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Dear Diary,


Thanks Lord! I thought the semester would never end! We have done quite a lot these days!

Well, the issue here is my Dad's Journal - well, most of it I couldn't understand, for he wrote in Welsh language (unfortunately, he died before he could teach me), so I may never know what secrets lie in there.

I decided to lock his journal in my desk and take care of other stuff. Again, Mother will leave me and Altagracia for a few weeks - the Embassy of Guatemala in United Kingdom is short of staff, and they need someone experienced as my Mom is. She will head out to London, and will be back in five or six weeks, so Gracia better behave!

Speaking of my beloved sister, she showed me these days a strange phenomenon regarding her drawings - they somehow gained life as she drew them! I called Kimi and Melchior in order to bring them down and discover why this is happening. I'd better wait for the experts to give me an answer than trying to find one (and might be the worst one) myself.

Anael Moon’Seeker


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