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"Ready to know your Shaman Path, Electro Archer?"

Thalas was hesitant; though he knew it was safe, the French Guatemalan didn't feel comfortable to talk in that place.

"Take your time..." Said Ixtab. "I know you are uncomfortable. I assume you don't talk much about yourself, right? You also seem to bear much more grief than Anael does. I am here to help you reach your inner peace and unleash the power you truly bear. Ready?"

The French Guatemalan took a deep breath and looked at the shaman with a serious, slightly angry countenance; the blue flames started to become black, which frightened the Shaman.

"I am Thalas-Juan Dharalión" He said "I am the children of the hatred, the one who knows prejudice better than anyone here. My parents, a Frenchwoman and a Guatemalan man, are no longer in the world of the living. I've been raised by an uncle for whom I do not care, an absent aunt and my cousin Felicia, the only person who gives me a break...".

He then gave a brief look to Anael before continuing.

"My childhood was mostly a waste of time..." He continued. "Funny people, the ones with whom I lived in the kindergarten - they are as much xenophobic as their parents can be! My skin tone and manners were always motives for them to make fun at me and treat me badly. Considering my live, hell ain't a bad place, after all."

"There must be something good about your life, Thalas." Said Blanca in a serene, yet surprised tone.

"Well, my uncle taught me Savate..." He said with a sad smile. "However, he was not a good master - he used physical punishment to discipline me. Though the scars are constantly making me feel in pain, I've got to say the old man taught me well. I became a Savate master within three years of intense training..."

He showed them the golden gloves he always carried with him - the symbol of Savate mastering.

"For a certain time, Savate and books were the only things keeping me away from trouble. I met Anael at the age of six, and he was the only person that understood my feelings. He offered me a friendly hand and shoulder when none did it for me. One protects the other, and it was been this way since I can remember..."
He then gave a shy look to Maya, who laughed discretely.

"When we became heroes, I was unsure about it, for I thought... I don't know, our group wasn't one which I thought that worked - I had issues with Melchior, and so did he. I think things got better when Maya showed up as my foe: I had someone to try to deal with instead of getting into brawls with Melchior..."

He looked to the birds flying above them.

"I am a gloomy, grin person most of times, I admit it." He continued. "I lack sense of humor, and I am always serious. Mostly, I prefer to keep things to myself and put my face between books and get lost in there. Maya was the one who kind of drove me away of that, for she conquered me... Oh God, that's cheesy! Am I really saying these things?"

All of the present people laughed at Thalas' last sentences. Then, the French Guatemalan smiled, closed his eyes and continued.

"Though I seem unpleasant, I know how to be a good company. I stand my ground for my beliefs and friends, and I never leave anyone behind. I have seen a drastic change in myself in this past year; if you asked m in the past, I'd never believe in the things I did or accomplished. I know I certainly have more and more to do, and that's what makes me happy about living. My achievements and goals are my inspirations for writing and archery... Well, I think I said everything relevant, I guess."

"These were quite impressive information, Thalas." Said the Shaman playing with the fire "Time to reveal your creature, right?"

She threw the flames on the sky, which formed the creature.

"You are just like a wolf, Electro Archer." She said "Like wolves, you are a loner, only joining the pack whenever is needed. When you are with your ones, however, you do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Your loyalty, courage and tenacity are impressive. Wolves are journey animals, which means they run the distances to find what they need. A new journey for you, Thalas, and for you only is what I see. That said, Ah Tabai, the God of the Hunt, is your patron, your Shaman Card."

She converted the wolf into a single tarot card, which she gave to Electro Archer.

"He will show you the way when you are lost, and will give you a light when others fade away. Never, never, ever lose it. This is as important as your life."

"I know." He replied with a smile. "I won't lose it. Thanks for your wisdom."

She smiled at the Knights, ready to repeat the ritual. When she lit the firecamp, instead of one single flame, two were formed - one in an ice-blue tone and other in a lilac tone.

"So,  am going to talk to the twins now..." Said the elder lady. "Who wants to go first?"

"I do." Kimi said. "I have some questions for you, if you don't mind."

"Very well, Ice Guardian." She said. "I will be more than happy to answer your questions..."

They looked to the flames; instead of two different ones, they merged into a single flame, which acquired a baby pink tone. Ixtab looked with surprise to the phenomenon; she then smiled, looking at the youngest Blue Moon Knight.

"Apparently, the Gods want me to talk to you first, Lotus Flower." She said. "Do you want to make your Confession in this Shamanic ground?"

"I'd love to!" Replied Altagracia happily. "Well, if Master Kimi doesn't mind..."

"I don't mind at all, Gracia." Replied the Finnish. "Ladies first. I can wait, don't worry about it."
Altagracia nodded affirmatively, ready to make her confessions.

"Well, my brother said most of the things I was about to say... However, I think I can make some additions to your database! Shall we?"

To Be Continued...


The sun rose beautifully in the sky above the Shaman Ground. Elite Dragon was the first one to leave his tent, followed by the other few minutes later. Ixtab was already waiting for them near an enormous campfire in the center of the Ground.

There were some tapestry on the grass, in which the Knights sat. Mr. Zelaya was next to the Shaman, playing with his cards and waiting for her to give him any command. As she saw them sitting down, she smiled and grabbed her staff in order to stand up.

"Good morning, Knights...Or should I call you Shamans?" Greeted the elder Shaman. "Well, I cannot call you Shaman... Yet. For this to become reality, I must take you to a place you think you know, but you have no idea of what it bears: your own mind."

They looked at her with a confused countenance. She laughed discretely and lit the campfire, throwing some powder on it. The flames changed colors, from red to light turquoise.

"Anael, you are the first." She announced. "This first step is quite simple. Tell us about... Your life."

"My life?" Asked the Welsh Guatemalan, surprised. "Well... I don't think I have much to say..."

"I don't think so..." Replied the Shaman mischievously. "If your color was displayed here, it means that your past, your historical, holds secrets and answers which you need to unleash. This is the time; if you want to tame your powers, you have to do this. Just take your time, I am in no hurry."

Anael looked into the turquoise flames; deep inside them, he could see what appeared to be a scene happening right in front of his eyes in rapid flashes of light. He widened his eyes and looked to the Shaman, who was waiting for him. Elite Dragon then took a deep breath and started speaking.

"Well, my full name is Anael Nathaniel Moon'Seeker, but I do prefer people to call me only by my first name. I was born in Guatemala City; I am the child of a Guatemalan diplomat, who happens to be my mother, and a Welsh firefighter, who happens to be my father..."

As he talked, the smoke above the flames started to make scenes exactly the same as Anael's speech, which surprised all of them. Elite Dragon's eyes were getting full of tears; he then took another deep breath and continued the speech.

"A father with whom I lived only until I was five... In this half decade, he taught me about his homeland, Wales, and how he would really like to see me studying there... I chose Elite Dragon as my identity in his tribute, for Dragons were his favorite creatures since I can remember."

"What happened to daddy, hermano mayor?" Altagracia asked with sadness.

"Well, uhm... He..." Anael hesitated, looking to the ground with his eyes half-closed "He..."
He took a deep breath before proceeding. The images came into the fire, showing Altagracia the truth she never knew.

"He died fighting against the monster he knew very well..." Anael said almost crying. "Five days after you were born, mi rayo de Sol, our first home was caught in flames... I can remember exactly how they were... It seemed as if a demon of some sort was commanding them. Mother got the two of us out of the house I don't know how... Dad, however..."

Anael closed his eyes and let the flames speak for him. It showed all of them how Anael's father died; the fire had surrounded him, leaving no escape for the Welsh firefighter, who had no other option then surrounding to the imminent death. Tears fell from his face, forcing the Guatemalan to hide his eyes with his left hand.

"You have been carrying this grief with you for a long time, my child..." Intervened Ixtab with a sad countenance. "And for that, I am truly sorry. No child should pass through something like that... You are a strong person indeed, Moon'Seeker."

Anael raised his head up, looking at the Shaman with a serious countenance. She them put her hands on the flames, moving them with her will.

"Tell us more about you, Elite Dragon." She said. "I know your life is not made all of sadness. Though your beginning was not a happy one, I bet your storyline is much happier than that."

"Indeed" Anael said after taking a deep breath and wiping the tears on his face. "Though I reckon the dangers of such profession, I want to become a firefighter, just like my father. His department was known as Raging Dragons of Guatemala, and I want to join them. "

"I assume your mother doesn't approve that." Ixtab said, looking to the flames "She wanted you to become... Something else, am I correct?"

"Yes..." He said "Well, I admit I have other interests than simply firefighter - see, I like Biology, specially studying the amphibians. My favorite animal is the Salamander, which recalls my name..."

"'King of Salamanders'..." The Shaman said with a smile. "This is what 'Anael' means."

Anael nodded affirmatively. Then, he kept talking.

"Also, I am a Capoeira adept; I've been up to this martial art since I was six. I met my master, Madam Thunder, when I was coming back home. I have never told anyone about that... And this includes you, Thalas..."

"What do you mean with that?" The French Guatemalan asked, confused.

"Well, truth to be said, I never told you how I've met Master properly..." Anael explained. "Ready to listen?"

They nodded affirmatively, eager to know. Anael then took a deep breath and continued to speak.

"Well, Master saved my life." The Welsh Guatemalan said. "I was coming back home, alone; I believe it was about 6 p. m., for the sunset was on its beginning. I was doing my regular path from school to house when some weird folks appeared on my way.  I think it was 3 or 4 strange guys staring at me. One of them pulled out a knife and ordered me to give him my backpack. I didn't want to die, so I did it. Then, one of them pointed a gun to my head; he was about to shoot when Madam Thunder appeared out of nowhere! I was completely paralyzed; I was just out of my body, watching a Capoeira Master beat the hell out of all that men, which happened to be knocked out. Then, he gave me my backpack and told me to be more careful. He took me home and talked to my mother, who allowed me to learn Capoeira with him. He stays on our home from time to time... "

"You never told me that!" Thalas said with a worried countenance. "Your life was endangered at such young age! Have you ever gone to the police to report that?!"

"Luckily, I never needed." Anael replied. "Madam Thunder took care of everything for me, for he brought those thugs to justice.  I believe they are already behind bars at this time..."

"You were quite lucky, man." Commented Melchior "I've seen people who weren't as lucky as you were, for they haven't had a savior to stand up for them..."

His countenance got slightly gloomy, yet he had a smile in his face. His eyes were half closed as he was finishing his speech.

"He came from Rio, in Brazil, I believe." He said "He was once a military man, but he gave up of this life and became a physical education teacher. Plus, he fell in love with our country... And decided to stay. He was married once at the age of 20, he said, but his wife died of leukemia two years after they got married. Then, he unleashed his 'Madam' side, discovering himself as a transvestite... He is in his fifty-something, but lives with true teen spirit!"

He looked at the Shaman, who had a smile in her face.

"That's one of the reasons you became a hero, right?" She said. "For those who stand up to defend others never die; they become immortals in their accomplishments, in every single good action they make. And Melchior is right - there are people who needed and still need heroes to come for their aid."
The flames then became two different creatures - a winged Salamander and a Quetzal, which were flying around them.

"My nephew made some predictions to you, I am aware of them." Ixtab said, controlling the creatures. "These creatures represent you. The Salamander refers to your double life as a hero and person, because of your Dragon powers; the wings are a proof of it. Also, the Quetzal represents who protects you - the almighty Kukulkan - and your ideals of freedom and strength. Though you seem balanced here, when you get emotionally instable, they tend to attack each other, as if they were about to overcome one and possess you..."

She then concentrated the flames in her hand, making the creatures disappear; on the following, she transformed the flames in a single card, which she gave to the Welsh Guatemalan.

"Taming your feelings, controlling your inner dragon and embracing the quetzal within, Elite Dragon. This is your Shaman path - the Control Path. This card shows the god which will give you the way - Kukulkan. Never lose this card. Never. Did you understand?"

"Si" Anael said with a smile. "I understood. I'll do my best to follow your hints, Ixtab, so that one day you will able to call me Shaman."

The elder lady smiled at Elite Dragon. She then lit the fire once more, repeating the same ritual done to give Anael's Shaman Card.  The fire behaved differently; this time, the flames were not so intense as Anael's, for it was almost fading. Its color, however, seemed brighter - it was an intense tone of dark-blue.

"This color belongs to... Thalas." She said, looking to the French Guatemalan with a smile. "Ready to know your Shaman Path?"

To Be Continued...

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First of all, I am truly sorry for not posting the Sankari's Excerpts of the month. I think I'll be able to do it later...

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Sakura Hayes

-Tarot Session-

Anael's clock began to play Can't Repeat, by The Offspring. It was around 5 a. m. when the Welsh Guatemalan turned it off and got up. He turned the lights on and looked for one of his bags. Then, he put some clothes inside it as well as his journal, the Salamander Reports.

"Well, let's see if we can learn some Shaman secrets..." He thought "I hope she can answer our questions and find a way to give Maya's powers back... I'd hate to see her powerless and out of our society..."

Elite Dragon closed his bag, changed clothes, opened the door, turned the lights off and went to the room next to him in order to wake his sister up.

Surprisingly, Altagracia was already on her feet with her bags ready. She looked at her older brother with a mischievous smile on her face.

"You thought I wouldn't wake up, right?" She said in a mocking tone.

"Well, I did, mi rayo de Sol" He said. Anael went near Altagracia and gave her a kiss on her forehead "Let's go. We need to wake Melchior up."

The Moon'Seeker sibling then went downstairs in order to wake their guest. Before that, however, Altagracia held her brother's arm and looked at him with a gloomy countenance.

"Hermano mayor, why is Melchior here?" She asked with concern.

"Well, things got pretty tough in his place, you know?" Anael answered with caution "He didn't explain me the entire situation. However, since he is a friend in need, he is going to stay with us as long as he needs so. Understood?"

"Yes..." Altagracia replied with quite relief "I hope he can solve his issues, right? Like, it is not cool to have problems with family!"

"Indeed..." Anael said, opening the door.

Melchior was not sleeping. Instead, he was sitting on the bed, looking at the wardrobe in front of him. His backpack was ready, but the Salvadorian didn't seem ready for travelling. In fact, he was quite aloof, distant. When the siblings came in, he didn't do a single movement. He kept looking at the enormous object in the wall.

"Melchior?" Anael asked "Are you alright?"

"Uhm?" Melchior mumbled as if he just went out of a hypnosis session "Oh! Yeah, yeah! I am pretty fine!".

His countenance changed from surprised to mischievous on a blink of an eye. Elemental Alchemist stood up and got his backpack.

"I am ready. I'll lead us there. Come closer, please."

The siblings came closer to the Salvadorian mage, who started to intone a Mayan enchantment. A turquoise fog suddenly appeared and involved the trio, obeying Melchior's will.

"Transportio!" Casted Melchior.

The fog became a force field, disappearing almost immediately after its appearance, driving the trio with it.
They appeared on the meeting point proposed in the day before, where Mr. Zelaya was already waiting for them.

" I am impressed!" He commented when looking to his watch "You are the first ones to arrive... Let's see when the others will..."

A sudden noise interrupted Mr. Zelaya, who drove his attention to a lilac and purple light beam which fell nearby. It brought Kimi, Kaiser, Thalas and Maya with it. Melchior ironically clapped, which caused Thalas to look at him with a slightly angry smile in his face.

 "... Do the same..." Mr. Zelaya finished his sentence with a smile.

"Impressive!" Melchior commented with a mischievous smile "Your powers are getting increasingly bigger, Kaiser!"

"Thanks, dude!" Kaiser replied with a smile "The Void Teleportation is quite an achievement, I must say."

"Impressive. Well, you all are here, I can see. So, there is no point for us to be waiting outside. Please, enter on the bus." Mr. Zelaya said, entering on the vehicle near them.


The vehicle drove them out of Guatemala City, leading into the dense rainforests from the northern part of the country. They could see birds, trees, fields and all sorts of environments on their way.

"Ay, Dios mio! Mira, que hermoso, hermano mayor!" Altagracia said, exulted, while pointing at the animals shown on the way.

"Beautiful indeed, mi rayo de Sol..." Anael said with a smile. "Beautiful indeed..."
Thalas and Maya were sitting together, watching the landscape in a quite romantic mood. Kaiser was taking a nap and Kimi was talking to Mr. Zelaya in a friendly and enlightening chat.

"A... Tarot session?" Kimi asked "Like, for all of us?"

"Yes." Mr. Zelaya replied "I know this is quite different of your usual ways of spell casting; however, if used by an experienced teller, a tart card may tell more than simply your fortune."

"Well, I think that this is part of your Shaman path package, I guess..." Commented Ice Guardian with a smile "If that's so, I happily agree."

The History teacher stood up with a smile and his cards in plain sight.

"Attention, Knights!" He asked "Before we arrive, I want to give you... a clear path regarding our experience. If you could sit near me, I'd happily appreciate."

The Knights nodded affirmatively and rapidly obeyed, sitting near Mr. Zelaya, who started shuffling his cards.

"Well, as I explained to Ice Guardian, in the hands of an experienced teller, these cards may reveal much more than mere future. As a matter of fact, what I am about to read to you, my dear friends, will give you your very own steps into your individual and group Shaman Paths..."

The fortune-teller spread the cards over the floor and began his reading process. He was reading to each one of them and all of the group simultaneously, using the previous readings as links to the other, showing how much linked the Knights really were.


Shaman Camp, Xultún, Guatemala...

At last, the group arrived in the camp. It was around 6 p. m., and they could see the sunset behind them. Mr. Zelaya guided the group into the sacred place, walking towards a large tent, in which an old lady was waiting for them.

She was around her sixties, with long, straight silver hair, black eyes and various feathered jewels. She was quite chubby and short, measuring around 1,50 meters. Yet she was already an old lay, she looked young as if she was in her late 30s. She smiled and waved at Mr. Zelaya, who rapidly came at her and gave her his strongest and most loving hug.

"Long time no see, my dear aunt..." He said.

"Indeed, my beloved child" She replied "Care to say who your friends are? Are these..."

"We are the Blue Moon Knights, senora" Anael said with pride and respect. "Your nephew told us you could guide ourselves towards our Shaman Paths... Am I correct?"

"Well, that depends only on you, Knights." The old lady replied "Mi nombre es Ixtab Blanca Zelaya, and I am the Guardian of this Sacred place. I see you guys are quite tired, do I'll begin aiding you tomorrow morning. Let's say, about... 7 a. m.?"

"This time is perfect." Anael said with a smile. "I cannot wait to listen to what you've got to say!"

Ixtab nodded affirmatively and smiled at them. Then, she showed them the other tent, which already had some cots and a small wardrobe for them to store their belongings. A few minutes later, she called for Mr. Zelaya and went a bit further from the camp in order to chat with him.

"They seem powerful..." Ixtab said with her arms crossed "I can sense Kukulkan's power in that boy, Anael... Specially in him. Kukulkan seems to be protecting them."

"Indeed..." Agreed the History teacher and fortune-teller "It is more than that. It feels like all our ancient gods found on them the power they needed to protect us once more. It is not merely protection... They actually own their powers..."

The two Shamans then kept in silence, watching the starlit sky above them.

To Be Continued...

-Familiar Places, Closer Memories-

Bury my heart on the river bend, on my ancestor's land. Take me to my homeland, where generations before me lived and died. Bury my heart on that sacred place, which sacred must remain. Bury my heart on the river bend...

Weeks later...

Life became normal after all the recent events. Finally, vacation arrived for the Knights, and they just couldn't wait to get some rest and relax. It was the beginning of December, and spring would end in a matter of weeks.

Anael's mother  became another ally for the Knights, and she offered them her house for their meetings. However, it wouldn't be necessary, since Kimi and Kaiser finally got what they really wanted from day one in Guatemala - their home and citizenship.

One Week  Before...

November 22nd; it was a cloudy Thursday in Guatemala City. The Foreign Affairs' bureau was already aware of the Knights' activities and true identities - besides their family, only the President knew who the Knights truly were. Because of that, he was also aware of their ages, homes... And nationalities.

Kimi and Kaiser had neither passports nor IDs. They were in Guatemala illegally. How could they cheat the system and keep themselves above suspicious thoughts? The answer was simple - they were too smart to get caught. Maria Moon'Seeker helped them with their civilian lives by putting them on school with false documents as if they were exchange students.

The President was sitting on his chair analyzing  a large archive given to him beforehand. The papers inside it contained relevant information regarding Kaiser and Kimi Das Vaali. Though there wasn't much in there, it was more than enough.

"Sotomayor!" The President said with a decided tone of voice.

An indigenous man around his 50s with short, straight black hair and hazel eyes entered in the room.  He was wearing a black suit and carrying some archives with him. He was Hercules Sotomayor, Guatemala's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

" Si?" Sotomayor asked with his majestic voice.

"The Das Vaali..." The President started,  slowly putting the papers down "...Also known as Ice Guardian and DarkStalker... How long have they been here?"

"According to our Intelligence Service, for about eight months." Sotomayor replied with a grin countenance "They arrived in Guatemala City in March." He concluded.

"Eight months..." President repeated to himself "Yet illegally, I've got to admit that they had done us a great service by keeping our people safe..."

"How do you wish us to proceed, Mr. President?" Sotomayor asked "Though they served us well, a message to the world must be sent - no illegal is accepted here."

"Indeed" The President agreed "However, we owe them something. Our security improved, thanks to them. Nevertheless, I agree that illegality cannot be accepted. That said, I want you, my beloved minister, to arrange them their full citizenship."

"What?" Sotomayor asked, impressed.

"You heard me" The President replied "Arrange them an appointment at the Embassy and provide them their full citizenship. After all, they have proven to us that they are committed to this country; therefore, they deserve the title of Guatemalans."

Sotomayor nodded slowly in a sign of agreement.

"I will arrange this as soon as possible, sir." The Minister replied.

"You may leave now..." The President said "Before that, however, leave these documents with me. I have some deeds and treaties to look at, and I'll need you back here as soon as you can..."


Present Time...

November 29th. The Finnish twins Kimi and Kaiser were waiting on a room outside Guatemala's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kimi was wearing black jeans, a turtleneck, long-sleeved white shirt and brown shoes. Kaiser was wearing jeans with an Iron Maiden "Dance of Death World Tour" shirt and bloody-red sneakers.

The one known as Ice Guardian, Kimi, was reading a book with his eyes half closed while DarkStalker kept looking at the clock on the wall in front of them.

"Looking at it won't make time go faster..." Said Kimi in a slightly mocking tone.

"I know..." Kaiser replied "But I cannot avoid it..." A gloomy smile came to his face "You know... It is a new stage in our lives..."

"I am aware of that..." Kimi replied with serenity "I also cannot avoid this feeling of anxiety. However, we've got to keep ourselves chilled, for we will have thousands of questions to answer..."

When he finished his sentence, a man came towards them, explaining how things would go for them to get their visa. The twins listened carefully to that man and then followed him to another room.


Moon' Seeker's place...

Maria, Anael's mother, was leaving the house in quite a rush. She got her suitcases and ran to the front door of the house. Prior to her departure, she said some things to Anael - mainly instructions regarding how to take care of business while she was away.

"Mother, why are you going there?" Anael asked slightly sad.

"Well, two reasons, my dear..." Maria started "First, it's you father's anniversary, and I am going to visit your grandparents in Cardiff. Also, I've been requested to go to London to attend some diplomatic event, which I am not allowed to discuss with you, even though you are Elite Dragon..."

Anael smiled at his mother.

"It disappoints me that I cannot go..." He said "However, someone needs to take care of things while you are away... Helping the world to achieve piece in your manners."

Maria dropped her suitcases on the floor and hugged her older child.

"I envy you, my child..." She said in a weeping tone "I wasn't even on this level of maturity when I had your age... I am a blessed woman for having such an amazing young man to look after me..."

The Welsh Guatemalan smiled at his mother, hugged and helped her with the suitcases. The taxi was already waiting for her, and she headed to the airport. Anael stood on the gate waiting until the car disappeared of his sight. A mischievous smile appeared on the 13-year-old's face, who rapidly went inside and ran to the telephone, typing the numbers as he let his body fall slothfully on the couch.

"Oui?" Thalas said on the phone.

"Bonjour, Thalas" Anael replied "Well, my French is still lame, but you've got to admit I could pronounce this quite well! Anyways, I am calling to talk about an important subject: Maya."

"Indeed..." Thalas replied quite gloomy "Well, since we had gotten rid of Chalchiuhtlicue, I am wondering if... Maya's powers... Have gone away as well..."

"So am I..." Anael replied "Listen, if you may, please take her with you to my place. Kimi and Kaiser are busy at the Foreign Affairs Ministry and they may come later. Could you please bring Maya with you?"

"Sure." The French Guatemalan replied "I am about to leave. I may arrive in... Twenty minutes, I guess. See you later, then."

Anael finished the call and sat on the couch, thoughtful.

"New techniques, new powers..." He thought "We will have to study our powers more.M r. Zelaya's offer is more than welcome..."

He heard someone knocking on his door, which brought him back to reality. He stood up an answered. It was Melchior, who looked at him with a slightly sad and embarrassed countenance.

"Dude, what's up?" Anael asked, worried.

"Well... Where do I begin?" The Salvadorian replied "See... Things at my place got pretty rough for me, so... I was thinking... Can I move to your home for a while? Just until things get back to normal?"

"Of course!" Anael replied "You are always welcome at my home! Please, make yourself comfortable. I will set the room after I finish my business in the kitchen. Can you call Altagracia upstairs? I will need everyone down here..."

"Sure, no problem." Melchior said, going to the stairs "And thanks...For everything."

Anael nodded affirmatively an headed back to the kitchen. Elemental Alchemist slowly went upstairs in order to find Altagracia. The Salvadorian knocked on her door twice and waited for an answer.

"Gracia!" He said "Anael needs you downstairs. Actually, he needs all of us. Please, come."


40 minutes later...

"Hello, Thalas!" Altagracia said while hugging the French Guatemalan "So glad you came!"

"Thanks for the reception, Gracia." Electro Archer replied.

"Well, what is this meeting all about?" Maya asked when she entered on the living room, sitting on the couch with Thalas.

"Anael didn't tell me..." Lotus Flower said with a slightly sad tone. "However, he is just leaving the kitchen. Soon he will tell us..."

Anael came out of the kitchen carrying a tray full of homemade bread and garnishes. He then asked all of the present Knights to sit on the table. He gave them their plates and sat near his sister.

"Well, you guys are wondering why I called you here, right?" Anael rhetorically asked. "Well, I received a proposal from Mr. Zelaya regarding our powers..."

"Which 'proposal', Elite Dragon?" Thalas asked with suspicions "I know Mr. Zelaya is a person we know for quite a while, but... Don't you think it's kind of risky to trust him that much?"

"It may be, Thalas..." Anael replied "However, this proposal may save our lives!"

"Tell us more about it, then." Melchior said.

"Well, recently, we went through a lot - new enemies and powers beyond what we previously thought about the Shaman Stones. Considering these events, Mr. Zelaya contacted someone who would give us a clear path on taming our Shaman-Stones: a Shaman herself!"

"A Shaman?" Maya asked "A real one? God, this may be a real life-saver!"

"Specially on your case, Mayacita..." Thalas intervened "Regarding what happened back when you were Chalchiuhtlicue..."

Maya's face became full of sorrow, causing her to look to the ground and hide her tears.

"Did you..." Melchior started, surprised "Maya, please don't tell me... Don't tell us you..."

"...I lost my powers." Maya answered with shy tears "Mictlantecuhtli took them away from me. I just realized it happened about a couple of days ago, when Gracia asked me a few things regarding spell casting."

"Lo siento..." Anael said with sadness "I had no idea..."

"No problem..." She answered with a sigh "...For I believe this Shaman may be our answer to the new issues brought by the Corazon de Guatemala..."

"You couldn't have said better." Thalas said with a smile "I agree with this proposal as well."

"You can count on me on that little quest, gentlemen." Melchior replied with a mischievous smile "I believe I also have unanswered questions in my head regarding this matter."

"Well, I see you all agree..." Anael said with a smile "Very well,  I'll call Mr. Zelaya and tell him the great news. Nevertheless, I will wait until Kimi and Kaiser arrive. I want to hear their opinions in that issue as well."

As Anael finished speaking and grabbed a piece of bread for himself and his sister, someone knocked on his door, forcing the Welsh Guatemalan to stand up and answer it.

"Hold a second, folks." He asked when standing up.

Elite Dragon opened the door, and Kimi, Kaiser and Mr. Zelaya appeared. They entered on the room in silence. A few moments later, when Zelaya sat on the couch, the Finnish twins began celebrating.

"Hevisellot jyraa!" Screamed the blonde warriors "Kiitos laudani! Kiitokset!"

"Wow!" Melchior said in a surprised and happy tone "What are you guys so thankful for?"

"We got it!" Kaiser replied, showing them some documents "We got Guatemala's full citizenship! We are officially Guatemalans!"

"What?!" Anael said "No way! I don't know what to say! I mean,  I am so glad you guys got it!"

The other knights ran in the twins, hugging and congratulating them for their newest achievement. Mr. Zelaya kept his distance, looking at them with a proud smile. Then, the History teacher became the new focus as the Knights went in his direction and sat near him.

"Let me guess... Anael already told you." Mr. Zelaya said "This Shaman is actually my aunt, and I know she is one of the best shamans from afar. I already told the Finnish, Anael, and they agreed. What about you?"

"Our answer is yes." Elite Dragon replied with a smile "When are you going to take us?"

"It is a sacred shrine near the archeological site of Xultún." Mr. Zelaya said "In order to be discrete, I've rented a bus for us, which will take us there. When our departure day arrives, we will be back on Guate by train."

"Train?" Anael asked "As far as I knew, there were no railways connecting Guate and Xultún directly!"

"This country is changing quite fast, young heroes of our time..." Mr. Zelaya said with a discrete smile. "Well, if we want to arrive early at my aunt's lair, I suggest you take your belonging fast and meet me tomorrow at 7 a.m. on the northern entrance of the city."

The Knights nodded affirmatively. They stayed at Elite Dragon's house for a few more hours before leaving. When they did, Anael cleaned the house and went upstairs to sleep. Melchior was already on bed, probably dreaming.

The Welsh Guatemalan laid on his hammock, looking through the window. It was a full moon night, the one Anael used to like more than anything. His eyes started to close slowly as he smiled to the moonlit sky.

To Be Continued...

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