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- ... To Eternity (Part Two) -

Melchior looked at all Knights with an empty, shocked look. For one second, he thought all of them would die. For an instant, he thought he had lost all. He was still breathless when he saw an injured Kimi looking at him with an angry look. He saw Maya aiding Thalas, who seemed to be having a rough time, while Altagracia hurried to help her brother.

"What the hell..." Whispered Melchior at the edge of cry.

"I don't understand how you do it, Melchior." Kimi said, serious and angry, as he carried Kaiser in his arms. "You seem to have the gift to cause trouble, don't you?"

"I..." Melchior babbled, then he downed his head, embarrassed. "I am sorry."

"How did they know your name?!" Anael hissed angrily as Altagracia took care of his injuries.

"I don't freaking know!" Said Melchior, desperate. "I don't freaking know! I had never seen them in my entire freaking life..."

When he finished this sentence, his countenance changed from gloomy to scared in a matter of seconds, for he remembered two events in which he saw them.

"Ushuriel... And... Mirabelle..." He whispered as he remembered. "I... Saw them before..." He then looked at Kimi, frightened. "In my mind. In my dreams."

"What do you mean with this?" Anael suddenly asked. "Are you saying... You had foreseen it?!"
Melchior thought for a second, looking to the ground.

"Well... Not that event..." He answered, referring to what happened in Guatemala City. "But I had seen them elsewhere. I saw Mirabelle in what seemed to be somewhere in Scandinavia, given the scenario. And Ushuriel..."

"And Ushuriel?" Asked Anael, pushing Melchior to say. "Where did you see him?"

"Well..." Melchior took a deep breath before proceeding. "He... Found me in the train which was taking us to Guatemala City."

As he talked, the other Knights looked at each other, very concerned.

"I swear I haven't seen him before that!" Melchior said when seeing his friends' faces. "I didn't even know he followed me! He just showed up saying 'I am glad you made it', said his name and vanished! For God's sake, I am not the one to blame!"

"Then who is?" Kaiser asked, sitting in the bed and moaning after he did it.  "Who's to blame, Melchior, I ask?" He crossed his arms and looked at him with an angry countenance.

"Kaiser." Censored Anael as he sat in his bed and pulled his sister for her to sit near him. "The question here is not the blaming, but the purpose. Why are they chasing us. Better than, why are they chasing Melchior? Specifically him. Why?"

"I have no idea..." Melchior said. "Like, it seems they are somehow bounded to me, but I... I don't understand how..."

In his head, one sentence, pronounced by Mirabelle, was echoing all the time.

"It is simple... I gave it to you."

"It cannot be..." He thought. "I am the youngest of a large family, and my mother Lucia gave me that name... However... She always treated me differently. No. No, Melchior! No! You aren't considering that, are you? You are just confused... Mirabelle messed with you, and so did Ushuriel... It is a game, nothing else."

"There's an event that may give us the answer." Kimi said, bringing Melchior back to reality.

"Which is?" Altagracia asked. "I am confused, you guys. Are those mean guys trying to kill Melchior? Trying to kill you? Is this why I couldn't go to help you?

"What?" Melchior asked. "Oh my God... That Mirabelle is way more powerful than first thought..."

"How could she trap Gracia here?" Maya asked. "I don't see how she can do it... I thought nothing could block the Heart!"

"So did I, Maya..." Anael said, thoughtful. "So did I..." He took a deep breath and looked at Melchior. "I think I know which event you are talking about."

"Camazotz." Melchior answered instantly. "He said I was one of his 'children', whatever that means..."

"I believe we have some work to do." Kimi said, standing up with the same countenance. "Melchior, you are coming with Kaiser and me. Let's try to figure out what's happening here before these two weirdoes cause more damage."

"Agreed." Anael said, serious. "It will be better if you deal with this, Kimi. I'll try to find answers as well."

Melchior was incredibly gloomy. He felt as he had failed with everyone else. In his mind, the battle was repeating as a non-stop clip, only showing Mirabelle and her sentences, along with her wicked face.

"So... There you are...This will be easier than I thought..."

Her eyes were in him. She could see through Melchior's eyes. She could see his soul.

"Quite clever...Very well, Melchior Raven-Hayes, which one of your friends you want to see killed first?"

Except by Eclipse, never in his life Melchior witnessed an enemy who despised life so much. Mirabelle would kill anyone to achieve her goals, no matter what.

"Time's up! Vampiric Tempest!"

If it wasn't for Anael, Maya would have died with him and Kaiser, for that lightning bolt would be far more than her weak shield would handle.

"I'll finish you and your friends... If you don't hand me Melchior."

Her magenta eyes were glowing in the most sinister way Melchior ever saw, he could swear to all sacred entities known by mankind.

"Less talk, more action, Ushuriel. Just kill them and bring Melchior in. I am bored out here!"

Faster, stronger and more skilled than Melchior had ever been. Even if Altagracia had been there, it would have been of no use.

Mirabelle was far more powerful than they were at that moment.


Somewhere near Guatemala City, Guatemala - 20h17

Mirabelle and Ushuriel, on that meantime, had found an empty building to use as headquarters - an empty, sinister two-floored house with an attic and basement, where Mirabelle could store everything she might need for that task.

She was on a balcony, looking at the starry sky with a wicked smile.

"Isn't it so fascinating, Ushuriel?" She asked with her eyes half closed. "If they only knew the dangers of having Melchior on their side, they'd certainly hand him to us right away."

"Are you sure you want to proceed with this?" Ushuriel asked clearly upset. "We have another option, Mirabelle. We always had that option!"

Mirabelle turned around, looking at Ushuriel with an enormous amount of anger.

"Never!" She grunted, hitting the balcony angrily. "You didn't allow me to have a choice when I could, and no other option was left for me! It is your  fault, and yours only, that everything is happening!"

"You are wrong." Ushuriel answered slowly walking towards her. "Because of your misjudgment,  things that shouldn't happen are happening. I am one of the first generations of the Vampire core, and you are one of the first Warlocks; we are the most powerful servants of Camazotz - we would be perfectly able to protect him against Camazotz!"

"Are you out of your mind?!" Mirabelle asked. "Have you forgotten about who you are talking?! Camazotz is a God, a Deity, and he won't die easily! You may be as old as you want, but Camazotz gave you power, and he can easily take it from you!"

"And so he can do to you!" Ushuriel replied angrily, scaring Mirabelle. "Don't you get it? Are you so blind you can't see truth? " He strongly held her shoulders. "Melchior doesn't know how much power he bears! And the 'upbringing' he received... If I call it 'upbringing'..."

Mirabelle was looking at Ushuriel with fright; for the first time in her life, she was afraid of the man she knew for so many centuries.

"Mirabelle... I'll never forgive you for doing that to Melchior. He suffers every day in the hands of that woman... Lucia...Right?" As Mirabelle nodded affirmatively, he continued talking with anger. "Because of her, he had to discover his powers all alone, and he couldn't have the proper training!"

"It was better this way!" Protested Mirabelle. "And I wish he had never met the other kids with whom he was! If he hadn't he'd never be a Children of the Night and would have died without knowing or caring!"

She looked down to the ground, crying. Ushuriel loosened her shoulders and embraced her, looking at the bright stars in the sky.

"However, you denied him something extremely important- his identity, his true self. You didn't protect him, Mirabelle; your lie cost him more than he'd ever imagine. And now, he is paying the price, but not alone. We still have time to solve this and come out as the good ones in this story."

He used his left hand to raise Mirabelle's chin, and he placed his right hand between her breasts, near her heart.

"Listen to it." Ushuriel whispered. "Listen to your heart, my dear Mirabelle, for it long begs for you to hear it. I beg you to hear it. Please."

Mirabelle looked into Ushuriel's eyes; her magenta eyes were full of tears, which hadn't fallen on that moment, for she was braver and stronger than she always thought.

"I listened to it, once." She said with a gloomy voice. "And these were the consequences - a child which should never been born nor raised by anyone. A forbidden love which should have never been consummated..."

With all the things said, she walked away from Ushuriel, heading inside the house, to the darkest place she could find, just to cry in silence as she so desperately wanted. Ushuriel stood there, alone, with his head down, in sadness.

"Forgive me, Melchior." He whispered for himself. "I am sorry for not being able to prevent all the suffering you've been through. "

He looked at the stars, which were incredibly bright. His eyes guided him towards the Aquarius and Gemini constellations, which seemed to be brighter than ever. As he looked at them, a weak smile appeared in his face.

"The stars gave you a fine personality. I cannot deny it." He commented. "I hope they gave you luck and a sharp mind as well, my child, for you will need it. I am servant of your mother, and I will always be. Unfortunately, I cannot change it, and I can only hope something, or someone, will make her see the truth... And rescue you from this living hell."


Kimi and Kaiser's Home, Guatemala City, Guatemala - 20h30

Melchior was sitting in his bed, looking at his arms - it seemed that, along with the recent bruises, there were some weird injuries, which seemed as deep burns in his skin. He sighed when he saw them.

"What are these?" A voice asked few steps behind Melchior.

Melchior turned around to see who was - it was Kimi, which seemed far more serene than before.

"Oh..." Melchior replied, hiding the injuries. "Nothing; just... Battle scars, that's all."

"I don't recall Mirabelle using any fire-based techniques... " Kimi said as he came closer to Melchior and sat near him. "Show me these, please."

Melchior was about to argue, but Kimi's gentle smile was far more convincing than any argument he could possibly have at that moment.  He raised his forearms to Kimi, which looked at them closely.

"Are these... Burns?" He asked, concerned. "They don't seem so deep when you give a fast look... Nevertheless... They seem quite dangerous. We should treat it as fast as we..."

"Er... Could you please not use any metallic instruments?" Melchior asked embarrassed.

"Not use any..." Kimi repeated the question serenely. Then, he got even more concerned. "Well... Most elven medicines are based in mineral products... I'll see what I can do..."

With his head full of thoughts, he left Melchior's room and discretely called for Kaiser.

"Yes, veli?" Kaiser asked.

"When Melchior falls asleep, close all curtains. Keep the light as dim as possible. Also, keep him away of blood or anything that may resemble it. Moreover, no metals near him, specially silver."

"Wait a second!" Replied Kaiser, shocked. "You are not thinking that, right? Like, you are not even considering it, right Kimi? Right, brother?!"

Kimi slowly closed Melchior's door. Then, he looked at Kaiser with a slightly sinister countenance, yet his face was clearly serene as he was most of the times.

"I don't know." Kimi replied, concerned. "However, I believe the signs are quite clear. I'll see what I can do. On the meantime, make sure Melchior doesn't suspect anything. I count on you to do that task. Alright?"

Kaiser nodded affirmatively, clearly concerned. Kimi passed through him and went after his medicine. Kaiser sighed, closed his eyes and laid his back on the wall, crossing his arms over his chest and waited for his brother to come back.

"All this time... I thought it was a joke. All this time, I hoped Kimi and Anael were just fooling around... But they weren't... Good gracious, what will we do?"

To be Continued...


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