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For Those Who Read,

Today, I went to Mr. Zelaya's bookstore in order to help Kimi - since it is a full time job, he sometimes need someone to aid on inventory making or placing books back in shelves. So, I decided to get there and help him - also, he is a nice person to talk with, and we had plenty to talk.

While helping him, I found a dusty old Tome which really attracted me - it was purple, I guess, with some interesting patterns in silver, and it had a tiny lock in it, but there was no key nearby.

I guess I have now a mystery to deal with - nothing that a large cup of coffee or two won't help me solving. What really interests me is what lies in those old, yellow pages... Will it be a mere tale or... Something else beyond my daring and fertile imagination?

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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