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Dear Writing Atelier,

Kaiser might have a clue of what my drawings are!

Well, in the beginning of this week, mi hermano mayor gave a call to Kimi and Melchior. Since Kimi is in Russia, Melchior came alone, and couldn't figure out the phenomenon. Then, a few days ago, Kaiser came and... Guess what?

He thinks they are SUMMONS! MY SUMMONS!

I cannot believe in this - I have another kind of power than simply healing! If he is right, I may be able to do stuff just as Maya do - what if I could summon animals to ride into battle with us?

Well, yet he isn't so sure about it, I am even more thrilled than the day I got my powers - I hope Kimi gets back soon, for I really want his opinion in this matter...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker


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