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Sports Journal of the Day,

The allergy seems to be weaker - and I was able to get the best out of me last week!

After recovering from that nasty hangover, I could finally enjoy my vacation.

I went to a swimming tournament, three soccer matches, two basketball showdowns and two volleyball matches! I felt so revigorated - I hate staying home. somehow, the indoors seem to kill the best piece of me...

Kimi arrived yesterday, and I told him the great news about Altagracia - he seemed... Concerned, as always. He said he wanted to see it with his very eyes. Well, I guess he is going to Anael's tomorrow or Friday...

Also, Maya told me she had been trying to reach Jasmine lately. I don't know why, but I somehow miss her... It is weird, you know? Specially bcause I have been hanging out with some awesome chicks lately. I am a womanizer and I am not ashamed of it. Still... I feel strange. And I am not enjoying this...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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