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Dear Writing Atelier,

I am really happy! Kimi and Melchior approved my new powers and gave me full support! I feel so good, for I seem to be learning things so fast!

I want to make them proud of me - and this will reflect on battle, because I won't be so frail; I will be able to defend myself! I am growing, and so are my powers!

However, I got tired this week - and I am not being able to do much; Anael said I should rest up a bit and help Mom with things. Mom is finally back, and she brought really nice stuff with her!

She talked to Gradma there, you know? I had never seen my grandparents, and I am eagering to know them! I know Anael knows them, and I wonder why Mama hasn't taken me to Cardiff yet...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker


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