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"Ready to know your Shaman Path, Electro Archer?"

Thalas was hesitant; though he knew it was safe, the French Guatemalan didn't feel comfortable to talk in that place.

"Take your time..." Said Ixtab. "I know you are uncomfortable. I assume you don't talk much about yourself, right? You also seem to bear much more grief than Anael does. I am here to help you reach your inner peace and unleash the power you truly bear. Ready?"

The French Guatemalan took a deep breath and looked at the shaman with a serious, slightly angry countenance; the blue flames started to become black, which frightened the Shaman.

"I am Thalas-Juan Dharali├│n" He said "I am the children of the hatred, the one who knows prejudice better than anyone here. My parents, a Frenchwoman and a Guatemalan man, are no longer in the world of the living. I've been raised by an uncle for whom I do not care, an absent aunt and my cousin Felicia, the only person who gives me a break...".

He then gave a brief look to Anael before continuing.

"My childhood was mostly a waste of time..." He continued. "Funny people, the ones with whom I lived in the kindergarten - they are as much xenophobic as their parents can be! My skin tone and manners were always motives for them to make fun at me and treat me badly. Considering my live, hell ain't a bad place, after all."

"There must be something good about your life, Thalas." Said Blanca in a serene, yet surprised tone.

"Well, my uncle taught me Savate..." He said with a sad smile. "However, he was not a good master - he used physical punishment to discipline me. Though the scars are constantly making me feel in pain, I've got to say the old man taught me well. I became a Savate master within three years of intense training..."

He showed them the golden gloves he always carried with him - the symbol of Savate mastering.

"For a certain time, Savate and books were the only things keeping me away from trouble. I met Anael at the age of six, and he was the only person that understood my feelings. He offered me a friendly hand and shoulder when none did it for me. One protects the other, and it was been this way since I can remember..."
He then gave a shy look to Maya, who laughed discretely.

"When we became heroes, I was unsure about it, for I thought... I don't know, our group wasn't one which I thought that worked - I had issues with Melchior, and so did he. I think things got better when Maya showed up as my foe: I had someone to try to deal with instead of getting into brawls with Melchior..."

He looked to the birds flying above them.

"I am a gloomy, grin person most of times, I admit it." He continued. "I lack sense of humor, and I am always serious. Mostly, I prefer to keep things to myself and put my face between books and get lost in there. Maya was the one who kind of drove me away of that, for she conquered me... Oh God, that's cheesy! Am I really saying these things?"

All of the present people laughed at Thalas' last sentences. Then, the French Guatemalan smiled, closed his eyes and continued.

"Though I seem unpleasant, I know how to be a good company. I stand my ground for my beliefs and friends, and I never leave anyone behind. I have seen a drastic change in myself in this past year; if you asked m in the past, I'd never believe in the things I did or accomplished. I know I certainly have more and more to do, and that's what makes me happy about living. My achievements and goals are my inspirations for writing and archery... Well, I think I said everything relevant, I guess."

"These were quite impressive information, Thalas." Said the Shaman playing with the fire "Time to reveal your creature, right?"

She threw the flames on the sky, which formed the creature.

"You are just like a wolf, Electro Archer." She said "Like wolves, you are a loner, only joining the pack whenever is needed. When you are with your ones, however, you do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Your loyalty, courage and tenacity are impressive. Wolves are journey animals, which means they run the distances to find what they need. A new journey for you, Thalas, and for you only is what I see. That said, Ah Tabai, the God of the Hunt, is your patron, your Shaman Card."

She converted the wolf into a single tarot card, which she gave to Electro Archer.

"He will show you the way when you are lost, and will give you a light when others fade away. Never, never, ever lose it. This is as important as your life."

"I know." He replied with a smile. "I won't lose it. Thanks for your wisdom."

She smiled at the Knights, ready to repeat the ritual. When she lit the firecamp, instead of one single flame, two were formed - one in an ice-blue tone and other in a lilac tone.

"So,  am going to talk to the twins now..." Said the elder lady. "Who wants to go first?"

"I do." Kimi said. "I have some questions for you, if you don't mind."

"Very well, Ice Guardian." She said. "I will be more than happy to answer your questions..."

They looked to the flames; instead of two different ones, they merged into a single flame, which acquired a baby pink tone. Ixtab looked with surprise to the phenomenon; she then smiled, looking at the youngest Blue Moon Knight.

"Apparently, the Gods want me to talk to you first, Lotus Flower." She said. "Do you want to make your Confession in this Shamanic ground?"

"I'd love to!" Replied Altagracia happily. "Well, if Master Kimi doesn't mind..."

"I don't mind at all, Gracia." Replied the Finnish. "Ladies first. I can wait, don't worry about it."
Altagracia nodded affirmatively, ready to make her confessions.

"Well, my brother said most of the things I was about to say... However, I think I can make some additions to your database! Shall we?"

To Be Continued...


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