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"Well, it is Iceman's turn!" Melchior said. "Ready to speak, my friend?"

"Ready as always..." Replied Kimi. "So... Where do we begin, Mrs. Ixtab?"

"We begin where we always do... From the beginning..."

The Shaman conjured her flames, which surrounded the Knights as they moved. They were not hot flames - they were as cold as Kimi's ice powers.

"It tickles me!" Commented Altagracia, laughing as the flames passed through her neck.

"Why are the flames behaving differently?" Kaiser asked. "Does that have anything to do to Kimi's powers' nature?"

"Yes." The Shaman replied. "Since Kimi manipulates Ice and Water, these magical flames will reflect that. The only reason it didn't occur with the others was because of the other properties both fire and their elements had in common - Elite Dragon manipulates Lightning, and fire generates light; Lotus Flower also manipulates Light, so there's not much to say about it. Electro Archer uses Electro in his ammunition, and Electro was believed to be a sacred combination of metals in Ancient Egypt, relating them to lightning, light and even the moonlight."

"Well, that explains a lot!" Maya said. "I wonder how the flames will react when my time comes..."

"I can sense a paradox energy in you, my lady..." Commented Ixtab. "I'll talk about it later, darling. Actually, both you and Melchior seem to have the same...Paradox, so to speak."

"Will this paradox bring my powers back?" Maya thought concerned.

"Paradox..." Thought Melchior reflexive. "Will it be able to justify the weird thing that were happening to me lately?"

"Let's move on to you, Ice Guardian!" The Shaman suddenly said, drawing all the attention to her and Kimi. "Take a deep breath and take your time. Whenever you want."

"Fine them..." Kimi replied, sighing with a gloomy smile. "I don't think this divan section is as bad as it seems... Even Anael was able to do it, so..."

The others started laughing at Anael, who got slightly angry at the Iceman.

"Hey!" Anael censored with a mischievous smile. "What was that supposed to mean?!"

"He, he, he... Sorry, Leader." Ice Guardian replied with a smile. "I couldn't avoid. Anyways, let's begin this thing."

He took a deep breath and looked into the dancing flames near him.

"My name is Kim Das Vaali; I was born in Vastoria, Deeper Finland. As you know, I am the older twin: I was born 2 minutes before Kaiser cried for the first time. The awkward thing was that... I didn't cry at all! Mom said once that instead of crying and screaming like crazy, I just kept looking at the doctor with some kind of curiosity..."

"That's weird!" Kaiser commented. "When did Mom tell you that?"

"I think we were about 3." Kimi replied. "It was a funny day, actually, for you and I were arguing about something stupid which was related to that topic..." He suddenly hit his forehead with his right hand's palm. "Oh, such an idiot! I remember it now! I was mocking at you - you had hurt your knee when falling on the ground. You used to be a crybaby, I remember it well!"

"Such a nice brother..." Mocked Kaiser. "Mrs. Shaman, may I address some questions to my brother?"

"Well, if you think they are going to help..." The Shaman replied. "I have no objections. Go on."

"Okay them..." DarkStalker nodded. "Kimi... What were our parents' names?"

"Oh... You don't remember..." Kimi said in a gloomy tone. "That's sad... It seems that you death vanished most of your memories... Well... Our mother's name was Arievelo. I think she was about 26 when she had us. People in Vastoria said that both you and me looked much more like her than our father, Sona. Our mom was a beautiful figure; if Galadriel* was real, they'd have quite similar looks..."

Kimi passed his left hand slowly through his long hair as he let memories come back to his mind.

"She was about 1,75 meters, if I am not mistaken; her hair was much longer than mine, and she used to let them loose. She wore a jeweled headdress, which was made by her. She was elegant as a princess and fierce as a warrior. She was a kind person and a loving mother. She used to protect us a lot, but she seemed to prefer you, he, he, he..."

He shut his mouth for a while to play with the dancing cold flame. A gloomy smile came into his face.

"Funny thing, though, was that you seem not to like Mom that much. You were always coming after father, who was quite aloof for a parent. He was tall, almost two meters in height, quite strong and never had a smile in his face. He was a hard man, I've got to tell you. As infants, I think he didn't have much patience to deal with us. Yet, he seemed to like me better... People say that... I've got some of his traits. I don't know if it is either a compliment or a critic..."

His countenance got slightly sadder, and Kaiser could see some tears coming out his brother's face.

"What's wrong?" Kaiser asked.

"Nothing..." Kimi sighed, trying not to cry. "Well, Sona had long, straight, hazel hair, which he always wore in a long braid. His eyes were light green, and he always had a book in his hands; he was a scholar, so to speak. I believe Dad liked the fiction world more than reality; apparently, I hold the theory that he didn't accomplish as much things as he wanted. He was the royal Librarian of the Fortress; there was no book or scroll he didn't knew or read. And if there was one, you could bet he was coming for it in order to get all knowledge he could... And this is where Sankari comes to light in this role of my life..."

The Knights looked at Kimi with surprise.

"What does he mean?" Anael thought. "Wasn't this book..."

"...A relic?" Thalas also thought. "We found it in Tijuana... What the hell?"

"I do not like the looks of this..." Maya thought.

"What do you mean with that?" Altagracia and Kaiser asked at the same time, anxious.

"Kimi..." Melchior said in a serious tone. "What's the meaning of all of this. Have you omitted something about the Hero's Book?"

"Unfortunately, I did." Kimi said. "Do you guys remember when I first told you of it? I revealed how I obtained it... And the price it cost. The truth is I hid an important piece of this story - my father..."

"Before you say anything, I must confess I always found that story quite fishy. No offense." Melchior interrupted. "If you finally found the strength and courage to clarify things... Go ahead."

"Kiitos..." Kimi said after sighing. "Sorry for not being honest from the very beginning, but I... This book brings me lots of memories which I'd rather keep for myself, but... I'd better spit it out now or I'll pass out, seriously... Well, the truth is that I only got that book because... Because Father had it."

All of them looked at Kimi completely shocked.

"What?!" Melchior said. "Your father didn't steal it, did he?! Did he do it, Kimi?"

"Well... He did more than that..." Kimi said with seriousness. "He didn't steal it only... He also did a perfect and enhanced copy of it... Which is the actual book I bear."

"Wait a second!" Kaiser intervened, shocked and surprised. "Are you saying..."

"This isn't the real Sankari." Kimi said. "The real one burned down with him and Mom; I never found out why Dad did it. He kept the original notes in the book, which is perceptive if you look at the paper's state. However, there are new features that even the Emperors would never imagine. I don't understand why, when and how Dad did it... The only thing is that he got caught... Because of me."

"Kimi, what on Earth have you done?!" Kaiser asked in a slightly raging tone.

"I..." Kimi started babbling. "I... I stole it from his personal vault! I once saw him storing stuff inside it and I was able to memorize the hand movements he made to unlock it. One day, you went to sleep earlier than I and Mom was busy cleaning the house. Dad had gone off to work and his office was empty. I rushed to the door, opened it and entered. There were so many things lying there... books, notes, papers, inks of all sorts... Wish I never entered there... I wish I've never seen the vault, opened it and took the book out of it. What I regret the most about this experience was... Reading the first sentences of the book."

Tears came out of his eyes; he passed his hands through his hair nervously.

"They were the first words I've read. I didn't think for a moment they were enchantments of any sort! The words were:  

'Niille, jotka ovat syntyneet syvyyksiin eteerinen jään ...
Sillä ne, jotka eivät koskaan tuntenut lämpöä auringonvalon
Sinulle, ainoa vihollinen miinoja, jotka tuhosi tämän unelman

Kuka loukussa minua tässä jääkylmä vankilaan
Voi tunnet kipua tuhat valonsäteet
Voi raivoaa tulipalo polttaa sinut kokonaan

Olkoon tuhkaa edelleen levoton
Ja sielusi polttaa ikuinen
Tulipalot helvetistä!'

Which mean:

'For those who were born in the depths of the ethereal ice...
For the ones who never felt the heat of the sunlight
For you, the only enemy of mine, who destroyed this dream

Who trapped me in this icy cold prison
May you feel the pain of thousand light rays
May the raging fire burn you entirely

May your ashes remain restless
And your soul burning in the eternal
Fires from hell!' "

The cold flames showed everyone the scenario. As Kimi spoke, the images revealed the scenario just as it occurred; the sentences affected his surroundings by heating it more and more, until the flames finally appeared.

They all witnessed Kimi's escape from that living hell; the infant ran towards an open trapdoor in which he entered. He didn't notice, however, the spell locked the exits of the house, burning whoever was inside it.
Kimi was crying compulsively; the elder Shaman revealed the worst of his memories. The flames then concentrated near Kimi, assuming forms of an owl.

"Wisdom, Kimi." She said. "This is what you acquired from your storyline. You've learned a lot more than expected in those years you've been in this world. Also, I can sense more confidence and courage in you, Ice Guardian. Learning sometimes is no easy task. Nevertheless, if you accept the perils and tasks in your path for enlightenment...And Itzamna knows this better than anyone. This aged God knows how to reach the deepest secrets and facts. With this card... Your path will be clear as his knowledge. Do not lose this Card, for your life will depend on it from now on.

"Kiitos..." He whispered. "Well... I guess I have gotten rid of an enormous burden... Kaiser... I hope you can forgive me one day..."

Kaiser looked at Kimi with a serious countenance.

"So... You were really responsible for our family's ruin, weren't you? I don't know if forgiveness is what you are really looking for in this matter."

"What do you mean?" Kimi asked quite shocked.

"Come on, Kai! Give Kimi a break for once!" Melchior intervened upset. "He is starting over, and so are you! I know it is shocking, but... Please try to understand him!"

Kaiser sighed, disappointed; Kim kept in silence with his eyes closed and head down. The short-haired Finn looked at the flames Blanca had just conjured. His eyes were full of seriousness and anger.

"I guess you want me to say what I have deep inside my soul."

"Exactly." The Shaman replied. "I won't censor you, Kaiser; this is not my function. I am here to solve your spiritual problem, not your family issues. If I can do it and the first item, that would be ideal."

"Fair enough." Kaiser replied. "Let's get this done."

To Be Continued...


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