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-Tarot Session-

Anael's clock began to play Can't Repeat, by The Offspring. It was around 5 a. m. when the Welsh Guatemalan turned it off and got up. He turned the lights on and looked for one of his bags. Then, he put some clothes inside it as well as his journal, the Salamander Reports.

"Well, let's see if we can learn some Shaman secrets..." He thought "I hope she can answer our questions and find a way to give Maya's powers back... I'd hate to see her powerless and out of our society..."

Elite Dragon closed his bag, changed clothes, opened the door, turned the lights off and went to the room next to him in order to wake his sister up.

Surprisingly, Altagracia was already on her feet with her bags ready. She looked at her older brother with a mischievous smile on her face.

"You thought I wouldn't wake up, right?" She said in a mocking tone.

"Well, I did, mi rayo de Sol" He said. Anael went near Altagracia and gave her a kiss on her forehead "Let's go. We need to wake Melchior up."

The Moon'Seeker sibling then went downstairs in order to wake their guest. Before that, however, Altagracia held her brother's arm and looked at him with a gloomy countenance.

"Hermano mayor, why is Melchior here?" She asked with concern.

"Well, things got pretty tough in his place, you know?" Anael answered with caution "He didn't explain me the entire situation. However, since he is a friend in need, he is going to stay with us as long as he needs so. Understood?"

"Yes..." Altagracia replied with quite relief "I hope he can solve his issues, right? Like, it is not cool to have problems with family!"

"Indeed..." Anael said, opening the door.

Melchior was not sleeping. Instead, he was sitting on the bed, looking at the wardrobe in front of him. His backpack was ready, but the Salvadorian didn't seem ready for travelling. In fact, he was quite aloof, distant. When the siblings came in, he didn't do a single movement. He kept looking at the enormous object in the wall.

"Melchior?" Anael asked "Are you alright?"

"Uhm?" Melchior mumbled as if he just went out of a hypnosis session "Oh! Yeah, yeah! I am pretty fine!".

His countenance changed from surprised to mischievous on a blink of an eye. Elemental Alchemist stood up and got his backpack.

"I am ready. I'll lead us there. Come closer, please."

The siblings came closer to the Salvadorian mage, who started to intone a Mayan enchantment. A turquoise fog suddenly appeared and involved the trio, obeying Melchior's will.

"Transportio!" Casted Melchior.

The fog became a force field, disappearing almost immediately after its appearance, driving the trio with it.
They appeared on the meeting point proposed in the day before, where Mr. Zelaya was already waiting for them.

" I am impressed!" He commented when looking to his watch "You are the first ones to arrive... Let's see when the others will..."

A sudden noise interrupted Mr. Zelaya, who drove his attention to a lilac and purple light beam which fell nearby. It brought Kimi, Kaiser, Thalas and Maya with it. Melchior ironically clapped, which caused Thalas to look at him with a slightly angry smile in his face.

 "... Do the same..." Mr. Zelaya finished his sentence with a smile.

"Impressive!" Melchior commented with a mischievous smile "Your powers are getting increasingly bigger, Kaiser!"

"Thanks, dude!" Kaiser replied with a smile "The Void Teleportation is quite an achievement, I must say."

"Impressive. Well, you all are here, I can see. So, there is no point for us to be waiting outside. Please, enter on the bus." Mr. Zelaya said, entering on the vehicle near them.


The vehicle drove them out of Guatemala City, leading into the dense rainforests from the northern part of the country. They could see birds, trees, fields and all sorts of environments on their way.

"Ay, Dios mio! Mira, que hermoso, hermano mayor!" Altagracia said, exulted, while pointing at the animals shown on the way.

"Beautiful indeed, mi rayo de Sol..." Anael said with a smile. "Beautiful indeed..."
Thalas and Maya were sitting together, watching the landscape in a quite romantic mood. Kaiser was taking a nap and Kimi was talking to Mr. Zelaya in a friendly and enlightening chat.

"A... Tarot session?" Kimi asked "Like, for all of us?"

"Yes." Mr. Zelaya replied "I know this is quite different of your usual ways of spell casting; however, if used by an experienced teller, a tart card may tell more than simply your fortune."

"Well, I think that this is part of your Shaman path package, I guess..." Commented Ice Guardian with a smile "If that's so, I happily agree."

The History teacher stood up with a smile and his cards in plain sight.

"Attention, Knights!" He asked "Before we arrive, I want to give you... a clear path regarding our experience. If you could sit near me, I'd happily appreciate."

The Knights nodded affirmatively and rapidly obeyed, sitting near Mr. Zelaya, who started shuffling his cards.

"Well, as I explained to Ice Guardian, in the hands of an experienced teller, these cards may reveal much more than mere future. As a matter of fact, what I am about to read to you, my dear friends, will give you your very own steps into your individual and group Shaman Paths..."

The fortune-teller spread the cards over the floor and began his reading process. He was reading to each one of them and all of the group simultaneously, using the previous readings as links to the other, showing how much linked the Knights really were.


Shaman Camp, XultĂșn, Guatemala...

At last, the group arrived in the camp. It was around 6 p. m., and they could see the sunset behind them. Mr. Zelaya guided the group into the sacred place, walking towards a large tent, in which an old lady was waiting for them.

She was around her sixties, with long, straight silver hair, black eyes and various feathered jewels. She was quite chubby and short, measuring around 1,50 meters. Yet she was already an old lay, she looked young as if she was in her late 30s. She smiled and waved at Mr. Zelaya, who rapidly came at her and gave her his strongest and most loving hug.

"Long time no see, my dear aunt..." He said.

"Indeed, my beloved child" She replied "Care to say who your friends are? Are these..."

"We are the Blue Moon Knights, senora" Anael said with pride and respect. "Your nephew told us you could guide ourselves towards our Shaman Paths... Am I correct?"

"Well, that depends only on you, Knights." The old lady replied "Mi nombre es Ixtab Blanca Zelaya, and I am the Guardian of this Sacred place. I see you guys are quite tired, do I'll begin aiding you tomorrow morning. Let's say, about... 7 a. m.?"

"This time is perfect." Anael said with a smile. "I cannot wait to listen to what you've got to say!"

Ixtab nodded affirmatively and smiled at them. Then, she showed them the other tent, which already had some cots and a small wardrobe for them to store their belongings. A few minutes later, she called for Mr. Zelaya and went a bit further from the camp in order to chat with him.

"They seem powerful..." Ixtab said with her arms crossed "I can sense Kukulkan's power in that boy, Anael... Specially in him. Kukulkan seems to be protecting them."

"Indeed..." Agreed the History teacher and fortune-teller "It is more than that. It feels like all our ancient gods found on them the power they needed to protect us once more. It is not merely protection... They actually own their powers..."

The two Shamans then kept in silence, watching the starlit sky above them.

To Be Continued...


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