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Chapter Eighty Four
- From Here... (Part Two) -

As Mirabelle, Ushuriel also had his issues. They kept themselves together, in silence. The Vampire was also reminiscing his past, lost long ago. It had been almost seven or even eight centuries since he joined the Vampire core. As once he explained, all vampires are children of the Maya  God Camazotz. He was an ordinary man who was born in nowadays' El  Salvador.

"I almost don't recall my old life..." Whispered Ushuriel to Mirabelle, letting her go and going onto the shadows. "It is almost as if I had never had a prior existence."

"Why does it matter anyway?" she asked coldly. "We have been living for  quite a long time, Ushuriel. I don't think it truly matters after all those centuries."

He sighed deeply, incredibly sad. Mirabelle looked at him.

"I thought this day would never come." She said "I hoped it would never happen... However, Destiny have strange ways to tell us it is time to solve old issues. Very well." She turned around to look at Ushuriel in his eyes. "You said he is alive, right? Does he own a name?"

"He has the same name we gave to him." Ushuriel answered. "Melchior is his name."

"Very well." Mirabelle replied after few seconds. "He is in Guatemala now, am I correct?"

"Don't, Mirabelle." Warned Ushuriel "I know what you are planning - it won't work. Camazotz controls us, you know it! He may be able to revive Melchior just to use him as a war machine!"

"You cannot know that for sure, because of my blood!" Answered Mirabelle, angry. "You leave me no choice - I am heading to Guatemala City, capital of Guatemala, to strike against their very citizens... And raze Melchior's body to the ground!"

Those sentences made Ushuriel tremble - when did Mirabelle become so evil? She casted a vortex almost immediately after her brief speech. She then looked back to Ushuriel with a serious countenance.

"I don't expect to follow me on this fight, Ushuriel. I wish you did nevertheless; it would make my job easier to live with."

He closed his eyes and followed her into the magical pit. While they did this fast trip, which seemed like an eternity to Ushuriel, memories came into his mind. He was about his 20's when his first met the Bat God. He was a Maya warrior, and he used to fight, laugh and play just like an ordinary human. He remembers seeing thing in the night that even Shamans couldn't.

He remembers the smell of blood being so strong and attractive to him as it would never be to anyone.The sacrifices made in altars were something he seemed to enjoy more than anything. And darkness was always surrounding him, waiting for the day he'd be theirs.

Xibalba took him - he died in battlefield, he recalled that perfectly. A silly mistake cost his life. He was with a patrol of ten Maya warriors, looking for tribes to fight. He was caught in a dreadful trap. He didn't see neither the archers nor the arrows which pierced his flesh and took his soul to the Underworld.

"Where...Where am I?" He asked when he woke up in that hostile environment.

None answered, but a few black jaguars came to him, followed by an enormous bat, which he rapidly recognized.

"Camazotz..." He whispered, frightened.

"Fear not, my child." Camazotz said with a wicked smile in his bat-form face. "I can bring you back to life."

"How?" A young and naive Ushuriel asked.

"By my powers, of course! But it won't go for free - you'll have to pay your share so that I can do mine." Camazotz answered cleverly, smiling with triumph.

"And what 'price' is that?" Ushuriel was no fool.

Camazotz laughed.

"Who do you think you are to try, to even think about bargaining with me?"" Replied Camazotz with despise. "The 'price' here is your life, your soul! You shall be one of my horde of Vampires for all eternity, as long as you can keep yourself protected by darkness. In return, I grant you strength beyond your wildest dreams, mental powers and even magical forces that would make Shamans bow to you! What do you say, mortal Ushuriel?!"

Ushuriel reflected for a moment. Yet he'd become an unholy creature, what did he have to lose? Hadn't he lost his life already? If he had a slightly chance to get it back, even if it meant to be trapped in the deeper parts of Xibalba, why not take this risk?

"Agreed." Ushuriel solemnly said.

The Bat God bit him in his shoulder, and never in his life Ushuriel felt such pain. It was as if his soul was being suck out of his body. His skin became slightly paler and his eyes acquired a bloody red glow. Also, his muscles seemed to get a bit bigger and he even grew in height. He witnessed the growth of his canines, which became fangs, and he saw Camazotz smiling at him as sinister as he could be.

"Very well!" Camazotz growled. "Welcome to my Vampire Core, Ushuriel! From now on, you are my humble servant, and the world shall bow to you and me!"

An evil laughter was all he could hear before being teleported out of Xibalba. He didn't recall all the events, but he remembered killing all the ambushers and taking his fellow companions out of that living hell. He then witnessed life passing by him; while his friends married, had children, raised them and died, he stayed young and sadder as the days went by.

He witnessed the downfall of the Maya domains and he could do nothing about that. He tried living with the Aztecs, but it had proven not possible to be done. He sailed out of Central America to the 'Old World', which we know as 'Europe', when Cort├ęz managed to siege Tenochtitlan - he didn't stay to see 'La Noche Triste' happening. Better this way, no doubt.


Guatemala City, Guatemala - 16:55 a.m.

Melchior was lying in a hammock, thinking about many things, such as his childhood and upbringing. Why was he suc an outcast in his family? Why couldn't his mother love him for what he truly was? He suddenly heard a knock on the door.

"Melchior?" It was Anael's voice through the wood. "May I come in?"

"Yes..." Melchior slowly answered. "Enter, speak and be heard..."

Anael entered, closed the door and sat on the ground, looking at him with a comprehensive countenance.

"I cannot imagine what you are going through." Anael said. "However, I'll do my best to help you."

Melchior looked at him without believing in what he was saying.

"I may not know much about Vampires, but Kimi may do!" Anael's countenance became happier as he tried to give Melchior some hope. "He surely inherited Zelaya's library, and there certainly has information about Vampires, or at least can give us a  path which we can follow to find the truth about your condition! All I am saying, Melchior, is: we won't give up of you. You are not alone in this fight!"

Melchior gave Anael a weak smile."I really thank you for that, Elite Dragon." He said. "I hope I can really understand why I am this way... I mean, you have a family which treats you well, and you do the same to treat them the same way or better than they do. My family simply wouldn't do the same for me!"

"And I don't understand why, man." Anael commented. "You are not a bad person, are you? I mean, you are cheerful, party rocker, intelligent as any freaking genius out there, quite womanizer, I admit, but I see nothing wrong in you!"

"Except for the fact I am a Vampire..." Melchior replied with sadness in his countenance.

Anael was about to answer his friend, but the Heart of Guatemala started to glow as if could detect some sort of danger.

"What the hell...?" Anael said, looking at the Heart.

Almost immediately, Anael and Melchior heard the civilians of Guatemala City screaming and running for their lives; the day had been turned into night right before their eyes. Lightning was raging over the sky, hitting and destroying buildings of all sorts. They looked at each other. They knew what had to be done.

To Be Continued...


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