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To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Someone got grooooundeeeed! Kaiser is grounded, la, la, la, laaaa!

Ha, ha, ha! Never had I laughed of one's misfortune so badly! He doesn't recall that, but everyone, EVERYONE came to the hospital to check up on him.

OMG, he is feeling so lost and confused - and he is grounded! Kimi told him once, and Kai didn't want to hear, so... He is being punished now.

I feel sorry for him, but he had to be more cautious - what if people on that party hadn't given a damn and left him there? He could have died! And I mean it - it is not uncommon for teens (and even adults!) to die due to alcohol abuse! I know he wants to have some fun, but it is not funny to lose your life to something so easy to avoid!

Maya Altahuela


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