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Sports Journal of the Day,

I had gone wild these past days! I am quite surprised with Kaiser - I had no idea he was such party rocker! Since I am getting no sleep lately, I decided to invest in my night life with my fellow DarkStalker...

Let's say we went to all crazy parties in town, dancing, drinking (I regret nothing, ha, ha!) and chilling all night long! For some reason, the late teens and younger adults are more atractive than I imagined - I saw a copper-skinned brunette that would envy a lot of girls I know, that's for sure! (Man, that girl was wild - just the way I like it! Alas, who on Earth could resist my natural charisma?)

However, great joy cannot come without sacrifice - I got this heck of hangover, which seemed to worse my allergies; my family, again, hadn't cared about it and Thalas was forced to pick me up (Kaiser was in no shape to aid me- he was suffering from the hangover as well).

Now, I am at Thalas' place... Trying to figure out what the hell is happening to me...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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