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Hello Everyone!

Phew! What a semester!

Two Seasons (three if you count the ending of season 4), one Summer Summit, Journals... What a ride!

Well, for the next Semester, there'll be plenty to see - new Seasons, new features, a whole new path for the Knights to walk - are you ready to come with them?

Stay tuned for what's coming next!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

I've been promising them since Season 4, but finally, FINALLY I've made them!

I present you:

It is as unique as the powers it brings and the Knights which carry them. To read more about them, look at "Magical Items Page" to seek further info.

Stay tuned for more!

Sakura Hayes

Hello, Everyone!

Well, th 6th Season is done! Now, as always, I am requesting feedback! Liked it? Disliked it? Why?

What are your expectations for the next Season? What do you want to see in the Knights' history?

I am earger to hear you!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

Though Season Six has been quite different - no villains this time, except for the Knights' inner demons, of course -, some things haven't changed, and the addition of new features are no exception!

Let's go through them here:

1 - Maya's new Version: Finally, the  7th Blue Moon Knight have now a new Outfit, a Shaman Stone and her unique Shaman Marking!

2 - The Tarot Cards: these strange magical items were given by the Shaman Ixtab Blanca Zelaya. What will they give to the Knights in the matters of powers?

3 - New Character: The Elder Shaman - Please give a warm welcome to Ixtab Blanca Zelaya, our beloved Elder Shaman, aunt of Mr. Zelaya!

Well, these are some of the news. Soon, I'll change some things in the Blog's organization. Stay tuned to find out more!

Sakura Hayes

-Guatemalan Railway-

Melchior screamed in agony, feeling his muscles contorting and his blood boil and vaporize; live was going away from that young man, who was never going to be the same again. His friends Ice Guardian and Elite Dragon could only hold him tight in their arms and hope for the best.

"Healing Koltso!" Kimi shouted, putting his hand in Melchior's forehead.

Ice flocks came out of Kimi's hand, ceasing Melchior's screams and putting him to rest. Some circular markings appeared in the Salvadorian's arms and chest. Then, Kimi looked at Anael.

"How does this technique work?" elite Dragon asked.

"Well, it is quite similar to your Quetzal Healing..." Kimi answered. "However, I have the ability to retard some bad effects over one's body or mind, such as poisoning, curses of any kind and transformations... Which is Melchior's case. Nevertheless, I think it won't have such effects over him, for I believe Camazotz is more powerful than anyone we face so far..."

"Indeed..." Elite Dragon agreed. "The problem is that he, the Bat-God, is Melchior's protector! Also, Ixtab said we cannot lose or destroy the Cards, which means..."

"...Melchior is hopeless." Concluded Ice Guardian. "He is a Vampire... And he is unleashing his true nature..."

"Do we tell the others?" Anael asked.

"Do we have a choice?" Kimi replied. "Soon or later, they'll know! Look, I think we have to tell them... After all, it is Melchior, our friend... Who's becoming..."

"A creature of the Night..." Anael completed, serious. "A child of Camazotz. Well, I think we should consider this carefully. Though we are familiar with the concept of Vampires, Melchior is different, for he is also a Magician. It may have some side effect on the whole vampire thing."

"What are you suggesting, Leader?" Kimi asked.

"I am suggesting we keep this a secret... For now. We need to observe Melchior and see if he'll become a Vampire as soon as he wakes up; I won't let the others without knowing - I'll insinuate stuff, just for them to be more cautious. The worst thing of Vampires are their mental powers and blood thirst, specially the last one. If Melchior is a Vampire, we'll have to find a way to control his vampirism, so that he won't drink other people's blood!"

"Agreed." Kimi said. "I think Sankari may hold some info regarding that; so... Will we keep it as a secret?"

"I think you won't be able to do that."

Both Elite Dragon and Ice Guardian looked up, seeing Electro Archer and DarkStalker, who were staring at them with a slightly angry countenance.

"What 'secret' are you talking about?" Kaiser asked Kimi; he then looked at Melchior and saw the markings in his skin. "what have you done to Melchior?!"

"This is the secret. " Elite Dragon replied, standing up. " Melchior is protected by Camazotz, the Bat God, lord of all Vampires."

"Wait, what?!" Asked Thalas. "Vampire? Melchior? That is an absurd!"

"Unfortunately, it isn't." Kimi replied. "These markings were created by me: it is the Healing Koltso, which basically retards any black magic; apparently, it is also able to retard Vampirism, but I am not sure for how long."

"I see..." Thalas said reflexive. "How are we going to deal with this? I mean, it is a vampire!"

"We are going to study him. " Anael said. "For this next days, we'll have to watch Melchior constantly; the worst possible thing is his blood thirst. We have to find a way to prevent it."

"How?" Kaiser asked. "We cannot barge into a hospital and demand blood! They won't give it to us. Also, I don't think I'll offer myself as a snack, and none of you will do so!"

"You are right..." Kimi commented. "I don't know if we have other options than... Letting the Vampire awake."

"Can't the Shaman think of something?!" Thalas asked. "Her powers are much bigger than merely card conjuring, I know it!"

"So do us." Anael replied. "The Heart knows it; however, she was so terrified with Camazotz's vision that she couldn't do a single thing!"

"Better leave things as they are now." Concluded Kimi. " As I was saying to Anael, I am going to do some research, and I encourage you to do the same. Again, we don't know how Vampirism will work on Melchior - we don't know if he'll become more aggressive, cautious, if he is going to become a sadistic monster or an evil mastermind. We are walking into a dark cave with no torches, so I beg you to be cautious, alright?"

They all nodded affirmatively; Anael then held Melchior in his arms and carried him away from the Camp. The four Knights heard bats from afar. Was Camazotz watching them?


Hours later...

"I am not feeling so well..." Babbled Melchior. "Is it me or the day seems brighter than usual?"

Melchior woke up at eight as if he hasn't slept at all; his skin was quite paler and his eyes had a grayish glow. His countenance was gloomy, completely different from his usual mischievous smile; it seemed as if he wasn't Melchior.

"Ah! My skin burns!" He mottled. "Can someone give me my hooded sweatshirt?"

"Here, take it." Thalas said, giving Melchior his turquoise sweatshirt.

Melchior wore it and used the hood to cover his head; when he got out of the house, he covered his eyes after screaming in pain. Kimi offered himself to help his friend, and the Salvadorian accepted. He seemed so gloomy and sad that it was like Melchior died and someone else took his body to use.

Mr. Zelaya was waiting for them near the bus they used to arrive in Xultún. He was placing the luggage inside it when the Knights arrived.

"Hello, Knights." He said. "Well, here is the plan: I'll take you to the city of Xultún just for you to know the place and buy something nice for your folks! Also..."

The Knights heard the sound of a staff hitting the grass ground. They looked to their left and saw Ixtab Blanca Zelaya coming towards them with a smile and a large leather bag with her.

"Sorry for the delay, Knights." She said. "I have a gift to all of you."

She put her hand inside it and gave the Knights handmaid wristbands, each one with unique features and patterns to each Knight.

"This is the way I've found to say 'see you soon'." She said with a smile. "I believe we'll meet again, and I hope my nephew helps you with that!"

Everyone started laughing happily, except Melchior, who was standing next to the bus with his head down. Mr. Zelaya stared at him with curiosity, but he didn't ask him any questions and assumed he was tired.

"Well, let's go." Said Mr. Zelaya. "If we go now, we can arrive in the city before lunch. We'll stay there for a couple of days and then we'll take the train to Guatemala City. Aunt..."

He came closer to his aunt and hugged her with love and affection. Then, the other Knights came and hugged her one of a time. She then saw Melchior standing near the bus awkwardly, and came near him.

"Melchior?" She called.

"Yes?" He hissed, looking at her with his grayish eyes, which frightened her.

"I am deeply sorry." She said with sadness. "I know this is my fault; I was trying to warn you and find a way to prevent it. However, when I was going back to the glade, I sensed your energy and realized you are... A true Vampire. There is nothing I can do... I am deeply sorry."

"It doesn't matter..." Melchior replied. "At least... You tried. I feel sorry for not being able to fight it. It hurts to become a Vampire... you have absolutely no idea..."

He hissed his last sentences and entered in the bus. The Shaman saw Melchior's hand - it seemed to get slightly burned thanks to the sunlight. The other Knights entered right afterwards. Mr. Zelaya took some more time, for he had things to say to his aunt.

"Please, take care of Melchior." She said. "He is the first of his kind I have known in my entire life..."

"I will, I promise." He replied. "From now on, we will pay close attention to him... I hope Camazotz doesn't appear again.."

"So do I..." She sighed. "I will ask for wisdom to Kukulkan... And for you, please travel safe."

He nodded affirmatively and entered on the bus. He commander the driver to move the bus, and so he did. He sat near Melchior, who closed the window using the thick curtains in front of it. The Salvadorian's head was completely covered by his hood, except his nose and lips, which could still be seen.

"Something happened to me, Zelaya." He hissed.

"What do you mean?" He asked rhetorically to Melchior.

"Something wicked, dear Zelaya..." Elemental Alchemist replied. "Something wicked..."

It was about eleven when they arrived in Xultún; the city was hosting a happy, cheerful fair, in which most of them wanted to participate, except Melchior. Kimi and Anael stayed with Mr. Zelaya in order to look after Elemental Alchemist, whose mood was completely different from the past few days.

"Born in January 22nd..." He whispered.

"What?" Anael asked.

"Died in December 1st..." Melchior whispered hissing.

"Quit the nonsense!" Censored Kimi. "You are not dead!"

"Are you sure?" He asked gloomy.

Kimi shut his mouth and looked to the ground. Melchior then looked at Anael with a strange red light in his eyes.

"Anael..." He said. "I am thirsty... Can you find me some blood?"

"Are you already..." Anael was about to ask something, when he heard a loud noise behind him.

Something weird was happening at the fair - something made the citizens run in all directions, screaming and twisting in the rhythm of a wicked song.

"Dios mio..." Anael whispered. "Melchior, we've got to..."
He looked at where Melchior and Zelaya once where, and they disappeared! Then, the noise stopped.

"An illusion!" Elite Dragon concluded. "Wait... where is Melchior and... Mr. Zelaya! GOD DAMN IT!"

Anael stood up and ran, trying to find Melchior. He snapped his fingers near his ear and conjured the Jade Communicator in order to call him. He typed Drive three once, twice and nothing. And, on the tenth attempt, he finally made it - and it was about four when he did it.

"Melchior, where the hell are you?!" Anael screamed.

"I am so sorry..." Elemental Alchemist answered. "I am so sorry..."

"Tell me where you are!" The Welsh Guatemalan asked impatient. "Tell me now!"

He tracked down the call, which led him to a dark, empty dead end. His heart began to beat faster and faster as he entered there. After two steps, he finally saw it.

"What in the world have you done?!"

Mr. Zelaya was laying on the ground with two round injuries in his neck. His body was pale, and Anael knew he wasn't breathing. Melchior was on his knees, looking at Anael with an intense reddish glow in his eyes, and there was blood in his lips and chin. Elite Dragon understood what had happened there.

"I am so sorry..." Melchior mourned. "I am deeply sorry... I...I... I couldn't avoid it! It was stronger than me! I am so sorry! Forgive me, Anael! Please, I beg you!"

"Oh God..." Whispered Anael. "You are a creature of the night indeed! Such monster!"


The cold wind of the night was blowing gently on them. Melchior was still staring at the baby bat with sadness in his eyes.

"Why?" He said to himself. "Why do I feel so different? It is almost as if I do not belong to the world of the living... Sometimes, the day makes me weaker and the night empowers me... I've been feeling weird, you know? Well, I must be completely weird, for I am talking to a bat..."

"Such a rare specimen you are, Melchior Raven-Hayes..."

Melchior's eyes widened; the baby bat was speaking to him! And it was not only that - its voice was majestic, quite guttural and rough, which scared Elemental Alchemist, who accidentally dropped the animal in the grass.

"Let me introduce myself..."

The baby bat was suddenly engulfed by a dense, large, bloody-red fog, which had a sinister glew. Melchior stood up and walked two steps back, feeling quite afraid.

"Oh, crap! I am doomed." He thought. "What the hell is this?!"

An enormous creature appeared when the fog disappeared; it had about two and a half meters - it was an enormous bat, which had some humanoid features, such as the ability to stand in its two feet and stronger arms. Its eyes were bloody red, and its fur was dark grey. He was wearing a blue ornament around his neck and dark blue shorts. Also, it could speak; its voice was the same Melchior listened, and the impact of its voice and looks made Melchior's legs tremble.

"You know who I am, don't you?" It asked.

"Camazotz..." Melchior whispered extremely frightened. "That... That cannot be!"

"God of bats!" The creature shouted. "Lord of terror! And... The incarnation of evil found in the deepest caves... And Patron of... Vampires!"

"What?!" Melchior shouted. "V-vampires?! Are they real?!"

Melchior fell in his knees, afraid. He was looking at Camazotz with fear and surprise.

"Why does he make me feel this way?!" He thought to himself. "Why am I feeling as if... He is calling me..."

"You are almost there. Melchior Raven-Hayes..." Camazotz got Melchior's attention once more. "Almost. You have to unleash your true self, dear peasant."

"What do you mean?!" Melchior asked assuming a serious countenance. "Are you implying I am...?!"

A wicked, rough laugh was heard through the entire camp. Ixtab was on her way back, carrying some special items with her when the laughter took place. The elder Shaman screamed in fear, dropping everything on the ground.

The laughter woke both Anael and Kimi up, causing them to jump off their beds and run towards the wicked sound.

"Leader, what the hell is this?!" Kimi asked.

"I have absolutely no idea, Kimi." Anael replied. "However, it is clear that both Melchior and Ixtab are in danger. If that's so, we've got to hurry!"

Kimi nodded affirmatively and they started to run faster than before. Anael grabbed the Heart of Guatemala and used it to convert both him and Kimi into Elite Dragon and Ice Guardian respectively.


Melchior was giving a raging look at Camazotz, whose laughter stopped right afterwards.

"Please... Spare me of that crap." Answered Camazotz. "Are you so slow you couldn't even realize what happens to your body?"

"It makes absolutely no sense!" Protested Melchior. "I cannot be..."

"Why?" Interrupted Camazotz. "I sense this energy in you, Melchior. Though you do not belong entirely to the World of the Dead, you also do not belong to the World of the Living. You are similar to a bridge, for your energy joins both worlds..."

Melchior stood up, facing the creature with fright and curiosity in his eyes. Could Camazotz be right?

"... You may be thinking: I cannot be such creature, for I am copper-skinned, and sunlight doesn't affect me. Also, I have no problems dealing with metals such Silver, Platinum or even Palladium, and garlic has no power over me... You are right. For now. The question here, Melchior Raven-Hayes, is: how long will you be able to resist to your true nature? When will you become... a Vampire?"

"I am no vampire!" Protested Melchior. "How can you say something like that?!"

"Have you forgotten who I am,  Elemental Alchemist?!" Camazotz's tone of voice scared Melchior, whose eyes got wider and his countenance showed more and more fear. "I am the Master of your true race, Raven-Hayes! I recognize my children from afar, and your destiny is on my wings, Blue Moon Knight! Mark my words: when the right time comes... You will thank me for warning you so soon..."

"Quetzal Missile!"

The Bat-God saw an enormous quetzal coming towards him; as a response, he hit it with his right wing and made the energy vanish. Then, Elite Dragon and Ice Guardian came out of the darkness. Camazotz look at them and gave them the scariest evil laughter he was able to after becoming a single Tarot Card, which floated until Melchior grabbed it.

"I guess he is the God who's looking after me, then..." Melchior whispered, slightly scared.

"What happened here, Melchior?" Elite Dragon asked, worried.

"Well..." Melchior was too scared to tell them the truth. "...To be honest... I don't know..."

The Salvadorian was looking to the sky with fright. He could see a large number of bats flying away near the full moon. He felt something changing deep inside him.

"Oh my god..." He said quite breathless. "My blood... ARGH! HELP!"

Melchior fell in his knees, screaming in agony and pain; he felt his blood boil inside his veins, as if life was being taken away from him. His skin was becoming slightly lighter than normal, and his eyes were starting to acquire a strange bloody-red glow.

"Help!" Melchior shouted, suffering. "Help me please! What is happening to me?!"

"Ay Dios mio!" Anael said. "Kimi, help me hold Melchior! We have to find out what's going on!"

Elemental Alchemist continued to scream in pain, crying as he tried to breathe. What was going on with the Magician?

To Be Continued...


The Sun was setting on the sky when Maya's turn arrived. The stars began to appear in the sky, and the Knights could see some constellations in the increasingly dark sky. Maya and Thalas were sitting a bit away from the other Knights, staring at the stars in quite a romantic mood.

"That one is Southern Cross..." Pointed Maya to Thalas. "...Also known as  Crux..."

The Shaman went closer to the couple with a serene countenance.

"Maya, I need you to come with me." She said. "For your problem, I think now it is the best time to solve it."

Maya nodded affirmatively and gave Thalas a shy kiss. Then, she stood up and followed the Shaman to elsewhere. Her heart was beating faster and louder than it ever bet before.

"Will she be able to give me my powers back?" Maya thought sadly. "I hope she can... Or else..."

"Don't worry..." Said Ixtab with serenity. "We will figure this out, darling..."

Suddenly, Ixtab stopped walking. The elder woman led Maya into an isolated, dark glade in which Melchior and Anael were waiting for her.

"Actually, we will figure it out." The Shaman said.

"We will do everything we can to help you, Mayacita." Said Anael with a smile.

"From a Magician to another, Maya, I won't let Mictlantecuhtli win, that's for sure." Said Melchior determinated.

"Guys... Thank you so much!" Replied Maya, who got emotional.

"Well..." The Shaman sighed when sitting on the grass. "Let's get started; I want to solve your problem and Melchior's, if possible."

"Ok." Replied Maya, anxious.

Melchior conjured a small fireball in his right hand, which acquired the magenta color when Ixtab threw the magical powder in it. Maya's heart bet faster than before, and she got even more anxious and nervous.

"Maya, take your time..." Anael said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "We are here for you."

Maya nodded affirmatively, and so did Melchior, giving her a mischievous smile and looks.

"Well... My name is Maya Altahuela, also known as Black Witch; I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. My parents died due to the Mitch Hurricane and my aunt and uncle took care of me as if I were their daughter. Since I do not look alike them, people always made bad comments, you know?" A tear came out of her eyes. "Sorry, guys... I have never been the brightest star, you know? People have always looked down at me, and that killed me! I... I didn't want to lose my powers, it was the only thing that was completely mine, you know? I... I need your help! I need the Corazon's help, I need your help, Shaman! Please!... Don't let my star fade away!"

She started crying, breaking the boys' hearts.

"I understand exactly how you feel..." Melchior said. "I know... I am also afraid that my star fades as well; we finally brought you back to us, and we do not have the intention of letting you go. You are Maya Altahuela and Black Witch, and one cannot live without the other."

Ixtab listened to them carefully. She became quite reflexive. Then, she looked at Anael, who had a sad countenance.

"I have an idea." She said. "But first, I need you, elite Dragon, to give me the Corazon of Guatemala free-willing. Can you do that?"

"I suppose I can..." Anael replied timidly.

"Do not be afraid - I won't steal it, if that's what's concerning you." Replied the Shaman, seeing Anael's concern in his eyes. "I know how powerful this piece is and I understand Gods entrusted you with the mission of bearing it. What I am going to do is to unleash a new side of its power in order to aid Maya. Black Witch, please continue talking. The Gods need to know what's deep inside you, so the Corazon will find a way to aid."

"Alright..." Maya sighed. "Where was I? Oh, I remember. Well, since I didn't get along with most of the kids at my age, my notebook became my best, silent friend. I wrote down everything I felt, everything that has happened to me... Things for me never sounded to become real unless I wrote it. However, since my power loss... I don't have courage to write. It... It hasn't become real to me, I can't believe this is happening!"

Ixtab stood up and lifted the Heart of Guatemala, activating its powers. The liquid Shaman-Stone began to glow and spread light in the shape of various animals, mixing its power with those emanated by the colored flame, which left Melchior's hand and joined the bright dance, spinning and twisting near them, especially near Maya. Various quetzal were formed, changing from turquoise to magenta at every cycle they performed. Melchior and Anael started smiling, bewildered at such power. The Honduran Maya, however, was looking at one mysterious light shadow, which hasn't changed to turquoise.

"I can see..." The Shaman whispered. "I can see the Gods' will. They want you to be as swift, cautions and venom as the non-legged reptiles we worship..."

The same shadow converted itself into a large, triangle headed, green and brown snake, which also had white eyes and triangle scales.

"The Guatemalan Palm-pit viper!" Anael shouted. "This must be the one! This is your sacred animal, Maya!"

"Yes..." Maya whispered. "I can see this as well..."

Ixtab let the Shaman-Stone fluctuate gently in the middle of the circle formed by her, Maya, Melchior, Anael and the light creatures. Maya closed her eyes and opened her hands. Her hair was bouncing on the gentle wind, and the snake involved her body in a powerful embrace, involving the Honduran girl in a magenta light mantle, causing the others to cover their eyes.

"Is this... The power of the Heart?" Anael asked.

On the meantime this was happening, the other Knights saw the magenta light pillar with curiosity and surprise. They haven't hesitated to come after the source of all this power.

"Corazon de Guatemala!" Maya shouted from the pillar.

All the memories regarding the last events came into her mind as the power emanating from the Heart of Guatemala changed her clothes. She could remember seeing her friends bending at the fierce, cruel power of Chalchiuhtlicue, a wicked version of her. She was the incarnation of her fears and hatred, her inner demons in only one person.

"Not anymore..." She thought. "I won't be mastered by the worst of me. No... I am my own Master!"

The light disappeared, and a revamped Black Witch was there; her Shaman Marking had a witch hat with a Quetzal behind it, and it was located on the center of her back, being one of the largest Shaman Markings so far.

She was wearing a long, black skirt with purple details in its ending; a golden belt with a turquoise half-moon as its buckle; a silky lilac pair of gloves with turquoises and light purple jewels in its ending, in the shape of a flower; a topless, shell-shaped purple bra with the Honduran flag in its ending, hanging exactly of the middle of the bra, a pair of purple and violet high heels with turquoise beads. Also, the Heart made a unique Shaman-Stone to her: it was a single piece in the shape of all five stars of the Honduran flag.

"Ay, Diós mio..." Said Maya, bewildered and happy. I can't believe this is happening..."

The, the palm-pit viper appeared once again, and it assumed the shape of the Fallen Mayan Master's Scepter, the one Chalchiuhtlicue used to cause the amount of destruction she once did.

It rapidly changed into another kind of staff. In front of Maya's eyes, the Honduran watched carefully the metamorphosis. The bones were whiter and had a light blue shade; the main circle became golden and featured the dark-blue five stars, in which the central one was darker, and the other got brighter as they got away from the middle, similar to those of Maya's Shaman-Stone.

"She is gone..." Whispered Maya with a smile. "She is gone..."

At that moment, Anael and Melchior were already able to see Maya's extreme makeover, and the other Knights arrived at the place. When she looked at all of them, especially Thalas, her smile became wider, and tears of joy came out of her golden eyes.

"Chalchiuhtlicue is no more!" Maya shouted happily. "Black Witch is back to the game, bitches!"

Ixtab discretely laughed at this statement; she then gave the Heart back to Anael and converted the other light figures into one Tarot Card, which she gave Maya.

"Today, the Gods blessed you twice." She said to Maya. "The Old Goddess Ixchel, patron of Weavers and once patron of birth, is the one who is looking after you closer than the others. I hope her powers help you find your path as a Shaman and Magician, so that your powers will never fade away."

"Thank you so much!" Said Maya, hugging the elder Shaman. "Thank you one thousand times!"

"It is getting late..." Commented Kimi, quite sleepy. "I think we should go to bed. Melchior, you are the one missing, right?"

"Well, I believe I am." Replied the red-haired Salvadorian. "However, if it is too late, I believe we can do this tomorrow, I won't mind."

"Actually, I think all of them should go to bed." Ixtab declared. She then came closer to Melchior and whispered in his ear. "For your reading, I believe it will be better if we have no witnesses. Don't interpret me wrong, but your aura needs to be evaluated with no interruptions, if possible."

"Well... Ok, if that's you need..." Melchior replied.

The Shaman guided all the other Knights back to the Shaman Camp. On the meantime, Melchior sat on the ground, looking at the starry sky; a bat flew near him, arriving just a few centimeters away from him.

"Oh, a baby bat." Melchior said after a sigh.

He then put the animal in his hands, looking at the creature.

"So small... Yet quite dangerous..." He said sadly. "I feel that we are quite similar. Am I like you?"

To Be Continued...

- Kaiser -

It was about noon when Kaiser's turn was about to begin. The Shaman asked for a break so that they could have lunch. Anael went to Ixtab Blanca's kitchen - a modest room with mahogany balconies, a wood fire stove and a large round table with ten chairs.

The Welsh Guatemalan grabbed some ingredients and unpacked his knives. Curious, both Kaiser and Ixtab Blanca went inside to watch a junior chef in action.

"A boy who knows how to cook? Now that's different!" Commented Blanca with a smile, sitting on a chair.

"Well, when you live with a mother who works long shifts, you have to learn your way in order not to get hungry!" Replied Anael with a discrete laughter. "Kaiser, would you like to help me? It would be really helpful to me if you cut the vegetables and the salmon for me. When cutting the fish, please be careful in order to clean it properly, right?"

"Of course!" Kaiser happily accepted, grabbing the knives Anael gave him.

Ixtab observed the scene with a smile. At that moment, Melchior made his entrance, followed by Thalas, Maya, Altagracia and Kimi, who was still upset.

"So, what's on the menu?" Melchior asked mischievously while sitting near the Shaman.

"Something simple..." Answered Anael while heating the pans. "Do you guys like fish? I am going to prepare salmon and other stuff with it."

"Wow!" Thalas said. "That's fine for me!"

"I have no objections!" Maya said with a smile.

"Fine them!" Anael replied with a smile while prepping the food. "Just wait a bit... Kaiser, give me those onions and... Well, give me everything!"

White the fish was cooking on a pan, Anael rapidly prepared a salad with a modest variety of vegetables and leaves. He also toasted some almonds and pieces of bread, which he spread over the salad. He asked Kaiser to put the bowl on the table while he carried the cooked salmon to the table.

"Well, I guess it is all set!" Anael said with a smile. "Let's eat then!"

"All applause the chef! This looks freaking great!" Melchior said with a smile.

They all had eaten in silence, eager to hear what Ixtab had next to Kaiser, who was still very serious and hadn't said a word since the beginning of the lunch. He hadn't even looked at Kimi, who was still very sad. The shaman noticed it all, and she was ready to move forward in her turn to solve the twin's issue.


One hour later...

The Shaman led them to the Camp once again in order to finish the ritual. She had a serious countenance, which worried both Anael and Mr. Zelaya a bit. Before continuing the procedure, she asked for Mr. Zelaya, for she had some things to say to her beloved nephew.

"Kaiser's heart damages seem bigger than I thought..." She whispered to him.

"Well, is it something you can solve?" Mr. Zelaya whispered, worried.

"I believe it is... However, if I can't... I am afraid I force him to unleash so many monsters that even the Corazon won't be able to master..."

Mr. Zelaya put his hand in her aunt shoulder, looking at her with a smile.
"I have a hundred percent faith on you, auntie." He said with a discrete smile. "You will find a way to solve this situation... You always find, anyways."

The elder lady smiled at the History teacher, walking towards the Shaman Camp with her strange, magical powder in hands. Kaiser was sitting near the campfire, looking at Ixtab with the same seriousness he once showed.

"Ready, DarkStalker?" She asked, looking inside his eyes.

"Of course. Let's get this done." He replied as he slowly blinked his eyes to the Shaman.

She threw the powder on the flames, which became lilac.

"The Gods want to hear you, DarkStalker. There's no turning back now..." Whispered the Shaman.

"Never I intended to escape from this task, dear Shaman..." Kaiser said with seriousness. "And this will still be so. Very well, let me start this."

He took a deep breath and stood up, looking deep inside Ixtab's eyes. As Kaiser went talking, the flames made images out of his speech.

"I am the one called Kaiser Das Vaali, also known as DarkStalker. At the age of  five, after escaping, I have no idea how, from the hellfire my own brother conjured against me, I was executed. The reason? The deceased Emperor El, who couldn't stand defeat. He was older than me and we were playing a game. He just couldn't admit he lost to a child! Funny, huh?"

He then looked angrily at Kimi, who felt intimidated as the flames grew bigger and started to dance near him as Kaiser gave him his look full of disdain.

"You guys may be wondering how many events I recall... Well, they are not as much as I wanted, I've got to tell you. However, I think I remember the key events of my life and Kimi's. Though I haven't remembered who my parents were, I remember being raised by an aunt of ours, I believe, who wasn't a good person. Her name was Marja... I remember her face pretty well... Do you also remember, Kimi?"

"Unfortunately, I do." Kimi replied with a sad smile. "She was a mean woman, no doubt. He stayed with her for... Almost a year and a half, right?"

"Exactly." Kaiser replied coldly. "Heh, I can say I faced Hell thrice in my life - one was Kimi's fault; the second was consequence of the first and the third... The third... All you know. My soul didn't go to a restful place, it was cursed by Dad's wicked book!"

He took a deep breath while the flames continued with their wicked dance near the Knights. Blanca's eyes got slightly wider, for she sensed something wrong in that picture.

"What a threatening energy!" She thought. "This is Void, no doubt. I think it's the first time I sense the power of the deceased flowing from one's body so intense! Will I be able to help him tame it?"

"A thing Dad wasn't able to predict about Sankari..." Said Kaiser with anger in his voice. "... Was the fact that the one who tried to change it somehow would attain a Curse. I only discovered that after I realized were I was." His voice suddenly got gloomy and sad. " The Sankari led me to a dark void, you know? My soul was trapped on that abandoned temple down in the jungles of Tijuana... I was forced to guard that Book and wait... Wait until I was forgiven... Or... Until someone broke the rules and took the Book away..."

The scenario was getting even more dangerous than Ixtab thought. She had to intervene; before the flames could hurt anyone, she commanded them, forcing the fire to regroup near her and dance only on the campfire. She was looking with a serious, reproving countenance to Kaiser, who understood. He closed his eyes and let some of his anger go.

"Sorry, fellows..." He said. "I have to say that my history does not help me out - I've possessed my brother's body, almost killed Gracia and haunted you for a while... Also... I was quite a troublemaker...Well, I will move forward to the good stuff and then... I will tell you something shocking, which is truly my confession to this ground..."

He took a deep breath. Before proceeding, however, Anael intervened, shocked.

"Wait a second! You almost...Killed my sister?!" He shouted, shocked and angry.

"Hermano mayor, I fought him when we were in Tenochtitlan!" Altagracia intervened, concerned. "I know you have only seen me after we buried Iracema, but the truth is that I didn't only forced Kimi to make me a Knight, but also came to the Sun Temple with him! Kaiser hasn't only taken over control of Kimi's body, but came out of him in a new body of his own and started attacking me! Luckily, a weird and enormous amount of water came to the floor and prevented him from hitting me with his harpoon... I was able to conjure a vortex which dragged all the water and then Kimi woke up and helped me..."

Everyone stared at both Altagracia and Kaiser with shocked looks.

"We were about to have a nice moment aaaaand... It's gone." Melchior commented with a roll of eyes.

"I cannot believe in it..." Anael hissed. His anger came to both twins. "I don't know which is worse - the one who game my sister powers without my permission or the one who threatened her life!"

"I know I did something I shouldn't!" Kimi said. "However, if it wasn't for Altagracia, we would leave the battlefield more often. I know right deeds do not erase wrong actions, but you have to admit your sister is the best healer we have! The amount of powers Altagracia bears is beyond our imagination!"

Anael was still quite angry, and Kaiser decided to talk.

"You are right." He said. "I did bad things to your sister - I threatened an infant, and there is nothing worse than that. The abused became the abuser on that same day; do you think I like it? No. No, I don't. Unfortunately, my vengeful and angry side controlled me for almost a decade... However, thanks to you... And a certain person... I've found enough motive to control my feelings and fight my inner demons..."
Anael's anger diminished with those words. Though he still felt angry at Kaiser, he recognized the Finn's changes and nodded affirmatively.

"Thanks to you" He continued with a smile. "I had the opportunity to start over. Yes, my relationship with Kimi ain't perfect, but it is better than being alone and forgotten somewhere. I am an emotional person - I know I am incarnated passion, and the Shaman here has sensed this, I know. I also know I had developed an enormous passion for Geography and Archeology, and I am dreaming about working in this area; I also find Geology nice, so I am also taking this one into consideration..."

He then gave a mischievous smile to everyone present. He seemed a bit nervous, and the Shaman knew why.

"Time to confess, Kaiser." She said. "Indeed, you are incarnated passion. And this passion brought you many discoveries, didn't it?"

"Indeed..." Kaiser sighed, nervous. "Well, I think I cannot hide this from you guys. Kimi is already aware of it... However, since I also consider you guys a family, I need to be completely honest with you."

"You are starting to scare me, Kai." Thalas said. "Say it at once!"

"Ok..." Sighed Kaiser.

"Relax..." Melchior mischievously interrupted Kaiser. "We are your friends, and we will still be, no matter what."

"Ok then." Replied Kaiser with a discrete laughter. "If that's so, I am going to tell you. I believe you remember the Templar Dragons, don't you?"

"How could we forget?" Asked Anael rhetorically. "Those bastards almost razed Guatemala to the ground. It was almost as bad as Eclipse's times..."

"Indeed..." Commented Thalas. "Those guys... Lorcan especially... I am so glad they are all burning in Hell..."

That comment made Kaiser's countenance become sad and gloomy. Except for one Templar, he would agree with Thalas. All memories regarding those young were revived in Kaiser's mind, as he cursed the day those men were brought back to life.

"But that Lancelot one seemed nice!" Said Maya. "The Canadian one, with silver hair, remember? He didn't seem bad at all!"

Kaiser closed his eyes at that moment, and all good memories with him came out once more.

"He was the one who saved your life, Kai!" Altagracia said sadly. "He was the one who died defending you against Tristan, wasn't he?"

Altagracia's words made Kaiser look at everyone with a surprised and sad countenance. Tears were falling from his face as his mind suddenly brought him back to reality.

"Hold on a second!" Melchior said. "I thought Tristan went straight to Anael! I didn't recall you being attacked by two Templars at once!"

"Neither did I!" Anael said. "When I met him for the last time, he was threatening Consuelo..."

"He went for me first... Because of Lancelot." Kaiser said sadly. "All Templars chose one of us to be their main prey: Tristan chose Anael because of Consuelo, Lorcan chose Thalas and Maya for obvious reasons... And Lancelot chose... Me. That's where my confession begins. Guys, I need you to promise me something. No matter what I say, please treat me the same way you've been doing. Don't change the way you look at me or talk to me, for I'll stay the same."

"Ok, this is getting too serious." Said Melchior. "For Kukulkan's sake, Kai! Spit it out!"
"Very well..." Kaiser sighed. "Lancelot prevented me to get killed because... He loved me. And so did I."

"Wait, what?!" Everyone shouted, except Kimi, who was already aware of that.

"Yes..." Kaiser continued. "I was in love with a man. Truth is that Lancelot planned to get closer to me from the very beginning. Never in a million of years I have thought I'd actually like him and vice-versa. He discovered my weakness to love or compassion in the jungle, when he dragged me there to kill me; actually, he only drove me there in order to reveal his identity... And save my life. I know he was the first one I've ever loved, and it may seem impulsive, but I know deep inside my soul... I am homosexual."

"You...Gay?!" Thalas and Melchior asked simultaneously. "No way!"

"Yes, way..." Replied Kaiser mischievously. "I am gay, and I am coming out of the closet, and I do not intent to stay there any longer; the sooner, the better, right? I'd rather suffer from the prejudice than giving up of who I am just to please people I don't give a damn about!"

"Kai..." Anael was shocked and surprised; a smile came to his face. "You are the bravest man I've ever known. I really admire your courage." He stood up and shook Kaiser's hand strongly. "No matter what, you still are my friend, and I have all reason in this world to accept and admire you, and all ones who have prejudices can go to Hell!"

"Kiitos!" Kaiser said happily.

"As Anael said, you are a brave man." Thalas stood up and repeated Anael's action. "For that, I congratulate you; also, I know that Lancelot is happy and proud, watching you somewhere."

"I feel the same..." Replied DarkStalker with a shy tear in his left eye. "I hope he is looking after me... No matter where he is."

"I've got to tell you." Melchior approached mischievously. "This is going to be a bit weird for me. Nevertheless, when I said we would still be friends no matter what, I really meant it. Welcome to the light, Kaiser. May the closet never traps you again, never!"

Kaiser replied with a smile, and tears were coming out of his face. Then, Maya came closer to him and gave him a kiss in his cheek.

"To be honest, I already knew it." Said the Honduran girl. "I am happy to see you trust us so much that you felt comfortable to share this with us. I hope we can make your life easier!"

The other Knights stood back as Kimi stoop up and stayed in front of Kaiser, separated only by one meter of distance. Ice Guardian had a serene smile in his face.

"As I said once to you, my brother... I couldn't be prouder. I am not going to lie to you, this world will be mean, harsh, hostile and cruel to you, People will judge you without even knowing who you truly are; some will prevent you from entering where you want, and despise will be something you'll witness a lot. However, you can make the choice of coming back to the closet and become someone you are not, or... You can shout it out loud - I am Kaiser Das Vaali, proudly homosexual - and tell everyone to screw themselves and be yourself. I couldn't be prouder of the brother I have. Our relationship ain't perfect, but it is the best thing I have in my pretty miserable life. You can count on me every time you need; I won't let you down, alright?"

"I have the best brother ever!" Kaiser cried, hugging Kim's shoulders with all strength he had. "Sorry for being so mean to you today!"

"As you said..." Kim replied serene. "You are incarnated passion; such reaction didn't surprise me at all..."

"I hate to interrupt that beautiful moment..." Ixtab said with a smile. "...However, I have to interrupt this event to finish my ritual..."

The flames revealed the Quetzal and four Jaguars, which walked neat the Knights in a respectful way. As Blanca began talking, the flames were transformed into one single Card, as she did before.

"The Jaguars are the Gods of the sunset, the ones who rise in the depths of Xibalba to guide the souls in there. Their growls are seen as omens, and some believe Shamans can assume their form. In a way, we can; Jaguars are strong, fierce and careful. You have great powers, Kaiser, and you have a long way to go before you can achieve your full throttle. The Jaguar Gods will guide you, so take this Card, and never lose it, understood?"

"Understood, ma'am." Kaiser replied happily. "Thanks for your advice!"

The flames appeared in the campfire once more. However, instead of being bright as the five before, it was weaker, yet its magenta color was stronger than all others.

"Well... Black Witch, we've got a trickier situation here..." Declared the Shaman. Are you sure you want to go through it?"

"More than ever." Maya replied determinated. "I want to get my powers back. I want to be a Knight once again. I've fought all my way to achieve it, and I won't let anyone steal it from me. Shall we?"

To Be Continued...


"Well, it is Iceman's turn!" Melchior said. "Ready to speak, my friend?"

"Ready as always..." Replied Kimi. "So... Where do we begin, Mrs. Ixtab?"

"We begin where we always do... From the beginning..."

The Shaman conjured her flames, which surrounded the Knights as they moved. They were not hot flames - they were as cold as Kimi's ice powers.

"It tickles me!" Commented Altagracia, laughing as the flames passed through her neck.

"Why are the flames behaving differently?" Kaiser asked. "Does that have anything to do to Kimi's powers' nature?"

"Yes." The Shaman replied. "Since Kimi manipulates Ice and Water, these magical flames will reflect that. The only reason it didn't occur with the others was because of the other properties both fire and their elements had in common - Elite Dragon manipulates Lightning, and fire generates light; Lotus Flower also manipulates Light, so there's not much to say about it. Electro Archer uses Electro in his ammunition, and Electro was believed to be a sacred combination of metals in Ancient Egypt, relating them to lightning, light and even the moonlight."

"Well, that explains a lot!" Maya said. "I wonder how the flames will react when my time comes..."

"I can sense a paradox energy in you, my lady..." Commented Ixtab. "I'll talk about it later, darling. Actually, both you and Melchior seem to have the same...Paradox, so to speak."

"Will this paradox bring my powers back?" Maya thought concerned.

"Paradox..." Thought Melchior reflexive. "Will it be able to justify the weird thing that were happening to me lately?"

"Let's move on to you, Ice Guardian!" The Shaman suddenly said, drawing all the attention to her and Kimi. "Take a deep breath and take your time. Whenever you want."

"Fine them..." Kimi replied, sighing with a gloomy smile. "I don't think this divan section is as bad as it seems... Even Anael was able to do it, so..."

The others started laughing at Anael, who got slightly angry at the Iceman.

"Hey!" Anael censored with a mischievous smile. "What was that supposed to mean?!"

"He, he, he... Sorry, Leader." Ice Guardian replied with a smile. "I couldn't avoid. Anyways, let's begin this thing."

He took a deep breath and looked into the dancing flames near him.

"My name is Kim Das Vaali; I was born in Vastoria, Deeper Finland. As you know, I am the older twin: I was born 2 minutes before Kaiser cried for the first time. The awkward thing was that... I didn't cry at all! Mom said once that instead of crying and screaming like crazy, I just kept looking at the doctor with some kind of curiosity..."

"That's weird!" Kaiser commented. "When did Mom tell you that?"

"I think we were about 3." Kimi replied. "It was a funny day, actually, for you and I were arguing about something stupid which was related to that topic..." He suddenly hit his forehead with his right hand's palm. "Oh, such an idiot! I remember it now! I was mocking at you - you had hurt your knee when falling on the ground. You used to be a crybaby, I remember it well!"

"Such a nice brother..." Mocked Kaiser. "Mrs. Shaman, may I address some questions to my brother?"

"Well, if you think they are going to help..." The Shaman replied. "I have no objections. Go on."

"Okay them..." DarkStalker nodded. "Kimi... What were our parents' names?"

"Oh... You don't remember..." Kimi said in a gloomy tone. "That's sad... It seems that you death vanished most of your memories... Well... Our mother's name was Arievelo. I think she was about 26 when she had us. People in Vastoria said that both you and me looked much more like her than our father, Sona. Our mom was a beautiful figure; if Galadriel* was real, they'd have quite similar looks..."

Kimi passed his left hand slowly through his long hair as he let memories come back to his mind.

"She was about 1,75 meters, if I am not mistaken; her hair was much longer than mine, and she used to let them loose. She wore a jeweled headdress, which was made by her. She was elegant as a princess and fierce as a warrior. She was a kind person and a loving mother. She used to protect us a lot, but she seemed to prefer you, he, he, he..."

He shut his mouth for a while to play with the dancing cold flame. A gloomy smile came into his face.

"Funny thing, though, was that you seem not to like Mom that much. You were always coming after father, who was quite aloof for a parent. He was tall, almost two meters in height, quite strong and never had a smile in his face. He was a hard man, I've got to tell you. As infants, I think he didn't have much patience to deal with us. Yet, he seemed to like me better... People say that... I've got some of his traits. I don't know if it is either a compliment or a critic..."

His countenance got slightly sadder, and Kaiser could see some tears coming out his brother's face.

"What's wrong?" Kaiser asked.

"Nothing..." Kimi sighed, trying not to cry. "Well, Sona had long, straight, hazel hair, which he always wore in a long braid. His eyes were light green, and he always had a book in his hands; he was a scholar, so to speak. I believe Dad liked the fiction world more than reality; apparently, I hold the theory that he didn't accomplish as much things as he wanted. He was the royal Librarian of the Fortress; there was no book or scroll he didn't knew or read. And if there was one, you could bet he was coming for it in order to get all knowledge he could... And this is where Sankari comes to light in this role of my life..."

The Knights looked at Kimi with surprise.

"What does he mean?" Anael thought. "Wasn't this book..."

"...A relic?" Thalas also thought. "We found it in Tijuana... What the hell?"

"I do not like the looks of this..." Maya thought.

"What do you mean with that?" Altagracia and Kaiser asked at the same time, anxious.

"Kimi..." Melchior said in a serious tone. "What's the meaning of all of this. Have you omitted something about the Hero's Book?"

"Unfortunately, I did." Kimi said. "Do you guys remember when I first told you of it? I revealed how I obtained it... And the price it cost. The truth is I hid an important piece of this story - my father..."

"Before you say anything, I must confess I always found that story quite fishy. No offense." Melchior interrupted. "If you finally found the strength and courage to clarify things... Go ahead."

"Kiitos..." Kimi said after sighing. "Sorry for not being honest from the very beginning, but I... This book brings me lots of memories which I'd rather keep for myself, but... I'd better spit it out now or I'll pass out, seriously... Well, the truth is that I only got that book because... Because Father had it."

All of them looked at Kimi completely shocked.

"What?!" Melchior said. "Your father didn't steal it, did he?! Did he do it, Kimi?"

"Well... He did more than that..." Kimi said with seriousness. "He didn't steal it only... He also did a perfect and enhanced copy of it... Which is the actual book I bear."

"Wait a second!" Kaiser intervened, shocked and surprised. "Are you saying..."

"This isn't the real Sankari." Kimi said. "The real one burned down with him and Mom; I never found out why Dad did it. He kept the original notes in the book, which is perceptive if you look at the paper's state. However, there are new features that even the Emperors would never imagine. I don't understand why, when and how Dad did it... The only thing is that he got caught... Because of me."

"Kimi, what on Earth have you done?!" Kaiser asked in a slightly raging tone.

"I..." Kimi started babbling. "I... I stole it from his personal vault! I once saw him storing stuff inside it and I was able to memorize the hand movements he made to unlock it. One day, you went to sleep earlier than I and Mom was busy cleaning the house. Dad had gone off to work and his office was empty. I rushed to the door, opened it and entered. There were so many things lying there... books, notes, papers, inks of all sorts... Wish I never entered there... I wish I've never seen the vault, opened it and took the book out of it. What I regret the most about this experience was... Reading the first sentences of the book."

Tears came out of his eyes; he passed his hands through his hair nervously.

"They were the first words I've read. I didn't think for a moment they were enchantments of any sort! The words were:  

'Niille, jotka ovat syntyneet syvyyksiin eteerinen jään ...
Sillä ne, jotka eivät koskaan tuntenut lämpöä auringonvalon
Sinulle, ainoa vihollinen miinoja, jotka tuhosi tämän unelman

Kuka loukussa minua tässä jääkylmä vankilaan
Voi tunnet kipua tuhat valonsäteet
Voi raivoaa tulipalo polttaa sinut kokonaan

Olkoon tuhkaa edelleen levoton
Ja sielusi polttaa ikuinen
Tulipalot helvetistä!'

Which mean:

'For those who were born in the depths of the ethereal ice...
For the ones who never felt the heat of the sunlight
For you, the only enemy of mine, who destroyed this dream

Who trapped me in this icy cold prison
May you feel the pain of thousand light rays
May the raging fire burn you entirely

May your ashes remain restless
And your soul burning in the eternal
Fires from hell!' "

The cold flames showed everyone the scenario. As Kimi spoke, the images revealed the scenario just as it occurred; the sentences affected his surroundings by heating it more and more, until the flames finally appeared.

They all witnessed Kimi's escape from that living hell; the infant ran towards an open trapdoor in which he entered. He didn't notice, however, the spell locked the exits of the house, burning whoever was inside it.
Kimi was crying compulsively; the elder Shaman revealed the worst of his memories. The flames then concentrated near Kimi, assuming forms of an owl.

"Wisdom, Kimi." She said. "This is what you acquired from your storyline. You've learned a lot more than expected in those years you've been in this world. Also, I can sense more confidence and courage in you, Ice Guardian. Learning sometimes is no easy task. Nevertheless, if you accept the perils and tasks in your path for enlightenment...And Itzamna knows this better than anyone. This aged God knows how to reach the deepest secrets and facts. With this card... Your path will be clear as his knowledge. Do not lose this Card, for your life will depend on it from now on.

"Kiitos..." He whispered. "Well... I guess I have gotten rid of an enormous burden... Kaiser... I hope you can forgive me one day..."

Kaiser looked at Kimi with a serious countenance.

"So... You were really responsible for our family's ruin, weren't you? I don't know if forgiveness is what you are really looking for in this matter."

"What do you mean?" Kimi asked quite shocked.

"Come on, Kai! Give Kimi a break for once!" Melchior intervened upset. "He is starting over, and so are you! I know it is shocking, but... Please try to understand him!"

Kaiser sighed, disappointed; Kim kept in silence with his eyes closed and head down. The short-haired Finn looked at the flames Blanca had just conjured. His eyes were full of seriousness and anger.

"I guess you want me to say what I have deep inside my soul."

"Exactly." The Shaman replied. "I won't censor you, Kaiser; this is not my function. I am here to solve your spiritual problem, not your family issues. If I can do it and the first item, that would be ideal."

"Fair enough." Kaiser replied. "Let's get this done."

To Be Continued...

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