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- Children of the Night -

The Knights arrived in Guatemala City three hours after Melchior's conversation with Ushuriel. The Salvadorian hero had never had so many doubts in his head; who was Ushuriel, and how did he know his name? Also, what was he referring when he said Melchior 'made it'? Elemental Alchemist wasn't certain about it - he'd never be, unless he found a way to talk to Ushuriel.

Quetzal Station - Guatemala City, Guatemala

"Well, we are all here." Anael said, carrying his suitcase in his left shoulder while helping Altagracia with hers. "I think we should go to our places and gather at Kimi and Kaiser's later on." He then looked at Melchior with a serious countenance. "I have some business to deal with."

"Very well." Kimi agreed. "We will be waiting for you there; I believe we have plenty of time to make the house presentable, right Kaiser?" Ice Guardian was smiling at his brother.

"I still can't believe we have a place to call ours!" Kaiser happily agreed. "A home and a hero headquarter, who would imagine?"

"None of us would..." Thalas said with quite a gloomy countenance. "Not even in our direst dreams..."

The French Guatemalan was looking to the Station's biggest clock, located just a few meters away from them. It was about 9:15 a.m.

"Well, you guys should get going." He said. "My cousin Felicia is arriving today; she was spending some time in France - Fashion Design course.  I'll pick her up and meet you later, ok?"

"We will be waiting for you." Maya answered, giving Thalas a shy kiss. "Don't be late, ok?"

"I won't." Thalas responded with a smile.

The Knights left Thalas in the station; Anael and Altagracia headed home with Melchior, while Kimi and Kaiser took Maya with them. Since the Finnish twins were already 16 and had gotten their driver's license, they headed home by car. On their way, they decided to talk to Maya for a instance.

"How are you?" Kimi asked.

"Well, fine, I guess." Maya answered quite shy. "Why are you asking?"

"Things had gotten a bit more emotional than usual." Kaiser replied serene. "After that group therapy session in XultĂșn, certain things had been passing through my mind... I hope I'm not disturbing you too much."

"You aren't..." Maya replied with a smile. "Actually, I appreciate your concern, boys. And I think you were very brave out there, Kai."

"You mean... For coming out of the closet?" Kaiser asked innocently.

"Yes!" Maya answered amazed. "I would had never guessed it, and it is awesome of you to realize you can count on us to share any secrets. I really mean it."

"I hope we can tell the same about you." Kimi replied. He looked to his left, and saw their house. "Oh, we have arrived!" He parked the car nearby. "Well, let's continue this conversation inside. You should give your aunt and uncle some news; tell them you are here, and that you have arrived just fine."

"Well, I will..." She replied quite embarrassed. "But I want to know a thing - what do you mean?"

"Get your stuff first; then,  we talk." Kimi answered with a mischievous smile.

"Someone is playing Melchior here..." Kaiser mocked, helping Maya with the luggage.

The Finns ' house was icy blue on the outside, with two floors. There were six windows on the front part of the house - three on the ground floor and three on the upper one; the upper right window had a small balcony, and Maya assumed it was another bedroom - a guest room, maybe.
Inside the house, it had a medium-range living room, which was also a dining room and kitchen - the furniture was brand-new and quite fancy.

"Wow!" Maya said. "You guys made some magic 'round here!"

"Indeed!" Kaiser discretely laughed. "Well, he had to - the Knights needed a Headquarter and we needed a place!"

The living room had one glass door on the right side, which led outside to an upcoming garden (or even a pool - Maya wasn't certain about what it really was) and around seven other wooden doors on the left side, which five were locked.

"What lies in there?" She asked, pointing to the wooden ones.

"One of them leads to our Headquarters." Kimi answered, climbing down the stairs. "Another one is a bathroom. The others... Well, they are a surprise." Another mischievous smile was in his face.

"Let's show her what lies upstairs!" Kaiser said, excited. "I bet you'll like to see what we have in our bedrooms!"

Upstairs, there were four rooms - a bathroom  and three bedrooms, which had their own front windows (the ones Maya had seen from the entrance). The room to the right (which was on the left, considering the entrance's view) was Kaiser's.

"Brace yourself!" Kaiser joked. "This is my lair!" He opened the door, so that Maya could see what had in there.

It had dark grey walls with some band and touristic posters attached to it. Also, he had an enormous world map on one wall and a medium Finland over his dresser, made of mahogany wood. His room recalled those of explorers shown in movies (kind of an Indiana Jones), which really suited Kaiser's personality, for he was the definition of a wayfarer. He had some plane tickets on the floor - even his passport was there! Kaiser wasn't an organized person, that Maya could affirm.

"Nice place, Kai!" Maya said, amazed with his room. "You really put your signature here!"

She then walked towards the next door, where Kimi was awaiting for her.

"Well, this one is mine..." Kimi said timidly. "I hope you don't mind the mess, I hadn't got the time to organize it..."

"I don't think the adjective 'messy' suits you, Kimi." Maya discretely laughed. "Not at all..."

Kimi's room lied in the center; it had icy blue walls with some posters of music and astrology themes on it; unlike Kaiser's, Kimi's bedroom had more bookshelves than an average teenager room would ever have; he also had a large desk near the window, where lied some papers, pencils, pens and even ice shards in its surface. Kimi's room had ice shards almost everywhere - even his bed's structure was made out of everlasting ice!

"And you have the courage to call that a 'mess'..." Maya mocked, smiling mischievously at Kimi. "Well, if were as 'disorganized' as you are... I'd never lose a single thing in my place!"

The trio laughed for a moment.

"Well, this is your room for the night. Or as long as you desire." Kimi said, pointing to the last room. "I hope you like it."

The third room was a guest room, as Maya had predicted. It was quite simple - it had a nice, comfortable bed, a pale wood dresser and a medium desk. It was quite a comfortable place. Maya put her case near the dressing room and sat on the bed. Kaiser and Kimi sat on the floor.

"Now..." Maya said, looking at Kimi with her eyes half closed. "I want to know - what did you mean with: 'I hope we can tell the same about you'?"

The twins looked at each other for a brief, silent moment. The Honduran was no longer merely curious - she was getting concerned as well, and that could be seen through her eyes. Kimi took a deep breath and prepared himself for the talking.

"Well, I am talking about your previous group." Kimi said. "The Eclipse Warriors, remember?"

That name shattered Maya's heart into little pieces. Her eyes widened as she tried not to fall in tears.

"How could I forget?" She asked, quite offended and sad. "Before you guys, they were all I had - my soul sisters! I trusted on them, and so did they! I..." She looked to the floor, filled up with sadness. "I still mourn, guys. I still suffer from Iracema's death. I bet I suffer as much - or even more - than Anael does. That pain still walks with me, and kills me inside day by day."

"I didn't mean to bring up so much pain, Maya." Kimi apologized, sad for her. "I understand you, I really do. But, the point of inquiry here was: do you trust on us? I know you trust Thalas, that is out of questioning, but I want to know about the rest of us."

Maya grasped; she did not see this question coming. Of course she had strong, good memories with the Knights, but she also had hers with the Eclipse Warriors. Before fighting the Knights face-to-face, Black Witch and her dear soul sisters had other missions - which will be told later on.


Moon' Seeker's House - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Melchior was witnessing a scene in which he had never been  - Maria, Anael's mother, has holding her two children in her arms, giving them the most loving and nurturing hug one could ever see or wish for. Never in his entire life Melchior felt so empty, so abandoned; he was standing in front of the kitchen's arch, witnessing it all.

"From all of us, he is the only one who has more to lose." Melchior thought, closing his eyes. "Anael is the greatest soul one could ever meet, and I am blessed for being his friend. However... The same cannot be applied to me..."

Swift as the wind, Melchior left the room - but Altagracia saw him leaving. The youngest Blue Moon Knight, known as Lotus Flower, witnessed Melchior's sadness. The child knew what to do next, but she had to had the opportunity to do it - and it wasn't on that moment.

Melchior rapidly went upstairs and locked himself on the guest room. He sat on the desk, which was in front of the window, put his head between his hand and cried. He made a considerable effort not to cry out loud while bursting into tears. From time to time, he looked to the mirror to his left and saw nothing but the furniture. Sometimes, he could see a weak reflection of himself there, but the only evidence of his presence was a misplaced chair.

"Where are you?" He moaned, desperate. "Where are you, Ushuriel? I need to talk to you..." He wept more intensively as he asked for that man.

He wasn't aware, however, that Ushuriel could hear him - and so could other person...


Norwegian Fjords - Norwegian Forests, Norway

Deep down the mists of the most beautiful boreal forests of the Scandinavian Peninsula, there lied a secret so dark and so well kept, that many explorers and bounty hunters died trying to find out what lied there.
About ten kilometers to the southwest of a fjord (a geographic form which consists in a river shaping the landscape, usually mountains or land elevations, in a 'V' form), there was a dark, sinister, large cottage. The surrounding trees either fell or stood there, dead, due to the dark magic coming from that place.

Ushuriel, the Vampire, was the only living creature (if we can refer to him that way) who was brave enough to go towards that cottage.

"You are late." A female voice said from inside the house. "Why on Earth did you take so long?"

"Camazotz had news to us." The Vampire replied. "He found another Children of the Night... And I bet you know who is."

The female figure came out of the house. She was white as the snow, slightly muscular with wide hips, strong tights and slightly large breasts. She had short, straight, red hair and magenta eyes, which had a sinister glow. She was wearing a black headband with white pearls and a golden accessory on the center, a long, sleeveless, grenade gown with long magenta gloves. Her nails were long, polished and had light magenta ink on then, and she was wearing dark purple high heels.

"What do you mean?" She wasn't pleased with Ushuriel's answer.

"You know what I am talking about... Mirabelle Hayes." Ushuriel wasn't happy as well. "Have you really thought none would ever find him? Haven't you thought  our Lord was going to find him, soon or later?"

"If you had let me do things my way, this issue would never be discussed again!" She answered with fury.

"I may be an undead thing, Mirabelle, but it doesn't mean I despise life completely." Ushuriel replied with anger. "I wouldn't harm that little creature, and you know it."

Mirabelle looked at Ushuriel with anger for a few seconds, which seemed so eternal to the vampire. Then, she headed home rapidly, and Ushuriel followed her. The house was quite dark, and the furniture was gothic-themed. Dark tables, pointy and highly-detailed chairs. There were books, vials, stained glasses and sheets all over the floors.

"When was the last time you cleaned up this place?" Ushuriel asked mischievously.

"Funny you." Mirabelle replied. "As if you ever cared about it."

"If we had a child here..." Ushuriel wouldn't miss the opportunity to bother her.

Mirabelle had heard enough; she rapidly turned and pushed Ushuriel against the wall; she was holding his neck so hard that her nails almost got stuck in his skin.

"If you continue to speak about it..." She hissed. "You'll wish you'd never been born and turned into a vampire!"

"How ironic..." Ushuriel said, holding her wrist and releasing his neck. "It should be me the one acting as you are."

"What we did was prohibited. And sinful!" She censored.

"And what are we?!" Shouted Ushuriel, angry. "We are the sin, Mirabelle! Look at us - a Vampire and a Warlock! Together!"

"No! We are no couple!" Objected Mirabelle. "What happened that night as a mistake!"

"Wow, such a mistake!" Ushuriel said ironically. "I don't think you ever enjoyed a 'mistake' so much!"

Mirabelle looked at him with anger; she took a deep breath and headed downstairs to what seemed to be an alchemy laboratory, with papers, vials, ingredients and other objects either on the floor or on shelves or on the large desk on the corner. There was a large, blue cauldron in the center of the room, and she went straight for it.

"So..." She sighed sad and disappointed. "He was able to make it?"

"Yes." Ushuriel replied. "I had no doubts in my mind when I saw him on that train, Mirabelle. I believe he has the best of both of us; he may be far more powerful that we imagined before. If Camazotz himself went after him, it can only mean..."

"... He is a Children of the Night." Mirabelle said, looking to the cauldron. "A living legend; the child of a Vampire and a Warlock - he is both Magician and Undead. I do not know if he inherited your life spam or mine, but it won't matter."

The cauldron was showing images from the past. A past Mirabelle wanted to forget so desperately; she was lying on her bed, with blood coming out of her down below. She looked frightened as she held something on her arms. Something from both worlds, the bridge between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead. A red haired baby with slightly copper skin and marvelous black eyes. A child with strong cry and healthier than any baby ever seen on Earth.

A tear came out of Mirabelle's eye and fell on the cauldron, washing the images away.

"You made it, after all." She said, disappointed. "I wasn't able to keep you away from Camazotz's influence, and our meeting will be unavoidable. I'll find you, Melchior. If you have to perish, then I'll do it - my way."

She looked to Ushuriel with the corner of her magenta eye.

"I am going after him, and you won't stop me!" She announced. "This boy can run, but he'll never be able to hide. If you found him, so can I. Camazotz won't have him. From now on. Melchior Raven-Hayes, consider yourself... HUNTED."

To Be Continued...


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