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Hello Everyone!

Well, I have started the reviving process... The Journal Round is almost over, and still I have many things to do. The 7th Season will arrive NEXT WEEK, so you better be prepared for what's coming!

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Iridium Blade

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I forget how much I love skateboarding - it makes me feel so free, so light, as if I were flying (well, that I can do, but I cannot jeopardize my identity...)...

I met some of my classmates in the streets - I also met other skateboarders way older than I! Talking to them about skate and stuff was really relaxing. Sometimes, it is nice to get back to your origins to chill with the folks.

Altagracia is asking Mom about our grandparents. Well, it never seems to have a good time to talk about these issues... I'll see what I can do for mi rayo de Sol... Nevertheless, Mom should arrange us a trip - I want to see Grandma and Grandpa! It has been quite a while...

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,

I am really happy! Kimi and Melchior approved my new powers and gave me full support! I feel so good, for I seem to be learning things so fast!

I want to make them proud of me - and this will reflect on battle, because I won't be so frail; I will be able to defend myself! I am growing, and so are my powers!

However, I got tired this week - and I am not being able to do much; Anael said I should rest up a bit and help Mom with things. Mom is finally back, and she brought really nice stuff with her!

She talked to Gradma there, you know? I had never seen my grandparents, and I am eagering to know them! I know Anael knows them, and I wonder why Mama hasn't taken me to Cardiff yet...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Thalas decided to give me a break of him - personally, I didn't think it was necessary, for I enjoy being with him, but I understand that sometimes distance is healthy to a relationship.

Finally! Jasmine FINALLY answered one of my endless emails! She is fine and all; she is on her second year of high school and things are going just fine for her. She told me she had jut had a sister now - her name is Louise, and she is the cutest thing I've ever seen! OMG, I fell in love with her!

I am planning to meet her, but I am not sure if she'll be able to come to Guatemala - her parents are quite short in money, which forces her to work part-time to help her parents make ends meet at home, specially after Louise's birth. Things are rough on her, but Jasmine is a fighter, and she'll make it. I know she will.

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

My ears are still hurting - never in my life I have heard so much! I think Kimi tried to become a Banshee and kill me with his talking...

I know he is all concerned about me and stuff, but he has to allow me to have a life! I am not only a Knight, I am a person as well! A 16-year old trying to find out more about himself!

I'll slow down on my night outs, but I won't stop going out - I think this is completely necessary, and I'll talk to him about this issue. He seemed very pleased with Altagracia's progress - he even challenged her (and got beaten, I must say) to see if the summons worked nicely - and they did!

Today, I'll be heading out - I got invited to a nice party on the western part of Guatemala City. I'll be back about 3 or 4 a.m.; I hope Kimi gets a nice night of sleep. He seemed really tired, but happy. He likes Zoe, and it would be so much better if he admitted it - his level of happiness would rise infinitely. Nevertheless, this is a choice for him to make, and I won't interfere, unless he wants me to.

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Guatemala With Deep Fascination,

Things seemed to have improved while I was out. So many changes...

Well, I cannot tell you how happy I've returned to Guatemala - I loved the time spent with Zoe (I deserved it! I also need vacation, folks!), but I knew it was time for me to go home...

First, I went straight to Anael's to check on Altagracia's progress; she had done quite an amazing job while I was out (I've got to congratulate Melchior for that!). To see if it was no mere impression, I challenged her to a duel - and her creatures were quite hard to beat, I confess.

She mainly summoned large cats, birds and even moths of impressive sizes, and all iridescent! Their material nature was a real pain to destroy, and I got really exhausted from that fight.

Second, I came to do what I seem to do best - lecture others. I brought Melchior to my place to give him and Kaiser a lecture they'll never forget. They could have died of party rocking! I know I may seem a rabid elder when talking,  but I really care about them - Kaiser is my blood brother, and Melchior is my soul brother! They are my family and mean the world to me, that's why I am so harsh on them sometimes - like Thalas, I fear the solitude. I fear being alone again, as I once were in the snowy woods of Finland...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

The allergy seems to be weaker - and I was able to get the best out of me last week!

After recovering from that nasty hangover, I could finally enjoy my vacation.

I went to a swimming tournament, three soccer matches, two basketball showdowns and two volleyball matches! I felt so revigorated - I hate staying home. somehow, the indoors seem to kill the best piece of me...

Kimi arrived yesterday, and I told him the great news about Altagracia - he seemed... Concerned, as always. He said he wanted to see it with his very eyes. Well, I guess he is going to Anael's tomorrow or Friday...

Also, Maya told me she had been trying to reach Jasmine lately. I don't know why, but I somehow miss her... It is weird, you know? Specially bcause I have been hanging out with some awesome chicks lately. I am a womanizer and I am not ashamed of it. Still... I feel strange. And I am not enjoying this...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Melchior finally got better. I think that we will slow down a bit... I hope he does, or else...

Well, today I decided to chill a bit - I had gone out with Maya almost all days of the past week (I think she may be feeling smothered, so I'll give her some space), and I want to hang out with my cousin for once.

Felicia and I went to a café downtown jut to chill a bit. She told me plenty of stuff she did in France - university life seems really, really exciting! I cannot wait to get there! I am definitely going to be professional writer - just wait and see!

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Six hours of Capoeira and a couple more of swimming - phew! I am exhausted! I feel like Melchior - the guy is unstoppable. Well, at least he used to be, before his allergy struck him down.

Now, he is back home and teaching Altagracia. Kimi will arrive tomorrow and Kaiser is picking him up; Thalas and maya have their own plans, and I won't interrupt...

Mom has arrived home - this means Skateboard Time for me! My sister will do just fine - I want to have some fun while I am still on vacation time!

I hope I find some nice people around town - I am quite bored these days...

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,


Kaiser was right, he was!

Few days ago, he went to my place to do a series of tests with my inks and paper. We discovered some interesting things:

1st: When my drawings leave the paper, they are similar to bubbles - iridescent and transparent -, but much resistant.

2nd: They are not very intelligent - they'll obey my commands, but won't respond to an enemy's move, unless I command them to do so.

3rd: They last... As long as I want! - unlike Maya's summons, mine don't disappear when blown by a foe; because of their nature, It would take a massive power to really vanquish it. When I snap my fingers, however, they blow and become small water puddles, which Kimi may be able to use later.

This is the major discoveries we made so far. I am still on test phases to see what else can we find. I am so excited! Really!

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I went to a library today to see if I could find an interesting book to read - I have been missing my friends these days (specially Iracema, who is no longer among us). I tried to reach Jasmine, but she seemed busy, for she didn't answer me...

I wonder how she's doing - from our trio, she is the only one who got a regular life back; she used to sing very well, and she always talked about being a singer when older. I personally would buy all her discs. She is a natural, and I know she'll succeed.

Right now, I have found some interesting books about Medieval history and folksongs - I think I'll stay here for a few more hours. It is always great to be in such sanctuary as libraries.

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Notes, for Those Who Follow Me,

Well, last week, I had this major hangover and both Thalas and Kimi (by letter) scolded me for my actions.

I admit it - I had been reckless, specially because of Melchior, whose health was not good. In order to make up to them, I decided to invest some time on research, in order to find out more about Gracia's special powers.

It turns out I was right from the very beginning - her drawings are summons, and they work more or less like Maya's, except that they come from paper and ink, and Maya can conjure them without any intermediate media.

Right now, I am putting Altagracia through a trial - basically, I am making her do some drawings and try to command them against me. I want to see if they got their own intelligence (or if they are mindless creatures), how they can attack and when they attack. I hope I can make some nice discoveries...

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Russia With Slight Anger,

Sometimes, I cannot believe on how unlucky one can be...

Impressive - it hasn't been much since I left Guatemala, and everyone else seems to be unable to live without me for a few days without attempting against their own lives!


Because I cannot be left alone, in peace, with a person who I wan to know better, trust (and may get romantically involved with) or anything! Instead, I had to receive a concerning call from Thalas, who politely explained the issue.

Moreover, Altagracia's inks and drawings - another matter I will have to study and figure out. Being the Magic know-it-all is such a pain! If they don't learn how to solve their problems for themselves, I swear I'll no longer do it for them! I swear!

Now, back to Zoe... Today, I gave my attention to her, and to her only. We went sightseeing - she showed me really nice venues of all Saint Pittsburg, telling me the stories behind most buildings which she remembered from the World War Two's times; there was a restaurant which she used to go with Soviet officers when off duty - it was a cozy, little Traditional Russian Cuisine restaurant, in which we had our lunch (Russian food is quite... Different, I must say, but it tasted nicely).

Now, she is sleeping on my right shoulder - and I am doing my best not to wake her up. Yet she can be aggresive and frightening at first, she is such a cute creature that you wouldn't belive she was once Stalin's bodyguard. Guess I'll have to find a way to make her completely human... Or give her wings, so she can be the angel she was meant to be...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

I had gone wild these past days! I am quite surprised with Kaiser - I had no idea he was such party rocker! Since I am getting no sleep lately, I decided to invest in my night life with my fellow DarkStalker...

Let's say we went to all crazy parties in town, dancing, drinking (I regret nothing, ha, ha!) and chilling all night long! For some reason, the late teens and younger adults are more atractive than I imagined - I saw a copper-skinned brunette that would envy a lot of girls I know, that's for sure! (Man, that girl was wild - just the way I like it! Alas, who on Earth could resist my natural charisma?)

However, great joy cannot come without sacrifice - I got this heck of hangover, which seemed to worse my allergies; my family, again, hadn't cared about it and Thalas was forced to pick me up (Kaiser was in no shape to aid me- he was suffering from the hangover as well).

Now, I am at Thalas' place... Trying to figure out what the hell is happening to me...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Melchior is really in a bad shape. And I mean it.

I didn't have any plans for today, since Maya went out with a couple of friends and I had to do some things at my place - since my cousin arrived, the routine has changed a bit - I like having her around; she makes my uncle behave better (and this is a rare event!)

Well, let's talk about Melchior... The Magician was really sick - he was having the worst hangover ever, and had a lot of sunburns all over his skin. Also, he seemed paler and weaker. He was so weak that he even had difficulty to talk to me!

The weirdest part of all was his family - they didn't even care! If Melchior had gotten a serious infection, he could die! So, I took him to my place and asked Felicia to take care of his injuries. Then, he told me he had been with Kaiser for the past days (I think both Melchior and Kaiser don't know the meaning of 'taking it easy'), going to all the craziest parties in the town... And therefore worsening his condition.

He is asleep now - and I am concerned, for his teeth seemed a bit... Sharper than normal. What the hell?...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Strange, very strange indeed...

These drawings of Gracia, my sister... I sense something different in them - they are no mere magic, they seem to be something else, beyond the regular boundaries of elemental magic.

Yesterday, I gave Kimi a call and he allowed me to get his personal books in his place. I asked him when he'd be back, and he said he'd come home next week only. I imagine he and Zoe had quite a lot to talk about...

I tried to reach both Melchior and Kaiser to help me digging a bit deeper for information, but they seemed to be suffering from a monstrous hangover. Though I am mad at both, it is quite a funny scene - Kaiser was wrapped in his blankets with an ice pocket in his head, and almost killed me for trying to open the window of his room. I went in and out quickly in order to let him rest.

Now, about Melchior... I am deeply concerned about his health condition; I don't think this is a mere allergy. I hope I can also find out what's torturing him.

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,

Kaiser might have a clue of what my drawings are!

Well, in the beginning of this week, mi hermano mayor gave a call to Kimi and Melchior. Since Kimi is in Russia, Melchior came alone, and couldn't figure out the phenomenon. Then, a few days ago, Kaiser came and... Guess what?

He thinks they are SUMMONS! MY SUMMONS!

I cannot believe in this - I have another kind of power than simply healing! If he is right, I may be able to do stuff just as Maya do - what if I could summon animals to ride into battle with us?

Well, yet he isn't so sure about it, I am even more thrilled than the day I got my powers - I hope Kimi gets back soon, for I really want his opinion in this matter...

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

These days had been the best of my entire life!

Thalas is the cutest boy on Earth! Deep down I knew I wouldn't be disappointed of giving him a chance! We had been going out these past days, and I am feeling on cloud nine!

Today, we went to a travelling amusement park. It was exciting and romantic at the same time! He paid everything (though I said I'd pay for my food) and even bought me some flowers.

We sat on a bench and watched the sunset... I felt as if time had stopped. I wish those moments could last forever. I think that I knew from the very beginning I was going to fall for Thalas. It was fate, I no longer doubt of it.

These are the best days of my entire life - I hope they last forever.

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

I went to Anael's place today - Altagracia wanted to show me her magical drawings. They were quite impressive, I must say - she draws really well for a 9-year old girl. Moreover, as they gained life, they became somehow similar to soap bubbles.

Most drawings became iridescent as they came out of the paper, and some even interacted with us! I may not know Magic as much as Kimi or Melchior do, but I am quite sure those drawings may work as summons for Lotus Flower!

With this thought in mind, I decided to give Maya a call - for an unknown reason, Melchior is refusing to leave his home and Kimi is out in Russia, visiting Zoe. Maya didn't answer me, for she was out with Thalas.

This whole thing of them dating each other made me remember of Lancelot... I miss him. I wonder if I will find someone to be with me someday...

Today is Friday the 13th... Heh, I had been invited to this 'Fiesta de Los Muertos'  (Party of the Dead) tonight. Since Kimi is out... The Night is a child. I am going to party rock tonight - and Melchior is coming with me!

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Russia with a Deep Happiness,

Finally! Finally!

I have arrived in Saint Pittsburg just a few days ago. The reason? Zoe. Vacations are great... I had arranged the deatils of the meeting with Mr. Gorbachov, and it occured just fine.

I never thought I'd see her again. Well, she is the same green-haired Russian robot I met in Brazil, but she was carrying such beautiful and serene smile that she seemed as somebody completely different...

I am always the serious person of the group, always trying to keep everyone focused in our mission, but I was somebody different as well. When I saw her... I don't know, I felt... Weird.

Wish I was as cold as the Ice I command. Wish I was immune to those feelings so common to people at my age. Nevertheless, I shall not regret... For now. I'll enjoy a few more days with her. Then... I'll think about stuff.

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Well, after weeks of apologize, Thalas is quite fine with me - for now. He is on cloud nine, for he (FINALLY) is dating Maya (HALLELUJAH!). However, I am facing some problems right now...

First, Altagracia's new skill - I was talking to Kimi and Anael about it, and I am not certain of the kind of sorcery Altagracia is up to. However, I am going to do some mental effort with Kimi and see what we can come up with.

Second, it seems my strange allergy has come back; yesterday, I had been invited to this soccer showdown near Anael's place. Well, first, my mother and my elder brother were arguing with me about stupid stuff (as they always do) before I left the house. When I finally got rid of them, I realized I was half an hour late!

I tried to run, but I couldn't walk more than a few steps out of my place without a painful scream; the Sun was burning me as it had never done! I conjured a large cloak to keep my skin safe, but it was of almost no use - now, I have this wounds that look like rotten flesh! And it burns like hell!

What the hell, man?!

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

How can I describe what I am feeling?

Never in a million of years would I have thought that she, who once was my enemy, could be my best friend, my first love?

Every day, when I wake up, I still cannot believe I am in a relationship with Maya! Since we are on vacation, I decided to do some nice programs with her while we still have time...

I want to know her better; we had known each other in the battlefield, but I want to prove myself different from Electro Archer. I hope she truly loves me... I am going to be the best for her, and for her only.

Damn, I am too romantic, am I not?

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,


Thanks Lord! I thought the semester would never end! We have done quite a lot these days!

Well, the issue here is my Dad's Journal - well, most of it I couldn't understand, for he wrote in Welsh language (unfortunately, he died before he could teach me), so I may never know what secrets lie in there.

I decided to lock his journal in my desk and take care of other stuff. Again, Mother will leave me and Altagracia for a few weeks - the Embassy of Guatemala in United Kingdom is short of staff, and they need someone experienced as my Mom is. She will head out to London, and will be back in five or six weeks, so Gracia better behave!

Speaking of my beloved sister, she showed me these days a strange phenomenon regarding her drawings - they somehow gained life as she drew them! I called Kimi and Melchior in order to bring them down and discover why this is happening. I'd better wait for the experts to give me an answer than trying to find one (and might be the worst one) myself.

Anael Moon’Seeker

[Kimi]: <Stretches a bit> Oh God... I believe I have told you plenty... <Opens at a new chapter> Well, maybe not... Let's see...

- Great Wars of Our Times -
(Part One)

As almost all civilizations, Elves had been seeing themselves in the middle of a conflict or directly involved in one. Since Vainamooni had been feared all through Europe for either their looks or advanced technology and spell-casting, they had to learn how to defend themselves. This chapter is all about the greatest conflicts faced by our race.

- Two Spear Wars (1000 b.C) -

This war took place in the southern part of Norway, involving two different clans - the Udsterd ( the Bone Spear) and Strognt (the Rock Spear), and it had endured for almost one hundred years. These clans were seeking different purposes: the Udsterd wanted a piece of land for only Elves to inhabit, while Strognt were seeking piece and affiliation to the humankind.

The Udsterds were aggressive, cruel and ruthless. They saw nothing in humankind, for they always nurture the idea of superiority. Though they seemed much more like barbarians in attitude, they actually had quite complex political system, based in feudal traditions in a smaller scale.

The Strongnt were the opposite - a peaceful, enlightened elven kind, who were as developed as the Udsterds. They always thought humans and elves could live together, and thus they had never gotten along with Udsterds.

They had always lived near each other, and it often resulted in awful fights between them; many got killed in their confrontations, specially ordinary humans, who were just passing by. At that time, one Norwegian Chief tried to convince both sides not to kill each other, but it was useless.

Around January 6th of 1000 b.C, a male elf called Doan Udsterd used his powers to deceive an entire Norwegian village, paralyze its citizens and guards and killed the Chief's representative; at that time, Menmar Strognt was the leader of the Strognt Clan, and Doan used his powers to disguise himself as Menmar and convince the Norwegian people to chase him down and kill his kin.

The war had begun; the Strognt did not know how to deal with this situation, for the humans wouldn't hear his pleas. Then, in the inner part of the Norwegian forests, the battle took place. Twenty thousand men on each side to fight for their lords. Their spears were all set, and the bloodshed began.

All Udsterds were killed in the battlefield, for the Strognt prepared several traps and magic blockers in a large area. They weren't prepared to fight such skilled opponents, and perished. Doan died with his kin, and so did his magic, which was swept away.

This war took five years to finish, and the Elf kin almost got extinct; Menmar died in battle, and the Strognt had to choose another leader. They marched out of Norway and went to Finland, following the forest and the desires of the Gods...

From that war, the Strognt were known as Mea'ni, beginning their lives from zero, as they tried to increase their numbers out of the range of mankind...

To be Continued...

Hello Everyone!

Well, my Nickname here isn't the only thing I've changed - there will be several changes here.

I had taken a large break from this Blog and I am deeply sorry for doing it. The reason was mainly the University and other thing I had to deal with, and this caused me to change priorities.

However, I am here to bring the boys (and girls) back on track! The fierce and beloved Blue Moon Knights will be back once more! I have plenty to do, and I'll do everything I've proposed myself to! Alas, I am still on time.

1 - There's one Sankari's Excerpt left from the collection started in July: I am starting with this one, which I plan to post today.

2 - The Journal round begins on Monday! - Yes, no more waiting! Anael and his friends have plenty to tell after this long, long time away...

3 - The Covers from the two previous Seasons (5th and 6th) will soon be posted here!

4 - There will be TWO SEASONS for this year! - Yes, I'll post the 7th and 8th Seasons really soon!

5 - Soon, there will be Downloadable archives from all Seasons (in different languages!) available for you!

Other things are coming - stay tuned for more! Long live the Blue Moon Knights!

Iridium Blade

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