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Hello Everyone!

Though Season Six has been quite different - no villains this time, except for the Knights' inner demons, of course -, some things haven't changed, and the addition of new features are no exception!

Let's go through them here:

1 - Maya's new Version: Finally, the  7th Blue Moon Knight have now a new Outfit, a Shaman Stone and her unique Shaman Marking!

2 - The Tarot Cards: these strange magical items were given by the Shaman Ixtab Blanca Zelaya. What will they give to the Knights in the matters of powers?

3 - New Character: The Elder Shaman - Please give a warm welcome to Ixtab Blanca Zelaya, our beloved Elder Shaman, aunt of Mr. Zelaya!

Well, these are some of the news. Soon, I'll change some things in the Blog's organization. Stay tuned to find out more!

Sakura Hayes


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