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- ... To Eternity (Part Two) -

Melchior looked at all Knights with an empty, shocked look. For one second, he thought all of them would die. For an instant, he thought he had lost all. He was still breathless when he saw an injured Kimi looking at him with an angry look. He saw Maya aiding Thalas, who seemed to be having a rough time, while Altagracia hurried to help her brother.

"What the hell..." Whispered Melchior at the edge of cry.

"I don't understand how you do it, Melchior." Kimi said, serious and angry, as he carried Kaiser in his arms. "You seem to have the gift to cause trouble, don't you?"

"I..." Melchior babbled, then he downed his head, embarrassed. "I am sorry."

"How did they know your name?!" Anael hissed angrily as Altagracia took care of his injuries.

"I don't freaking know!" Said Melchior, desperate. "I don't freaking know! I had never seen them in my entire freaking life..."

When he finished this sentence, his countenance changed from gloomy to scared in a matter of seconds, for he remembered two events in which he saw them.

"Ushuriel... And... Mirabelle..." He whispered as he remembered. "I... Saw them before..." He then looked at Kimi, frightened. "In my mind. In my dreams."

"What do you mean with this?" Anael suddenly asked. "Are you saying... You had foreseen it?!"
Melchior thought for a second, looking to the ground.

"Well... Not that event..." He answered, referring to what happened in Guatemala City. "But I had seen them elsewhere. I saw Mirabelle in what seemed to be somewhere in Scandinavia, given the scenario. And Ushuriel..."

"And Ushuriel?" Asked Anael, pushing Melchior to say. "Where did you see him?"

"Well..." Melchior took a deep breath before proceeding. "He... Found me in the train which was taking us to Guatemala City."

As he talked, the other Knights looked at each other, very concerned.

"I swear I haven't seen him before that!" Melchior said when seeing his friends' faces. "I didn't even know he followed me! He just showed up saying 'I am glad you made it', said his name and vanished! For God's sake, I am not the one to blame!"

"Then who is?" Kaiser asked, sitting in the bed and moaning after he did it.  "Who's to blame, Melchior, I ask?" He crossed his arms and looked at him with an angry countenance.

"Kaiser." Censored Anael as he sat in his bed and pulled his sister for her to sit near him. "The question here is not the blaming, but the purpose. Why are they chasing us. Better than, why are they chasing Melchior? Specifically him. Why?"

"I have no idea..." Melchior said. "Like, it seems they are somehow bounded to me, but I... I don't understand how..."

In his head, one sentence, pronounced by Mirabelle, was echoing all the time.

"It is simple... I gave it to you."

"It cannot be..." He thought. "I am the youngest of a large family, and my mother Lucia gave me that name... However... She always treated me differently. No. No, Melchior! No! You aren't considering that, are you? You are just confused... Mirabelle messed with you, and so did Ushuriel... It is a game, nothing else."

"There's an event that may give us the answer." Kimi said, bringing Melchior back to reality.

"Which is?" Altagracia asked. "I am confused, you guys. Are those mean guys trying to kill Melchior? Trying to kill you? Is this why I couldn't go to help you?

"What?" Melchior asked. "Oh my God... That Mirabelle is way more powerful than first thought..."

"How could she trap Gracia here?" Maya asked. "I don't see how she can do it... I thought nothing could block the Heart!"

"So did I, Maya..." Anael said, thoughtful. "So did I..." He took a deep breath and looked at Melchior. "I think I know which event you are talking about."

"Camazotz." Melchior answered instantly. "He said I was one of his 'children', whatever that means..."

"I believe we have some work to do." Kimi said, standing up with the same countenance. "Melchior, you are coming with Kaiser and me. Let's try to figure out what's happening here before these two weirdoes cause more damage."

"Agreed." Anael said, serious. "It will be better if you deal with this, Kimi. I'll try to find answers as well."

Melchior was incredibly gloomy. He felt as he had failed with everyone else. In his mind, the battle was repeating as a non-stop clip, only showing Mirabelle and her sentences, along with her wicked face.

"So... There you are...This will be easier than I thought..."

Her eyes were in him. She could see through Melchior's eyes. She could see his soul.

"Quite clever...Very well, Melchior Raven-Hayes, which one of your friends you want to see killed first?"

Except by Eclipse, never in his life Melchior witnessed an enemy who despised life so much. Mirabelle would kill anyone to achieve her goals, no matter what.

"Time's up! Vampiric Tempest!"

If it wasn't for Anael, Maya would have died with him and Kaiser, for that lightning bolt would be far more than her weak shield would handle.

"I'll finish you and your friends... If you don't hand me Melchior."

Her magenta eyes were glowing in the most sinister way Melchior ever saw, he could swear to all sacred entities known by mankind.

"Less talk, more action, Ushuriel. Just kill them and bring Melchior in. I am bored out here!"

Faster, stronger and more skilled than Melchior had ever been. Even if Altagracia had been there, it would have been of no use.

Mirabelle was far more powerful than they were at that moment.


Somewhere near Guatemala City, Guatemala - 20h17

Mirabelle and Ushuriel, on that meantime, had found an empty building to use as headquarters - an empty, sinister two-floored house with an attic and basement, where Mirabelle could store everything she might need for that task.

She was on a balcony, looking at the starry sky with a wicked smile.

"Isn't it so fascinating, Ushuriel?" She asked with her eyes half closed. "If they only knew the dangers of having Melchior on their side, they'd certainly hand him to us right away."

"Are you sure you want to proceed with this?" Ushuriel asked clearly upset. "We have another option, Mirabelle. We always had that option!"

Mirabelle turned around, looking at Ushuriel with an enormous amount of anger.

"Never!" She grunted, hitting the balcony angrily. "You didn't allow me to have a choice when I could, and no other option was left for me! It is your  fault, and yours only, that everything is happening!"

"You are wrong." Ushuriel answered slowly walking towards her. "Because of your misjudgment,  things that shouldn't happen are happening. I am one of the first generations of the Vampire core, and you are one of the first Warlocks; we are the most powerful servants of Camazotz - we would be perfectly able to protect him against Camazotz!"

"Are you out of your mind?!" Mirabelle asked. "Have you forgotten about who you are talking?! Camazotz is a God, a Deity, and he won't die easily! You may be as old as you want, but Camazotz gave you power, and he can easily take it from you!"

"And so he can do to you!" Ushuriel replied angrily, scaring Mirabelle. "Don't you get it? Are you so blind you can't see truth? " He strongly held her shoulders. "Melchior doesn't know how much power he bears! And the 'upbringing' he received... If I call it 'upbringing'..."

Mirabelle was looking at Ushuriel with fright; for the first time in her life, she was afraid of the man she knew for so many centuries.

"Mirabelle... I'll never forgive you for doing that to Melchior. He suffers every day in the hands of that woman... Lucia...Right?" As Mirabelle nodded affirmatively, he continued talking with anger. "Because of her, he had to discover his powers all alone, and he couldn't have the proper training!"

"It was better this way!" Protested Mirabelle. "And I wish he had never met the other kids with whom he was! If he hadn't he'd never be a Children of the Night and would have died without knowing or caring!"

She looked down to the ground, crying. Ushuriel loosened her shoulders and embraced her, looking at the bright stars in the sky.

"However, you denied him something extremely important- his identity, his true self. You didn't protect him, Mirabelle; your lie cost him more than he'd ever imagine. And now, he is paying the price, but not alone. We still have time to solve this and come out as the good ones in this story."

He used his left hand to raise Mirabelle's chin, and he placed his right hand between her breasts, near her heart.

"Listen to it." Ushuriel whispered. "Listen to your heart, my dear Mirabelle, for it long begs for you to hear it. I beg you to hear it. Please."

Mirabelle looked into Ushuriel's eyes; her magenta eyes were full of tears, which hadn't fallen on that moment, for she was braver and stronger than she always thought.

"I listened to it, once." She said with a gloomy voice. "And these were the consequences - a child which should never been born nor raised by anyone. A forbidden love which should have never been consummated..."

With all the things said, she walked away from Ushuriel, heading inside the house, to the darkest place she could find, just to cry in silence as she so desperately wanted. Ushuriel stood there, alone, with his head down, in sadness.

"Forgive me, Melchior." He whispered for himself. "I am sorry for not being able to prevent all the suffering you've been through. "

He looked at the stars, which were incredibly bright. His eyes guided him towards the Aquarius and Gemini constellations, which seemed to be brighter than ever. As he looked at them, a weak smile appeared in his face.

"The stars gave you a fine personality. I cannot deny it." He commented. "I hope they gave you luck and a sharp mind as well, my child, for you will need it. I am servant of your mother, and I will always be. Unfortunately, I cannot change it, and I can only hope something, or someone, will make her see the truth... And rescue you from this living hell."


Kimi and Kaiser's Home, Guatemala City, Guatemala - 20h30

Melchior was sitting in his bed, looking at his arms - it seemed that, along with the recent bruises, there were some weird injuries, which seemed as deep burns in his skin. He sighed when he saw them.

"What are these?" A voice asked few steps behind Melchior.

Melchior turned around to see who was - it was Kimi, which seemed far more serene than before.

"Oh..." Melchior replied, hiding the injuries. "Nothing; just... Battle scars, that's all."

"I don't recall Mirabelle using any fire-based techniques... " Kimi said as he came closer to Melchior and sat near him. "Show me these, please."

Melchior was about to argue, but Kimi's gentle smile was far more convincing than any argument he could possibly have at that moment.  He raised his forearms to Kimi, which looked at them closely.

"Are these... Burns?" He asked, concerned. "They don't seem so deep when you give a fast look... Nevertheless... They seem quite dangerous. We should treat it as fast as we..."

"Er... Could you please not use any metallic instruments?" Melchior asked embarrassed.

"Not use any..." Kimi repeated the question serenely. Then, he got even more concerned. "Well... Most elven medicines are based in mineral products... I'll see what I can do..."

With his head full of thoughts, he left Melchior's room and discretely called for Kaiser.

"Yes, veli?" Kaiser asked.

"When Melchior falls asleep, close all curtains. Keep the light as dim as possible. Also, keep him away of blood or anything that may resemble it. Moreover, no metals near him, specially silver."

"Wait a second!" Replied Kaiser, shocked. "You are not thinking that, right? Like, you are not even considering it, right Kimi? Right, brother?!"

Kimi slowly closed Melchior's door. Then, he looked at Kaiser with a slightly sinister countenance, yet his face was clearly serene as he was most of the times.

"I don't know." Kimi replied, concerned. "However, I believe the signs are quite clear. I'll see what I can do. On the meantime, make sure Melchior doesn't suspect anything. I count on you to do that task. Alright?"

Kaiser nodded affirmatively, clearly concerned. Kimi passed through him and went after his medicine. Kaiser sighed, closed his eyes and laid his back on the wall, crossing his arms over his chest and waited for his brother to come back.

"All this time... I thought it was a joke. All this time, I hoped Kimi and Anael were just fooling around... But they weren't... Good gracious, what will we do?"

To be Continued...

- ...To Eternity (Part One) -

Anael and Melchior looked at that strange, sinister phenomenon already aware of what to do next.

"We have to send a message to the others." Anael said, lifting the Heart of Guatemala. "I do not like the looks of that scenario, Melchior, and so do you."

"Agreed." Melchior said, serious. "Ready to do your magic?"

"Corazón de Guatemala!"

The magical turquoise light, which was familiar to the two Knights, rapidly evolved them as they jumped of the window; Anael's wings rapidly appeared, allowing him to fly and hold Melchior's arms with his hands, flying as fast as he could.

Melchior loosened one arm in order to conjure his Communicator and speak with others. Rapidly he typed Drives #4 and #2, which were the codes to talk to Kimi and Thalas respectively.

"Guys, we have a problem!" Melchior said through his Communicator. "Something evil is happening downtown! Hurry!"

Kimi was playing with his flute when his Communicator got suddenly summoned; he heard Melchior's message with a surprised countenance. He grabbed his flute, which was icy blue, made of ethereal ice shards, and rushed to Kaiser's door, knocking on it violently.

"What the hell?" Kaiser asked when opening his door.

"Something evil is happening, veli!" Kimi replied. "Guatemala is at siege once again!"

"Do you think..." Kaiser started, concerned. "Maybe... Camazotz?"

"Neither I nor Anael or Melchior hold that information." Kimi replied coldly. "However, it doesn't matter. We have to aid the Guatemalans!"

Kaiser nodded affirmatively; Kimi rushed to the front door. As the brothers ran out of the house, two enormous Quetzals appeared behind them - one was icy blue and covered Kimi entirely; the other was lilac, covering Kaiser from his head to his toes. It didn't take much time for them to reappear in their heroic outfits, running like mad men towards Guatemala City.

Thalas, on that meantime, had dropped his Hunchback of Notre Dame on the floor as he noticed his Communicator being conjured and heard Melchior's highly concerned voice. As Elemental Alchemist finished his speech,  Electro Archer rapidly gave Maya a call through the Communicator.

Felicia and he father, Thalas' uncle, were talking downstairs. Swift as the wind, Thalas managed to get out by his window. As his feet hit the grassy ground of his courtyard, a light blue Quetzal appeared from his right shoulder, evolving him and giving him his heroic outfit.

As he ran towards the city, wandering alone in the streets, he could see a magenta Quetzal flying upwards; suddenly, Maya, dressed as Black Witch, appeared from the magical creature, conjuring a flying carpet and taking Thalas with her.


The six Knights were welcomed by a horde of enormous bats and other dark creatures.

"Icicle! Shard Shield!" Kimi screamed, conjuring a large, spiky ice dome.

They could hear the bats screaming as they got pierced by Kimi's new defensive system.  Yet they seemed to be protected, they were far from being safe.

"God damn it!" Screamed Kaiser, impatient. "I am going to end this stupidity right here and right now! Void, open you Veil!"

A violet vortex appeared few steps away from Kaiser, on the floor. Another vortex would open as soon as Kaiser fell into that one.

"Kaiser, wait!" Anael said "You don't know what lies beyond Kimi's barrier!"

"And neither does you!" Hissed Kaiser. It was the effect of the Shaman Marking upon DarkStalker. "Bring Melchior with us and let the party begin!"

When he heard his name, Melchior, or Elemental Alchemist, jumped into the vortex, followed by Anael and Kaiser. Thalas, Maya and Kimi stayed inside the icy dome, hoping for the best. When Kaiser fell in his vortex, another one opened just a few steps outside the dome. Bats were flying insanely around them, trying to pierce their necks in their wicked blood thirst. Kaiser gave them a wicked welcome smile.

"Come at me, fellow chiropterans!" He grunted, conjuring his sword. He started slaying the creatures as they advanced.

"Calm down, Kaiser!" Melchior commented. "Well, I won't let him have full glory at this! Fire Circle!"
Two small fire spheres appeared in Melchior's hands as he pronounced his spell; then he threw it against the bats, who dodged it and ran on other directions. Suddenly, a female laughter could be heard from the strange fog which appeared prior to it.

"I do not look the likes of this..." Whispered Kimi, concerned.

"Neither do...AAAARGH!"

Kaiser was about to complete his sentence when a large, purple energy sphere hit him hard and knocked him down.

"Kaiser!" Melchior and Kimi screamed at the same time.

"Icicle! Defense!" Kimi shouted, hitting his hand in the ground, casting an ice shield to protect his brother against more attacks. His eyes widened as he saw someone coming out of that dense fog, which was surrounding them. "Melchior..."

Elemental Alchemist was on his knees, looking to the image which was forming in front of his eyes. A tall, thin, white-skinned woman with magenta eyes and short, straight red hair and a black gown, with large black nails and black lipstick. She was looking to Melchior with a despising, angry look.

"So... There you are..." She said with her eyes half opened. "This will be easier than I thought..."
She raised her right hand, and a magical purple spear appeared. She threw it against Melchior, who only had time to do his defense.

"Forcefield!" Elemental Alchemist shouted, creating a magical golden shield, which involved him in a sphere, breaking the spear.

"Quite clever..." Commented the woman. "Very well, Melchior Raven-Hayes, which one of your friends you want to see killed first?"

"What?!" Melchior asked, surprise and slightly scared. "How do you know my name? Actually, how do you know my full name?"

"It is simple..." She said with a wicked smile. "I gave it to you."

Before Melchior could say anything else, she snapped her fingers, conjuring one of her deadliest spells.

"Vampiric Sky Rage!" When she screamed it, thousands of black lightning bolts struck Melchior's sphere, Kimi's dome, Kimi's ice shield and the two Finn twins, making these two fly meters away from him.
Melchior covered his eyes with his arms, trying to protect himself, but it was of no use.  He felt the lightning as it struck him and ran into his body, as if it was trying to burn all his veins. He fell on the ground barely moving.

He half opened his eyes, and he could see, even if blurry, the silhouette of a girl holding a staff. Also, he realized there was something protecting them.

"Ma...Maya?" He whispered really weak.

His vision became normal a few moments later, and it confirmed - it was Maya Altahuela, or Black Witch, how she was really known.

"Don't talk, please!"  Censoured Maya, holding him in his arms. "Electro Archer and Elite Dragon will deal with this situation themselves. Right now, we'll look for Kimi and Kaiser, who had flown as if they were rockets."

"D-don't... Please..." Melchior begged as Maya put his arm around her shoulders and stood him up. "I... I need to know... What she meant."

"It doesn't matter now!" Replied Maya. "Right now, what truly matters is..."

"Time's up!" Shouted the magenta-eyed woman with a wicked smile "Vampiric Tempest!"

With her right hand raised, the wicked magician conjured an enormous lightning spear, which she threw against Maya's defense; before it could hit her, however, Elite Dragon appeared and blocked it with his Sapphire Sword.

"Humpf." Commented the female foe. "So, the legend is true indeed: the Sapphire Sword was not only found, but found a Master for it. Whatever." She said the last word with despise. "I'll finish you and your friends... If you don't hand me Melchior."

"Never!" Hissed Anael very loud. "I won't give you any friend of mine! Quetzal Missile!"

The Missile, an enormous Quetzal made out of pure energy, was thrown against the evil magician, but it was merely a distraction for Thalas to act. The woman used her arms to create a magic shield, which blocked the attack entirely, but not without a price - she gained a small cut in her right arm, which made her smile as she looked at it.

"Very clever... Very clever indeed... You are the first who tries to trick Mirabelle in plain sight... Elite Dragon!"

When she looked downstairs, Anael wasn't there to be found. As she widened her eyes as a sign of surprise, she could see Electro Archer with a smile - and his light crossbow ready.

"You, madam, are going down!" He said. "Though I don't like Melchior that much, he is a friend, a friend in need. And I... Am a friend indeed. Therefore... Electro Gatling Gun!"

Thalas' magical dark blue crossbow started to shoot countless magical bolts against Mirabelle, who kept her magical field. However, when three bolts came altogether, the shield collapsed, and another foe came out of the dark to make his move.

"Mirabelle!" A majestic voice shouted, rushing towards Thalas as a fast shadow, hitting him hard.

Thalas fell about six meters from where he was standing. A tall, muscular, pale, yet copper-skinned man in a black suit was standing where Thalas were. Considering his pose, he hit Thalas with his shoulder.

"I am sorry for that." He said with a mischievous smile. "However, we just want you to hand Melchior to us, if you may."

Maya was still holding Melchior, who saw the other foe's arrival with his eyes wide open.

"Ushuriel..." He whispered.

"What?" Maya asked, trying to understand Melchior.

"His name..." Melchior started, talking slowly and in low tone due to his weakness. "His name is..."

"...Ushuriel." Said the mysterious man to Thalas, who was trying to stand up. "I am a humble servant of mistress Mirabelle, that charming lady up there."

"Less talk, more action, Ushuriel." Censored Mirabelle, clearly upset with his presentation. "Just kill them and bring Melchior in. I am bored out here!"

Ushuriel was walking towards Thalas, who finally managed to stand up. When the vampire was about to strike Electro Archer once more, Anael rapidly came into him, punching him as hard as he could. The punch damaged even more than usual, for Anael used his electrical powers to enhance its natural devastating damage.

The Vampire fell on the ground but wasn't knocked out; as soon as he fell, he stood on one knee, cleansing the wound in his face with a smile.

"Surprised, kid?" He asked mischievously. "Vampires can bleed as well; however, our blood isn't as vibrant as yours - we bleed purple." He stood up, positioning his body to battle. "You don't seem to be a regular human, like your fellow there!" He pointed Thalas with his head. "Now... I'll show you the true damage of a perfect punch. Watch it closely!"

Before Anael could think on evading, Ushuriel stood up, ran towards him and punched his stomach, causing the armor to break in that area. Then, the breathless Anael was hit in his back by Ushuriel's fists, which he joined in the shape of a hammer to do considerable damage to both Anael's back and wings.

Dazzled, Anael walked three false steps to the front, and Ushuriel punched his chin, knocking him on the ground.

"Electro Daggers!"  Shouted Electro Archer, throwing the magical projectiles against Ushuriel, who got hit, for he wasn't expecting such turn out.

"Curses!" Screamed the vampire, turning his attentions to Thalas, who was breathing rapidly due to his fear of the enormous Vampire. "You are brave..." He said with a discrete laughter. "I see that Melchior chose well his friends. It is a shame, though, we'll raze you all to dust."

Once more, Ushuriel used his high speed to strike Thalas, but an ice shield didn't allow him to make his move.

"Ice Guardian!" Thalas shouted.

It was Kimi indeed; standing on his right knee, the injured Knight was breathing unstably as he had one last trick in his sleeve.

"We are getting out of here!" He growled in pure anger. "They won't harm neither us nor Melchior! Ympyra Elinvoimaa!"

An enormous magical circle appeared above all of them, dragging all Knights inside its turquoise rays, sending them elsewhere. Ushuriel looked at it really impressed, while Mirabelle, who landed few moments after, was bubbling in rage.

The bats went out, and Guatemala City, which was pretty damaged, could finally see a starry night - and hear Mirabelle's raging screams.

"Curses!" She screamed to Ushuriel. "You were supposed to help me! You had never had difficulties to deal with any foe! What the hell happened?!"

"They are no mere mortals, Mirabelle. Face it." Ushuriel calmly answered. He then crossed his arms near his chest before continuing to talk. "The other foes I faced were either vampires or low level magicians. These guys have been fighting for quite long time, I must say. They won't die so easily."

"Neither give us Melchior." Hissed Mirabelle, frustrated. "Very well. I admit that, together, they are tough. If I separate them, however..." A wicked smile appeared in her face. "Let's see what happens next...".

To Be Continued...

Chapter Eighty Four
- From Here... (Part Two) -

As Mirabelle, Ushuriel also had his issues. They kept themselves together, in silence. The Vampire was also reminiscing his past, lost long ago. It had been almost seven or even eight centuries since he joined the Vampire core. As once he explained, all vampires are children of the Maya  God Camazotz. He was an ordinary man who was born in nowadays' El  Salvador.

"I almost don't recall my old life..." Whispered Ushuriel to Mirabelle, letting her go and going onto the shadows. "It is almost as if I had never had a prior existence."

"Why does it matter anyway?" she asked coldly. "We have been living for  quite a long time, Ushuriel. I don't think it truly matters after all those centuries."

He sighed deeply, incredibly sad. Mirabelle looked at him.

"I thought this day would never come." She said "I hoped it would never happen... However, Destiny have strange ways to tell us it is time to solve old issues. Very well." She turned around to look at Ushuriel in his eyes. "You said he is alive, right? Does he own a name?"

"He has the same name we gave to him." Ushuriel answered. "Melchior is his name."

"Very well." Mirabelle replied after few seconds. "He is in Guatemala now, am I correct?"

"Don't, Mirabelle." Warned Ushuriel "I know what you are planning - it won't work. Camazotz controls us, you know it! He may be able to revive Melchior just to use him as a war machine!"

"You cannot know that for sure, because of my blood!" Answered Mirabelle, angry. "You leave me no choice - I am heading to Guatemala City, capital of Guatemala, to strike against their very citizens... And raze Melchior's body to the ground!"

Those sentences made Ushuriel tremble - when did Mirabelle become so evil? She casted a vortex almost immediately after her brief speech. She then looked back to Ushuriel with a serious countenance.

"I don't expect to follow me on this fight, Ushuriel. I wish you did nevertheless; it would make my job easier to live with."

He closed his eyes and followed her into the magical pit. While they did this fast trip, which seemed like an eternity to Ushuriel, memories came into his mind. He was about his 20's when his first met the Bat God. He was a Maya warrior, and he used to fight, laugh and play just like an ordinary human. He remembers seeing thing in the night that even Shamans couldn't.

He remembers the smell of blood being so strong and attractive to him as it would never be to anyone.The sacrifices made in altars were something he seemed to enjoy more than anything. And darkness was always surrounding him, waiting for the day he'd be theirs.

Xibalba took him - he died in battlefield, he recalled that perfectly. A silly mistake cost his life. He was with a patrol of ten Maya warriors, looking for tribes to fight. He was caught in a dreadful trap. He didn't see neither the archers nor the arrows which pierced his flesh and took his soul to the Underworld.

"Where...Where am I?" He asked when he woke up in that hostile environment.

None answered, but a few black jaguars came to him, followed by an enormous bat, which he rapidly recognized.

"Camazotz..." He whispered, frightened.

"Fear not, my child." Camazotz said with a wicked smile in his bat-form face. "I can bring you back to life."

"How?" A young and naive Ushuriel asked.

"By my powers, of course! But it won't go for free - you'll have to pay your share so that I can do mine." Camazotz answered cleverly, smiling with triumph.

"And what 'price' is that?" Ushuriel was no fool.

Camazotz laughed.

"Who do you think you are to try, to even think about bargaining with me?"" Replied Camazotz with despise. "The 'price' here is your life, your soul! You shall be one of my horde of Vampires for all eternity, as long as you can keep yourself protected by darkness. In return, I grant you strength beyond your wildest dreams, mental powers and even magical forces that would make Shamans bow to you! What do you say, mortal Ushuriel?!"

Ushuriel reflected for a moment. Yet he'd become an unholy creature, what did he have to lose? Hadn't he lost his life already? If he had a slightly chance to get it back, even if it meant to be trapped in the deeper parts of Xibalba, why not take this risk?

"Agreed." Ushuriel solemnly said.

The Bat God bit him in his shoulder, and never in his life Ushuriel felt such pain. It was as if his soul was being suck out of his body. His skin became slightly paler and his eyes acquired a bloody red glow. Also, his muscles seemed to get a bit bigger and he even grew in height. He witnessed the growth of his canines, which became fangs, and he saw Camazotz smiling at him as sinister as he could be.

"Very well!" Camazotz growled. "Welcome to my Vampire Core, Ushuriel! From now on, you are my humble servant, and the world shall bow to you and me!"

An evil laughter was all he could hear before being teleported out of Xibalba. He didn't recall all the events, but he remembered killing all the ambushers and taking his fellow companions out of that living hell. He then witnessed life passing by him; while his friends married, had children, raised them and died, he stayed young and sadder as the days went by.

He witnessed the downfall of the Maya domains and he could do nothing about that. He tried living with the Aztecs, but it had proven not possible to be done. He sailed out of Central America to the 'Old World', which we know as 'Europe', when Cortéz managed to siege Tenochtitlan - he didn't stay to see 'La Noche Triste' happening. Better this way, no doubt.


Guatemala City, Guatemala - 16:55 a.m.

Melchior was lying in a hammock, thinking about many things, such as his childhood and upbringing. Why was he suc an outcast in his family? Why couldn't his mother love him for what he truly was? He suddenly heard a knock on the door.

"Melchior?" It was Anael's voice through the wood. "May I come in?"

"Yes..." Melchior slowly answered. "Enter, speak and be heard..."

Anael entered, closed the door and sat on the ground, looking at him with a comprehensive countenance.

"I cannot imagine what you are going through." Anael said. "However, I'll do my best to help you."

Melchior looked at him without believing in what he was saying.

"I may not know much about Vampires, but Kimi may do!" Anael's countenance became happier as he tried to give Melchior some hope. "He surely inherited Zelaya's library, and there certainly has information about Vampires, or at least can give us a  path which we can follow to find the truth about your condition! All I am saying, Melchior, is: we won't give up of you. You are not alone in this fight!"

Melchior gave Anael a weak smile."I really thank you for that, Elite Dragon." He said. "I hope I can really understand why I am this way... I mean, you have a family which treats you well, and you do the same to treat them the same way or better than they do. My family simply wouldn't do the same for me!"

"And I don't understand why, man." Anael commented. "You are not a bad person, are you? I mean, you are cheerful, party rocker, intelligent as any freaking genius out there, quite womanizer, I admit, but I see nothing wrong in you!"

"Except for the fact I am a Vampire..." Melchior replied with sadness in his countenance.

Anael was about to answer his friend, but the Heart of Guatemala started to glow as if could detect some sort of danger.

"What the hell...?" Anael said, looking at the Heart.

Almost immediately, Anael and Melchior heard the civilians of Guatemala City screaming and running for their lives; the day had been turned into night right before their eyes. Lightning was raging over the sky, hitting and destroying buildings of all sorts. They looked at each other. They knew what had to be done.

To Be Continued...

- From Here... (Part One) -

Mirabelle wasn't able to sleep that night, for her sadness and anger were too large for her to bear and smother.  She stood up and went to her balcony for a walk. Her large, light pink sleeping gown was  gently touching the ground. Gentle... A word Mirabelle did not know.

"Almost sixteen years later, you come to haunt me once more..." She sadly said, with her eyes closed. "Yet I wanted to have killed you prior to your birth, something didn't allow me to do it, and it wasn't Ushuriel... Why?"

She looked to the forest, sadder than she had ever been.

"These trees had born all my secrets." She said. "They gave me home and peace of mind... Gave me my life. Gave me freedom and salvation... From the Inquisition's flames."

She closed her eyes, and images came into her mind. Her story began six centuries before, when she was an innocent young lady at the age of sixteen. She wasn't Norwegian by birth, but Scottish; she was born in a Celtic community that no longer exists. Her people perished long ago, and all their belongings were claimed by Mother Nature.

She was once a member of the Kiri community, which we know nowadays as Warlocks. Back in those days, their powers were related to Mother Nature - they were able to heal all living things, to grow plants wherever they were and restored the forests which suffered in the hands of Men; they usually lived much longer than their human counterparts, which meant probably two or even three more centuries of life spam. A life dedicated to Nature.

This was the way it used to be - and it would have endured, if some Kiri hadn't chosen to walk another path, much darker and tortuous than the one they judged 'beaten'. It began with what we nowadays refer to as 'Alchemy': they did demonstrations of equal trades from a cheap material to a rare, expensive one, along with other tricks. Some got really interested in that art, but most condemned their actions.

Those Alchemists, mere mortals who tried to replicate the magic they witnessed, started being persecuted by those who didn't agree - most were members of the Church and the Inquisition,  who wished to exterminate all forms of belief and truth which were not the same as theirs. Mirabelle remembers well the day the persecution started.

First, they came after her friends, people who were close to her; she remembers the priests breaking into their humble homes with countless questions; they destroyed books, set fire in everything they considered unholy, and took the Kiri into custody.

Tears were falling from Mirabelle's face, who refused to open her eyes. It took just a few years for Mirabelle to lose all her friends. Months later, her family was also taken into custody. She was twenty one when she decided it was time to flee to the North. It was time for her to leave the northernmost part of Spain, which we now know as Galicia, and travel to the Scandinavian countries an hide. Hide... Forever.

"Religion is quite an ironic concept..." She said to herself, without noticing someone in the room. "It means, in Latin, 'reconnect'. However, never have I seen something so strong that could really tear families apart. If this is what they call 'reconnection', then..."

She had long, straight, beautiful red hair. Her eyes weren't magenta - they were light green, and had such beautiful shine that any man could really fall for her.  She was wearing a long, pale blue gown and no shoes; she wasn't rich at the time, but it never mattered - she used to be a happy woman, until they came into her life.

"I was so naive..." Mirabelle moaned.

She was running; she had only a silver dagger and a small leather bag with her. The sun was setting in front of her, and her countenance was pure fright. She looked back to see the flames consuming her home and to hear her parents screaming for their lives. She could hear children crying and horses coming after her.
They would catch her in a matter of time. Soon or later, they'd see her foot prints on the grassy ground, or even some of her hair, whose delicate threads were gently floating on the wind.

Her feet were aching; her sight was getting blurred, and she felt as tired as she had never been before. She found a strange caravan in the middle of the dark woods. At first, she was so frightened she couldn't even walk towards it. However, the fear of being caught by the Inquisition made her approach the caravan.

They were slightly copper-skinned, and they seemed to be rehearsing to some sort of a show. Knife throwers, contortionists, fire eaters, all sorts of artists. However, it was the male fortune-teller who attracted her attention. He was tall and muscular, copper-skinned as the others, but seemed quite pale if compared to his comrades. His teeth, specially the canines, seemed sharper, and his fangs were discretely coming out of his mouth. He had short, straight dark hair and amazingly beautiful dark eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I am he who they know as Ushuriel." He answered with an accent Mirabelle did not know. "And you are... Mirabelle, right?"

She got really surprised.

"How did you...?" Started asking, but Ushuriel interrupted her.

"Fear not." He answered with a seducing smile, standing um from his chair. She realized he was almost two meters tall. "I bear special powers, just like you. However, my power's source comes from a different world than ours..."

"Are you...?" She started to get frightened. "An...Undead?"

"A Vampire, to be more accurate." He answered politely. "And I've got to say I was expecting you..."

"Me?!" She was both surprised and disgusted. "I am no servant of the Devil! Stay back!"

"Either you accept me as your humble servant, or die in the hands of the so called 'Will of God'." Ushuriel replied serious, referring to the Inquisition. "You've got nothing to lose - your people is dying, and you are more likely to be the only survivor of your race. As your servant, I'll do you no harm and I'll aid in your quest for vengeance if you ever come to desire it. What do you say?"

He got closer to her, and she could swear he looked oddly handsome and scary.

"Do we have a deal?"

She looked back, and realized he was right - there was no point for her to return to die. Yet she knew she wouldn't be on the light path designed by her gods, she no longer had a choice. Either she accepted, or she would perish with everyone else.

"Alright..." She said. "We have a deal."

Ushuriel knelt on the ground in a sign of respect.

"Very well, Mirabelle Hayes. I, Ushuriel, known as 'Raven Master' in the Vampire core, accept to be you humble servant as long as my undead body and soulless existence stays in this world. I ought to protect you, Mirabelle Hayes, my Warlock against any foes, and serve you as long as you desire."

"W-warlock?" She asked, confused. "But my race is..."

"Warlocks no longer walk on the path of the Kiri." Ushuriel rapidly replied as he stood up. "Later on, I shall explain everything. For now, we shall enter the wagons and get out of this country. The Eastern and Northern Europe shall gives us refuge - there are plenty of us there, many of which are elder Warlocks, the ones who may answer all your questions."

Mirabelle looked at her room nowadays - messy, with all sorts of knowledge sources spread all over the floor; these were the rewards of that deal. She had more power than she could ever dream about. The price, however, was her soul.

She met Camazotz, the Maya Bat-God, weeks later; he made it official that Ushuriel had to serve Mirabelle and satisfy all her desires - in most meanings. The wicked God had only one condition - they couldn't engage into a deeper relationship. Otherwise, whatever came out of it had to be given to Camazotz to be used against humankind.

"Wow, Belle!" Ushuriel barged in, taking Mirabelle away from her ocean of memories. "What a mess in there! You should let me clean this place..."

He started to pick some papers and organize them, when he saw some floating books; they moved as Mirabelle moved her eyes.

"No need of that." She replied. "I sometimes prefer the mess rather than organization - sometimes, it is on the worst scenario you find the best answers to the most difficult questions."

"As you always did..." He said with a mischievous smile. "Speaking of mess... That's what we did to the whole hierarchy, right?"

"You did." She replied. "I'd rather not talk about this issue."

"Oh, Belle..." He said as he came closer to her. "We both wanted to..." He became slightly sad as he finally got closer to her body. "I had never been so happy... I wish you'd stop punishing me for bringing someone who would have made us happy. I allowed myself to change, to adapt to that situation, my dear, and I thought you'd be the one who'd fight for this kid..."

He embraced her shoulder, and she placed her hand in his forearms, closing her eyes.

"Will you ever care about me, Mirabelle?" Ushuriel asked, sadder as a Vampire had never been.

To be Continued...

Hello Everyone!

Iridium Blade here, passing by to show you the brand new villains from 7th Season: Mirabelle Hayes and Ushuriel Raven "Master". Their profiles and pictures are in Hall of Infamy page. Check it out for more!

Mirabelle in her gown. Such
femme fatale!

Ushuriel in his tradicional suit. All
Vampires are elegant, no matter where they
came from.

Well, these are the news for now. Today there will be a new chapter! Brace yourselves!

Iridium Blade.

- Children of the Night -

The Knights arrived in Guatemala City three hours after Melchior's conversation with Ushuriel. The Salvadorian hero had never had so many doubts in his head; who was Ushuriel, and how did he know his name? Also, what was he referring when he said Melchior 'made it'? Elemental Alchemist wasn't certain about it - he'd never be, unless he found a way to talk to Ushuriel.

Quetzal Station - Guatemala City, Guatemala

"Well, we are all here." Anael said, carrying his suitcase in his left shoulder while helping Altagracia with hers. "I think we should go to our places and gather at Kimi and Kaiser's later on." He then looked at Melchior with a serious countenance. "I have some business to deal with."

"Very well." Kimi agreed. "We will be waiting for you there; I believe we have plenty of time to make the house presentable, right Kaiser?" Ice Guardian was smiling at his brother.

"I still can't believe we have a place to call ours!" Kaiser happily agreed. "A home and a hero headquarter, who would imagine?"

"None of us would..." Thalas said with quite a gloomy countenance. "Not even in our direst dreams..."

The French Guatemalan was looking to the Station's biggest clock, located just a few meters away from them. It was about 9:15 a.m.

"Well, you guys should get going." He said. "My cousin Felicia is arriving today; she was spending some time in France - Fashion Design course.  I'll pick her up and meet you later, ok?"

"We will be waiting for you." Maya answered, giving Thalas a shy kiss. "Don't be late, ok?"

"I won't." Thalas responded with a smile.

The Knights left Thalas in the station; Anael and Altagracia headed home with Melchior, while Kimi and Kaiser took Maya with them. Since the Finnish twins were already 16 and had gotten their driver's license, they headed home by car. On their way, they decided to talk to Maya for a instance.

"How are you?" Kimi asked.

"Well, fine, I guess." Maya answered quite shy. "Why are you asking?"

"Things had gotten a bit more emotional than usual." Kaiser replied serene. "After that group therapy session in Xultún, certain things had been passing through my mind... I hope I'm not disturbing you too much."

"You aren't..." Maya replied with a smile. "Actually, I appreciate your concern, boys. And I think you were very brave out there, Kai."

"You mean... For coming out of the closet?" Kaiser asked innocently.

"Yes!" Maya answered amazed. "I would had never guessed it, and it is awesome of you to realize you can count on us to share any secrets. I really mean it."

"I hope we can tell the same about you." Kimi replied. He looked to his left, and saw their house. "Oh, we have arrived!" He parked the car nearby. "Well, let's continue this conversation inside. You should give your aunt and uncle some news; tell them you are here, and that you have arrived just fine."

"Well, I will..." She replied quite embarrassed. "But I want to know a thing - what do you mean?"

"Get your stuff first; then,  we talk." Kimi answered with a mischievous smile.

"Someone is playing Melchior here..." Kaiser mocked, helping Maya with the luggage.

The Finns ' house was icy blue on the outside, with two floors. There were six windows on the front part of the house - three on the ground floor and three on the upper one; the upper right window had a small balcony, and Maya assumed it was another bedroom - a guest room, maybe.
Inside the house, it had a medium-range living room, which was also a dining room and kitchen - the furniture was brand-new and quite fancy.

"Wow!" Maya said. "You guys made some magic 'round here!"

"Indeed!" Kaiser discretely laughed. "Well, he had to - the Knights needed a Headquarter and we needed a place!"

The living room had one glass door on the right side, which led outside to an upcoming garden (or even a pool - Maya wasn't certain about what it really was) and around seven other wooden doors on the left side, which five were locked.

"What lies in there?" She asked, pointing to the wooden ones.

"One of them leads to our Headquarters." Kimi answered, climbing down the stairs. "Another one is a bathroom. The others... Well, they are a surprise." Another mischievous smile was in his face.

"Let's show her what lies upstairs!" Kaiser said, excited. "I bet you'll like to see what we have in our bedrooms!"

Upstairs, there were four rooms - a bathroom  and three bedrooms, which had their own front windows (the ones Maya had seen from the entrance). The room to the right (which was on the left, considering the entrance's view) was Kaiser's.

"Brace yourself!" Kaiser joked. "This is my lair!" He opened the door, so that Maya could see what had in there.

It had dark grey walls with some band and touristic posters attached to it. Also, he had an enormous world map on one wall and a medium Finland over his dresser, made of mahogany wood. His room recalled those of explorers shown in movies (kind of an Indiana Jones), which really suited Kaiser's personality, for he was the definition of a wayfarer. He had some plane tickets on the floor - even his passport was there! Kaiser wasn't an organized person, that Maya could affirm.

"Nice place, Kai!" Maya said, amazed with his room. "You really put your signature here!"

She then walked towards the next door, where Kimi was awaiting for her.

"Well, this one is mine..." Kimi said timidly. "I hope you don't mind the mess, I hadn't got the time to organize it..."

"I don't think the adjective 'messy' suits you, Kimi." Maya discretely laughed. "Not at all..."

Kimi's room lied in the center; it had icy blue walls with some posters of music and astrology themes on it; unlike Kaiser's, Kimi's bedroom had more bookshelves than an average teenager room would ever have; he also had a large desk near the window, where lied some papers, pencils, pens and even ice shards in its surface. Kimi's room had ice shards almost everywhere - even his bed's structure was made out of everlasting ice!

"And you have the courage to call that a 'mess'..." Maya mocked, smiling mischievously at Kimi. "Well, if were as 'disorganized' as you are... I'd never lose a single thing in my place!"

The trio laughed for a moment.

"Well, this is your room for the night. Or as long as you desire." Kimi said, pointing to the last room. "I hope you like it."

The third room was a guest room, as Maya had predicted. It was quite simple - it had a nice, comfortable bed, a pale wood dresser and a medium desk. It was quite a comfortable place. Maya put her case near the dressing room and sat on the bed. Kaiser and Kimi sat on the floor.

"Now..." Maya said, looking at Kimi with her eyes half closed. "I want to know - what did you mean with: 'I hope we can tell the same about you'?"

The twins looked at each other for a brief, silent moment. The Honduran was no longer merely curious - she was getting concerned as well, and that could be seen through her eyes. Kimi took a deep breath and prepared himself for the talking.

"Well, I am talking about your previous group." Kimi said. "The Eclipse Warriors, remember?"

That name shattered Maya's heart into little pieces. Her eyes widened as she tried not to fall in tears.

"How could I forget?" She asked, quite offended and sad. "Before you guys, they were all I had - my soul sisters! I trusted on them, and so did they! I..." She looked to the floor, filled up with sadness. "I still mourn, guys. I still suffer from Iracema's death. I bet I suffer as much - or even more - than Anael does. That pain still walks with me, and kills me inside day by day."

"I didn't mean to bring up so much pain, Maya." Kimi apologized, sad for her. "I understand you, I really do. But, the point of inquiry here was: do you trust on us? I know you trust Thalas, that is out of questioning, but I want to know about the rest of us."

Maya grasped; she did not see this question coming. Of course she had strong, good memories with the Knights, but she also had hers with the Eclipse Warriors. Before fighting the Knights face-to-face, Black Witch and her dear soul sisters had other missions - which will be told later on.


Moon' Seeker's House - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Melchior was witnessing a scene in which he had never been  - Maria, Anael's mother, has holding her two children in her arms, giving them the most loving and nurturing hug one could ever see or wish for. Never in his entire life Melchior felt so empty, so abandoned; he was standing in front of the kitchen's arch, witnessing it all.

"From all of us, he is the only one who has more to lose." Melchior thought, closing his eyes. "Anael is the greatest soul one could ever meet, and I am blessed for being his friend. However... The same cannot be applied to me..."

Swift as the wind, Melchior left the room - but Altagracia saw him leaving. The youngest Blue Moon Knight, known as Lotus Flower, witnessed Melchior's sadness. The child knew what to do next, but she had to had the opportunity to do it - and it wasn't on that moment.

Melchior rapidly went upstairs and locked himself on the guest room. He sat on the desk, which was in front of the window, put his head between his hand and cried. He made a considerable effort not to cry out loud while bursting into tears. From time to time, he looked to the mirror to his left and saw nothing but the furniture. Sometimes, he could see a weak reflection of himself there, but the only evidence of his presence was a misplaced chair.

"Where are you?" He moaned, desperate. "Where are you, Ushuriel? I need to talk to you..." He wept more intensively as he asked for that man.

He wasn't aware, however, that Ushuriel could hear him - and so could other person...


Norwegian Fjords - Norwegian Forests, Norway

Deep down the mists of the most beautiful boreal forests of the Scandinavian Peninsula, there lied a secret so dark and so well kept, that many explorers and bounty hunters died trying to find out what lied there.
About ten kilometers to the southwest of a fjord (a geographic form which consists in a river shaping the landscape, usually mountains or land elevations, in a 'V' form), there was a dark, sinister, large cottage. The surrounding trees either fell or stood there, dead, due to the dark magic coming from that place.

Ushuriel, the Vampire, was the only living creature (if we can refer to him that way) who was brave enough to go towards that cottage.

"You are late." A female voice said from inside the house. "Why on Earth did you take so long?"

"Camazotz had news to us." The Vampire replied. "He found another Children of the Night... And I bet you know who is."

The female figure came out of the house. She was white as the snow, slightly muscular with wide hips, strong tights and slightly large breasts. She had short, straight, red hair and magenta eyes, which had a sinister glow. She was wearing a black headband with white pearls and a golden accessory on the center, a long, sleeveless, grenade gown with long magenta gloves. Her nails were long, polished and had light magenta ink on then, and she was wearing dark purple high heels.

"What do you mean?" She wasn't pleased with Ushuriel's answer.

"You know what I am talking about... Mirabelle Hayes." Ushuriel wasn't happy as well. "Have you really thought none would ever find him? Haven't you thought  our Lord was going to find him, soon or later?"

"If you had let me do things my way, this issue would never be discussed again!" She answered with fury.

"I may be an undead thing, Mirabelle, but it doesn't mean I despise life completely." Ushuriel replied with anger. "I wouldn't harm that little creature, and you know it."

Mirabelle looked at Ushuriel with anger for a few seconds, which seemed so eternal to the vampire. Then, she headed home rapidly, and Ushuriel followed her. The house was quite dark, and the furniture was gothic-themed. Dark tables, pointy and highly-detailed chairs. There were books, vials, stained glasses and sheets all over the floors.

"When was the last time you cleaned up this place?" Ushuriel asked mischievously.

"Funny you." Mirabelle replied. "As if you ever cared about it."

"If we had a child here..." Ushuriel wouldn't miss the opportunity to bother her.

Mirabelle had heard enough; she rapidly turned and pushed Ushuriel against the wall; she was holding his neck so hard that her nails almost got stuck in his skin.

"If you continue to speak about it..." She hissed. "You'll wish you'd never been born and turned into a vampire!"

"How ironic..." Ushuriel said, holding her wrist and releasing his neck. "It should be me the one acting as you are."

"What we did was prohibited. And sinful!" She censored.

"And what are we?!" Shouted Ushuriel, angry. "We are the sin, Mirabelle! Look at us - a Vampire and a Warlock! Together!"

"No! We are no couple!" Objected Mirabelle. "What happened that night as a mistake!"

"Wow, such a mistake!" Ushuriel said ironically. "I don't think you ever enjoyed a 'mistake' so much!"

Mirabelle looked at him with anger; she took a deep breath and headed downstairs to what seemed to be an alchemy laboratory, with papers, vials, ingredients and other objects either on the floor or on shelves or on the large desk on the corner. There was a large, blue cauldron in the center of the room, and she went straight for it.

"So..." She sighed sad and disappointed. "He was able to make it?"

"Yes." Ushuriel replied. "I had no doubts in my mind when I saw him on that train, Mirabelle. I believe he has the best of both of us; he may be far more powerful that we imagined before. If Camazotz himself went after him, it can only mean..."

"... He is a Children of the Night." Mirabelle said, looking to the cauldron. "A living legend; the child of a Vampire and a Warlock - he is both Magician and Undead. I do not know if he inherited your life spam or mine, but it won't matter."

The cauldron was showing images from the past. A past Mirabelle wanted to forget so desperately; she was lying on her bed, with blood coming out of her down below. She looked frightened as she held something on her arms. Something from both worlds, the bridge between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead. A red haired baby with slightly copper skin and marvelous black eyes. A child with strong cry and healthier than any baby ever seen on Earth.

A tear came out of Mirabelle's eye and fell on the cauldron, washing the images away.

"You made it, after all." She said, disappointed. "I wasn't able to keep you away from Camazotz's influence, and our meeting will be unavoidable. I'll find you, Melchior. If you have to perish, then I'll do it - my way."

She looked to Ushuriel with the corner of her magenta eye.

"I am going after him, and you won't stop me!" She announced. "This boy can run, but he'll never be able to hide. If you found him, so can I. Camazotz won't have him. From now on. Melchior Raven-Hayes, consider yourself... HUNTED."

To Be Continued...

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