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From Guatemala With Deep Fascination,

Things seemed to have improved while I was out. So many changes...

Well, I cannot tell you how happy I've returned to Guatemala - I loved the time spent with Zoe (I deserved it! I also need vacation, folks!), but I knew it was time for me to go home...

First, I went straight to Anael's to check on Altagracia's progress; she had done quite an amazing job while I was out (I've got to congratulate Melchior for that!). To see if it was no mere impression, I challenged her to a duel - and her creatures were quite hard to beat, I confess.

She mainly summoned large cats, birds and even moths of impressive sizes, and all iridescent! Their material nature was a real pain to destroy, and I got really exhausted from that fight.

Second, I came to do what I seem to do best - lecture others. I brought Melchior to my place to give him and Kaiser a lecture they'll never forget. They could have died of party rocking! I know I may seem a rabid elder when talking,  but I really care about them - Kaiser is my blood brother, and Melchior is my soul brother! They are my family and mean the world to me, that's why I am so harsh on them sometimes - like Thalas, I fear the solitude. I fear being alone again, as I once were in the snowy woods of Finland...

Kimi Das Vaali


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