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For Those Who Read,

Melchior is really in a bad shape. And I mean it.

I didn't have any plans for today, since Maya went out with a couple of friends and I had to do some things at my place - since my cousin arrived, the routine has changed a bit - I like having her around; she makes my uncle behave better (and this is a rare event!)

Well, let's talk about Melchior... The Magician was really sick - he was having the worst hangover ever, and had a lot of sunburns all over his skin. Also, he seemed paler and weaker. He was so weak that he even had difficulty to talk to me!

The weirdest part of all was his family - they didn't even care! If Melchior had gotten a serious infection, he could die! So, I took him to my place and asked Felicia to take care of his injuries. Then, he told me he had been with Kaiser for the past days (I think both Melchior and Kaiser don't know the meaning of 'taking it easy'), going to all the craziest parties in the town... And therefore worsening his condition.

He is asleep now - and I am concerned, for his teeth seemed a bit... Sharper than normal. What the hell?...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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