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From Guatemala With Enlightenment,

The vacation time is almost over, and here I am, organizing and selling books for a living... Thalas seemed to have found an old tome, and so did I.

Mine had golden details in a dark blue cover. Like Thalas' it had a tiny lock in it, and no key to be found. I guess I'll stay a bit longer here in order to find it.

Today, the store hand't had much clients coming, so I could explore the shelves and corridors as I had never done. It is amazing the amount of books and other things Mr. Zelaya collected over the years.

In this scavenging, I found another sealed thing - a door. I also have no idea of where I could find the key to it, but I have plenty of time to research it. I wonder what Mr. Zelaya is keeping down there...

Kimi Das Vaali


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