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From Russia with a Deep Happiness,

Finally! Finally!

I have arrived in Saint Pittsburg just a few days ago. The reason? Zoe. Vacations are great... I had arranged the deatils of the meeting with Mr. Gorbachov, and it occured just fine.

I never thought I'd see her again. Well, she is the same green-haired Russian robot I met in Brazil, but she was carrying such beautiful and serene smile that she seemed as somebody completely different...

I am always the serious person of the group, always trying to keep everyone focused in our mission, but I was somebody different as well. When I saw her... I don't know, I felt... Weird.

Wish I was as cold as the Ice I command. Wish I was immune to those feelings so common to people at my age. Nevertheless, I shall not regret... For now. I'll enjoy a few more days with her. Then... I'll think about stuff.

Kimi Das Vaali


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