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Dear Diary,

Strange, very strange indeed...

These drawings of Gracia, my sister... I sense something different in them - they are no mere magic, they seem to be something else, beyond the regular boundaries of elemental magic.

Yesterday, I gave Kimi a call and he allowed me to get his personal books in his place. I asked him when he'd be back, and he said he'd come home next week only. I imagine he and Zoe had quite a lot to talk about...

I tried to reach both Melchior and Kaiser to help me digging a bit deeper for information, but they seemed to be suffering from a monstrous hangover. Though I am mad at both, it is quite a funny scene - Kaiser was wrapped in his blankets with an ice pocket in his head, and almost killed me for trying to open the window of his room. I went in and out quickly in order to let him rest.

Now, about Melchior... I am deeply concerned about his health condition; I don't think this is a mere allergy. I hope I can also find out what's torturing him.

Anael Moon’Seeker


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