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Hello Everyone!

Well, my Nickname here isn't the only thing I've changed - there will be several changes here.

I had taken a large break from this Blog and I am deeply sorry for doing it. The reason was mainly the University and other thing I had to deal with, and this caused me to change priorities.

However, I am here to bring the boys (and girls) back on track! The fierce and beloved Blue Moon Knights will be back once more! I have plenty to do, and I'll do everything I've proposed myself to! Alas, I am still on time.

1 - There's one Sankari's Excerpt left from the collection started in July: I am starting with this one, which I plan to post today.

2 - The Journal round begins on Monday! - Yes, no more waiting! Anael and his friends have plenty to tell after this long, long time away...

3 - The Covers from the two previous Seasons (5th and 6th) will soon be posted here!

4 - There will be TWO SEASONS for this year! - Yes, I'll post the 7th and 8th Seasons really soon!

5 - Soon, there will be Downloadable archives from all Seasons (in different languages!) available for you!

Other things are coming - stay tuned for more! Long live the Blue Moon Knights!

Iridium Blade


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