mirabelle, who landed few moments after, was bubbling in rage.

The bats went out, and Guatemala City, which was pretty damaged, could finally see a starry night - and hear Mirabelle's raging screams.

"Curses!" She screamed to Ushuriel. "You were supposed to help me! You had never had difficulties to deal with any foe! What the hell happened?!"

"They are no mere mortals, Mirabelle. Face it." Ushuriel calmly answered. He then crossed his arms near his chest before continuing to talk. "The other foes I faced were either vampires or low level magicians. These guys have been fighting for quite long time, I must say. They won't die so easily."

"Neither give us Melchior." Hissed Mirabelle, frustrated. "Very well. I admit that, together, they are tough. If I separate them, however..." A wicked smile appeared in her face. "Let's see what happens next...".

To Be Continued...


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