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Sports Journal of the Day,

Feeling nice and ready for some... Capoeira!

I confess I always wanted to try, but I never got the nerves to ask Anael to teach me. Today, we went to his master's place for him to show us a nice Capoeira round!

Maaan, it was awesome! Besides Anael, who is almost a pro, there were other 12 guys were playing with us. Well, luckliy, they knew I was a newbie and they kind of made things easier for me, but I got really tired - I am not as agile and flexible as Anael is, though I learned the ginga quite well and could trick him more than he could do to me -, but I loved it.

Then, I went to another basketball showdown with Anael - he plays quite well, despite his height, which is quite a disavantage for him. However, what he doesn't have in height he makes up with agility - he is a Cobra indeed! His nickname, Cobra Capoeirist, is completely justified! We didn't face troubles in the matches - we wont quite easily. I just wish we won a reward for those victories (you know what I mean - money. I'd love to receive something, if it was just a few quetzales. I wouldn't mind. Not at all.)...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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