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Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

I went to Anael's place today - Altagracia wanted to show me her magical drawings. They were quite impressive, I must say - she draws really well for a 9-year old girl. Moreover, as they gained life, they became somehow similar to soap bubbles.

Most drawings became iridescent as they came out of the paper, and some even interacted with us! I may not know Magic as much as Kimi or Melchior do, but I am quite sure those drawings may work as summons for Lotus Flower!

With this thought in mind, I decided to give Maya a call - for an unknown reason, Melchior is refusing to leave his home and Kimi is out in Russia, visiting Zoe. Maya didn't answer me, for she was out with Thalas.

This whole thing of them dating each other made me remember of Lancelot... I miss him. I wonder if I will find someone to be with me someday...

Today is Friday the 13th... Heh, I had been invited to this 'Fiesta de Los Muertos'  (Party of the Dead) tonight. Since Kimi is out... The Night is a child. I am going to party rock tonight - and Melchior is coming with me!

Kaiser Das Vaali


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