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[Kimi]: <Stretches a bit> Oh God... I believe I have told you plenty... <Opens at a new chapter> Well, maybe not... Let's see...

- Great Wars of Our Times -
(Part One)

As almost all civilizations, Elves had been seeing themselves in the middle of a conflict or directly involved in one. Since Vainamooni had been feared all through Europe for either their looks or advanced technology and spell-casting, they had to learn how to defend themselves. This chapter is all about the greatest conflicts faced by our race.

- Two Spear Wars (1000 b.C) -

This war took place in the southern part of Norway, involving two different clans - the Udsterd ( the Bone Spear) and Strognt (the Rock Spear), and it had endured for almost one hundred years. These clans were seeking different purposes: the Udsterd wanted a piece of land for only Elves to inhabit, while Strognt were seeking piece and affiliation to the humankind.

The Udsterds were aggressive, cruel and ruthless. They saw nothing in humankind, for they always nurture the idea of superiority. Though they seemed much more like barbarians in attitude, they actually had quite complex political system, based in feudal traditions in a smaller scale.

The Strongnt were the opposite - a peaceful, enlightened elven kind, who were as developed as the Udsterds. They always thought humans and elves could live together, and thus they had never gotten along with Udsterds.

They had always lived near each other, and it often resulted in awful fights between them; many got killed in their confrontations, specially ordinary humans, who were just passing by. At that time, one Norwegian Chief tried to convince both sides not to kill each other, but it was useless.

Around January 6th of 1000 b.C, a male elf called Doan Udsterd used his powers to deceive an entire Norwegian village, paralyze its citizens and guards and killed the Chief's representative; at that time, Menmar Strognt was the leader of the Strognt Clan, and Doan used his powers to disguise himself as Menmar and convince the Norwegian people to chase him down and kill his kin.

The war had begun; the Strognt did not know how to deal with this situation, for the humans wouldn't hear his pleas. Then, in the inner part of the Norwegian forests, the battle took place. Twenty thousand men on each side to fight for their lords. Their spears were all set, and the bloodshed began.

All Udsterds were killed in the battlefield, for the Strognt prepared several traps and magic blockers in a large area. They weren't prepared to fight such skilled opponents, and perished. Doan died with his kin, and so did his magic, which was swept away.

This war took five years to finish, and the Elf kin almost got extinct; Menmar died in battle, and the Strognt had to choose another leader. They marched out of Norway and went to Finland, following the forest and the desires of the Gods...

From that war, the Strognt were known as Mea'ni, beginning their lives from zero, as they tried to increase their numbers out of the range of mankind...

To be Continued...


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