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- Elven Warfare -
(Part Two)

- Vainamooni Warfare -

The most complex Elven civilization in terms of society, technology and other aspects, their Warfare was the most complex by far.

The troops were divided in Infantry, Archery and Magician. The Infantry was also divided into two major groups, the Swordsman and the Pikemen, which occupied the first column of their division. The Archers usually came between them in alternated lines as a 'hedgehog' kind of formation. The magicians normally came behind all of them in order to give support.

The combats could take place anywhere, from open plains to treacherous cliffs; in the last scenario, the Vainamooni normally took Magicians between the Infantry to protect them against Archers or even other Infantry.

The only problem was when Vainamooni fought against mounted armies or even siege weapons, for they had none of that kind. Truth to be told, the Vainamooni depended a lot on their Magicians to protect them against their foes - if the Magicians died, then it was very likely for the rest of the troops to perish as well.

Hello, Everyone!

Finally, I've made them! The Shaman Markings are already on the blog!

So, access the page of Magical Items to see them.

The Markings are as unique as the
Knight who bears them; you can
see what are their best features by
merely looking at them...

Stay tuned for more!

Sakura Hayes

Hello, Everyone!

Finally, Maya's Second Outfit is available to be seen:

So different!

Also, her Shaman Marking is available as well:

A Blue Moon Knight indeed!
Well, still there are many changes coming! Stay tuned for more!

Sakura Hayes

- Elven Warfare -
(Part One)

As most societies did in order to either defend or reaffirm themselves in the world, all Elven tribes developed some kind of warfare on their own, according to their landscape and needs.

Considering the different types of Elven societies passed along generations and Ages, Elven Warfare was, and still is, a mystery yet to be completely solved. Here, we will explore Warfare in the matters of Weaponry, Army Division and Warrior Types.

Since the Windsteppi were the most aggressive by afar, our study begin with them.

- Windsteppi Warfare -

The tribal troops were divided in Infantry and Archery, since no Windsteppi knew how to tame a horse or other mountable animals. The Infantry often used sharp spears or spiked maces of sturdy wood - mostly oaken or mahogany weapons.

Since wastelands were their natural habitat, it was not an easy task to avoid being seen or something like it. Therefore, their combats were always short-ranged and looking for open fields. When outrunned or ambushed, they could use their archers to save them, since they were the ones who knew when and where to act.

Yet strong and fierce, the Windsteppi weren't good at defense, for their guard could be easily broken.

- SoftFeather Warfare -

Since bows were the social symbols of status in this society, it wouldn't be a surprise if their armies only counted on Archers and some lesser warriors who carried obsidian knives with them. Normally, only the Militia or the Workers fought in battle, but there are tales and evidence of High Priests in battle - however, those were rare situations in which battle was about something sacred, for the defeated were going to be ued in sacrifice to their gods.

They were the ambush masters, for they used the rain forests on their behalf, ambushing enemies or pushing them towards narrow passages only for them to kill with multiple arrow strikes.

Though they might had developed the best strategy, there were some problems: first, they depended on the forests to win - if their enemy was smart enough to drive them away from the woods into a glade or any other scenario, the battle would have a disastrous outcome for the SoftFeather. Second, and probably the worst part, they were no man-to-man type of warriors, which meant that if they had to fight in short distances, they would die for sure.

- Evergreener Warfare -

This is one of the most dubious civilizations by far. Since most historical documents were razed to the ground, the data presented here may be not so precise.

Legends told that the Evergreeners used poison to fight - they were natural snipers, who used small, sharp bolts full of poison, thrown against a foe's neck by an ornamented blowpipe, which had the colors of the nature in order to fool one's vision.

Ambushers, the Evergreeners used to dig large pits and enormous tunnels so that their victims would have nowhere else to run. Since the Evergreeners were small people, they could hide behind large rocks, small bushes and even on large grass in order to seek the best opportunities. However, if caught, they would die for sure, since they have no expertise in combat other than poisoning.


Hello Everyone!

Finally, some vacation for our mighty heroes! Yes, the 6th Season has ended, but we'll have some features coming. So, brace yourselves, for the MONTH'S TO-DO LIST is coming!

  1. The Journals WILL BE BACK! - Well, though 6th Season was a Confession Season (quite a Journal, I must say), the Journals are a nice feature, which gives you more clues about the Knights' lives. Therefore, they'll come in the same scheme, daily and for quite some time.
  2. The Sankari's Excerpts WILL BE BACK! - Well, I couldn't post them in May, but I'll make it up to you by posting them in this month, together with the Journals! Yes!
  3. Maybe... A Vacation Special? - Just like the Summer Summits =D
Also, regarding the next Season, it will only be aired in the beginning of September! Which means I'll have plenty of time to give you some special features and update whatever is left for me to do!

As always, stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

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