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The Shaman looked at Altagracia with a smile. The young girl was thrilled, ready to tell her the deepest secrets she bore in her mind. Blanca approached Altagracia slowly.

"For you, I have something different, though I am going to perform the same ritual to you."She reached out to Altagracia, showing her something inside her hands - a flower with a strange jewel inside it.

" I can see a great future to you, and I am not joking about it." She said handing over the object. "This is a Dream Catching Jewel; when the right time comes, this will be the solution for a problem you will be handling in battle. Take good care of it; this is as important as your life, understood?"

"Yes!" Replied Altagracia happily, taking the jewel with her. "I promise to keep it safe and sound! Thank you so much!"

She jumped on the old lady and kissed her cheeks; Blanca gently released her on the ground, ready to begin the ritual.

"Well, you already know the rules..." She said. "Make your confessions, young Lotus Flower. I am eager to hear them."

"Fine them!" Altagracia replied with a smile. "As you know, my name is Altagracia Moon'Seeker, Anael's young sister and his Rayo de Sol, as he likes to call me. I grew up with no father, but I had this wonderful brother which worth much more than a father would. He helped my mom to bring me up... I never missed anything, you know? I think I've been blessed..."

She looked to the jewel Blanca gave her with a gloomy smile.

"Sometimes, however, I asked mom why I didn't have a father, and why Anael had to stay up so late." Some tears came out of her face. "I didn't understand why I don't have a full family, why my father was missing. My friends kept asking me why, and I never had an answer to it! It is painful to be an orphan who doesn't know she is so."

The young Guatemalan female put the jewel in her pocket and wiped the tears out of her face, smiling at the present people.

"In order to avoid those feelings, I escaped to the world of dreams and imagination. My drawings and writings drive those painful thoughts away... In my dreams and thoughts, I am always the queen, I am the brightest star, the most beloved person... Someone with a regular life, sometimes... God, this is difficult... Sorry, guys..."

"Why didn't you tell me how you feel, Gracia?" Anael asked worried. "I could have done something!"

"I didn't want you to be worried about me, hermano mayor..." She replied. "And I didn't want your life to be in function of me! I knew you had friends, that's why I kept things to myself! I knew that, because of the effort you've done to raise me as a father and look after me as a brother, I wanted to make things easier for you... I am sorry..."

She started crying, which broke Anael's heart, who rapidly came closer to his sister and held her in his arms, hiding her face in his chest, passing his left hand through her hair.

" Mi Rayo de Sol..." He whispered with a sad smile. "You are no burden for me; I'd give up of anything just to listen to your worries, to help you to get better. I promised Dad I'd be the best brother I could ever be, and it kills me deep down inside to see you crying."

He held his sister's face between his hands, wiping her tears with his thumbs. He was smiling at her as he always did.

"I know sometimes it is not easy, and I know I am not around all times, as much as I wanted so; however, promise me you are not going to hide things from me. For better or worse, I want to know. There should be no secrets between us, okay?"

"Okay..." She replied with a smile, hugging him. "I promise..."

She then took a deep breath and left her brother's arms. She was ready to proceed with her speech.

"Well, I always found my inner world more interesting then my real life until the day I became a Knight. Actually, it was earlier than that - I believe the day I met my masters Kimi and Melchior was the day real life became awesome! I've always found something... Enchanting about my dreams and drawings, you know? I was almost as if they could gain life..."

She raised her hands to the sky, as if she was trying to catch the air.

"I became a Knight by accident; I was never supposed to happen. Well... I never told how it actually happened..." She accidentally gave a mischievous look to Kimi, which was perceived by Anael.

"Kimi, what's your role in this?!" Elite Dragon asked.

"Well... Uhm...” Kimi started embarrassed. “Let’s say I… Didn’t have much choice back them…”

“I can see that!” Commented Anael. “However, I want the full details of the event.”

“Please, don’t kill me…” Kimi said with a bit of fright in his voice. “I am the one responsible for giving your sister powers. In my defense, I must say I never intended to do so! I was forced!”

“How funny!” Melchior said laughing. “A child forced you, Kimi?! How?!”

“Yes, Kimi…” Anael said in a reproving tone, looking to Altagracia. “How did she do it?”

“Well... I didn't mean to do so! She blackmailed me!" Kimi confessed with anger prior to his laughter. " I've got to say  was pretty surprised, for I didn't remember Altagracia's face at that moment. I was still recovering from Kaiser's possession and she came all childish at me and I was like 'What the hell?'!"

All the present folks started laughing, Altagracia included.

"Ah, now I understand..." The Welsh Guatemalan boy said with a mischievous tone of voice, tickling Altagracia "So, you've been mean to our fellow Ice Guardian?!"

"As much as I like these interactions..." Blanca intervened, clearing her throat. "... We have an ongoing ritual to finish. shall we, Altagracia?"

"Yes!" Said Altagracia, laughing as she tried to escape from Anael's tickle war. "As I was saying... Yes, it was an accident. However, it was the happiest and best thing that has ever happened to me in all these years. I know I put my life in danger so many times, but I get really happy knowing that I am being somewhat useful to the world, you know? I am a lucky person for having a brother who raised me so well, and a loving mother that works hard and honestly. I am the luckiest pretty girl in the world, and I'd never give up of anything I have!"

"Very well..." Commented Blanca as she manipulated the flames. "Indeed, you are a very lucky and bright person. You presence is as great as the sun above us... Behold..."

The Shaman performed her trick once more, revealing a rabbit and a butterfly which reminisced a fairy.

"Well, these are pretty obvious for me..." Said Ixtab Blanca. "The rabbit is a gentle, fast animal which suits your day-to-day personality; you try to solve things diplomatically, though you may end up rushing things, which is often proven not to be the best idea. The butterfly reflects your powers, Lotus Flower. You are powerful and fragile at the same time. Yet you seem quite skilled, you haven't shown the last of you. Not yet; that's why I am giving you the Jewel... The right time will come, and you must be ready to it; you are the only one who can control your fate..."

The flames became a light pink smoke, which was converted in Altagracia's Tarot Card.

"The Young Moon Goddess is your patron and protector; love is the key for you to achieve full mastery of your powers. Keep and never lose it; this Card is as important as your life. Did you understand me, young lady?"

"Yes!" Altagracia replied happily. "Thank you so much, Ixtab! I'll do my best to get all that I can from my powers!"

"And we will help you out!" Kimi said with a discrete smile.

"Speaking of help..." The elder Shaman said with a smile. "I believe it is your turn, Ice Guardian..."

"Indeed..." The Finnish long-haired boy said with a discrete smile. "I am quite curious to see what you have to say to me..."

To Be Continued...


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