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Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

I need some rest. Seriously.

I don't think I am such party animal... And I'll tell you folks why. On Tuesday, I went to this party on a rooftop, located on a uprising part of Guatemala City.

Well, I won't lie - the music was great, people rocked, even the drinks were the best I've ever tasted... As far as I can remember. I was talking to a guy named Adrian, a medium-height, brown-haired and dark green-eyed guy (quite handsome, I admit), and he offered himself to pay me a round. Sweet...

Brace myself, a monstrous alcoholic coma was coming. And it indeed came - stupid me, I drank more than I could stand, and Adrian had to take me to the hospital rapidly. The rest I don't remember - well, I do remember voices and noises, but everything else is a damn blur.

Once again, I got lecture - and Kimi grounded me. Funny; my brother is only two minutes older than me and he acts like my father would (or should. And it is not that funny to spend the rest of the vacation at home.).

Well, I deserved it. A good thing came from all of this, after all - I got Adrian's number! Lucky me!

Kaiser Das Vaali


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