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Sankari's Excerpts #5

- Elven Warfare -
(Part Two)

- Vainamooni Warfare -

The most complex Elven civilization in terms of society, technology and other aspects, their Warfare was the most complex by far.

The troops were divided in Infantry, Archery and Magician. The Infantry was also divided into two major groups, the Swordsman and the Pikemen, which occupied the first column of their division. The Archers usually came between them in alternated lines as a 'hedgehog' kind of formation. The magicians normally came behind all of them in order to give support.

The combats could take place anywhere, from open plains to treacherous cliffs; in the last scenario, the Vainamooni normally took Magicians between the Infantry to protect them against Archers or even other Infantry.

The only problem was when Vainamooni fought against mounted armies or even siege weapons, for they had none of that kind. Truth to be told, the Vainamooni depended a lot on their Magicians to protect them against their foes - if the Magicians died, then it was very likely for the rest of the troops to perish as well.


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