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From Russia With Slight Anger,

Sometimes, I cannot believe on how unlucky one can be...

Impressive - it hasn't been much since I left Guatemala, and everyone else seems to be unable to live without me for a few days without attempting against their own lives!


Because I cannot be left alone, in peace, with a person who I wan to know better, trust (and may get romantically involved with) or anything! Instead, I had to receive a concerning call from Thalas, who politely explained the issue.

Moreover, Altagracia's inks and drawings - another matter I will have to study and figure out. Being the Magic know-it-all is such a pain! If they don't learn how to solve their problems for themselves, I swear I'll no longer do it for them! I swear!

Now, back to Zoe... Today, I gave my attention to her, and to her only. We went sightseeing - she showed me really nice venues of all Saint Pittsburg, telling me the stories behind most buildings which she remembered from the World War Two's times; there was a restaurant which she used to go with Soviet officers when off duty - it was a cozy, little Traditional Russian Cuisine restaurant, in which we had our lunch (Russian food is quite... Different, I must say, but it tasted nicely).

Now, she is sleeping on my right shoulder - and I am doing my best not to wake her up. Yet she can be aggresive and frightening at first, she is such a cute creature that you wouldn't belive she was once Stalin's bodyguard. Guess I'll have to find a way to make her completely human... Or give her wings, so she can be the angel she was meant to be...

Kimi Das Vaali


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