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The cold wind of the night was blowing gently on them. Melchior was still staring at the baby bat with sadness in his eyes.

"Why?" He said to himself. "Why do I feel so different? It is almost as if I do not belong to the world of the living... Sometimes, the day makes me weaker and the night empowers me... I've been feeling weird, you know? Well, I must be completely weird, for I am talking to a bat..."

"Such a rare specimen you are, Melchior Raven-Hayes..."

Melchior's eyes widened; the baby bat was speaking to him! And it was not only that - its voice was majestic, quite guttural and rough, which scared Elemental Alchemist, who accidentally dropped the animal in the grass.

"Let me introduce myself..."

The baby bat was suddenly engulfed by a dense, large, bloody-red fog, which had a sinister glew. Melchior stood up and walked two steps back, feeling quite afraid.

"Oh, crap! I am doomed." He thought. "What the hell is this?!"

An enormous creature appeared when the fog disappeared; it had about two and a half meters - it was an enormous bat, which had some humanoid features, such as the ability to stand in its two feet and stronger arms. Its eyes were bloody red, and its fur was dark grey. He was wearing a blue ornament around his neck and dark blue shorts. Also, it could speak; its voice was the same Melchior listened, and the impact of its voice and looks made Melchior's legs tremble.

"You know who I am, don't you?" It asked.

"Camazotz..." Melchior whispered extremely frightened. "That... That cannot be!"

"God of bats!" The creature shouted. "Lord of terror! And... The incarnation of evil found in the deepest caves... And Patron of... Vampires!"

"What?!" Melchior shouted. "V-vampires?! Are they real?!"

Melchior fell in his knees, afraid. He was looking at Camazotz with fear and surprise.

"Why does he make me feel this way?!" He thought to himself. "Why am I feeling as if... He is calling me..."

"You are almost there. Melchior Raven-Hayes..." Camazotz got Melchior's attention once more. "Almost. You have to unleash your true self, dear peasant."

"What do you mean?!" Melchior asked assuming a serious countenance. "Are you implying I am...?!"

A wicked, rough laugh was heard through the entire camp. Ixtab was on her way back, carrying some special items with her when the laughter took place. The elder Shaman screamed in fear, dropping everything on the ground.

The laughter woke both Anael and Kimi up, causing them to jump off their beds and run towards the wicked sound.

"Leader, what the hell is this?!" Kimi asked.

"I have absolutely no idea, Kimi." Anael replied. "However, it is clear that both Melchior and Ixtab are in danger. If that's so, we've got to hurry!"

Kimi nodded affirmatively and they started to run faster than before. Anael grabbed the Heart of Guatemala and used it to convert both him and Kimi into Elite Dragon and Ice Guardian respectively.


Melchior was giving a raging look at Camazotz, whose laughter stopped right afterwards.

"Please... Spare me of that crap." Answered Camazotz. "Are you so slow you couldn't even realize what happens to your body?"

"It makes absolutely no sense!" Protested Melchior. "I cannot be..."

"Why?" Interrupted Camazotz. "I sense this energy in you, Melchior. Though you do not belong entirely to the World of the Dead, you also do not belong to the World of the Living. You are similar to a bridge, for your energy joins both worlds..."

Melchior stood up, facing the creature with fright and curiosity in his eyes. Could Camazotz be right?

"... You may be thinking: I cannot be such creature, for I am copper-skinned, and sunlight doesn't affect me. Also, I have no problems dealing with metals such Silver, Platinum or even Palladium, and garlic has no power over me... You are right. For now. The question here, Melchior Raven-Hayes, is: how long will you be able to resist to your true nature? When will you become... a Vampire?"

"I am no vampire!" Protested Melchior. "How can you say something like that?!"

"Have you forgotten who I am,  Elemental Alchemist?!" Camazotz's tone of voice scared Melchior, whose eyes got wider and his countenance showed more and more fear. "I am the Master of your true race, Raven-Hayes! I recognize my children from afar, and your destiny is on my wings, Blue Moon Knight! Mark my words: when the right time comes... You will thank me for warning you so soon..."

"Quetzal Missile!"

The Bat-God saw an enormous quetzal coming towards him; as a response, he hit it with his right wing and made the energy vanish. Then, Elite Dragon and Ice Guardian came out of the darkness. Camazotz look at them and gave them the scariest evil laughter he was able to after becoming a single Tarot Card, which floated until Melchior grabbed it.

"I guess he is the God who's looking after me, then..." Melchior whispered, slightly scared.

"What happened here, Melchior?" Elite Dragon asked, worried.

"Well..." Melchior was too scared to tell them the truth. "...To be honest... I don't know..."

The Salvadorian was looking to the sky with fright. He could see a large number of bats flying away near the full moon. He felt something changing deep inside him.

"Oh my god..." He said quite breathless. "My blood... ARGH! HELP!"

Melchior fell in his knees, screaming in agony and pain; he felt his blood boil inside his veins, as if life was being taken away from him. His skin was becoming slightly lighter than normal, and his eyes were starting to acquire a strange bloody-red glow.

"Help!" Melchior shouted, suffering. "Help me please! What is happening to me?!"

"Ay Dios mio!" Anael said. "Kimi, help me hold Melchior! We have to find out what's going on!"

Elemental Alchemist continued to scream in pain, crying as he tried to breathe. What was going on with the Magician?

To Be Continued...


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