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Traveller's Notes, for Those Who Follow Me,

Well, last week, I had this major hangover and both Thalas and Kimi (by letter) scolded me for my actions.

I admit it - I had been reckless, specially because of Melchior, whose health was not good. In order to make up to them, I decided to invest some time on research, in order to find out more about Gracia's special powers.

It turns out I was right from the very beginning - her drawings are summons, and they work more or less like Maya's, except that they come from paper and ink, and Maya can conjure them without any intermediate media.

Right now, I am putting Altagracia through a trial - basically, I am making her do some drawings and try to command them against me. I want to see if they got their own intelligence (or if they are mindless creatures), how they can attack and when they attack. I hope I can make some nice discoveries...

Kaiser Das Vaali


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