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-Wasteland’s Careless-


She struck Anael with strength, but not strong enough to break his guard. The Guatemalan, however, struck her back and made her retread by few steps. He noticed she was losing the tenacity, revealing the hesitant side of the Voodoo Mistress.

"Give up, Chalchiuhtlicue!" Anael said when striking Maya hard enough to break the sword she was bearing.

The Mistress fell on the floor on her back, looking at Anael, who pointed the sword to her neck.

"I don't want to hurt you, Maya!"  He said with determinacy.

She was breathing fast and rapidly. Her golden eyes were gazing at Anael's reptilian eyes. She then looked at her left without moving her head: her Scepter was just few meters away from her. A wicked smile came to her face as she looked back to Anael with her eyes half closed.

"Maya..." She hissed with anger "Lives..."

She concentrated violet energy on her right arm and lifted the scepter, which rapidly flew on her direction.

"...No more!"

She threw a purple energy sphere against Anael, Who tried to keep himself standing by flapping his dragon wings. Now Maya was a real threat; she placed the Scepter in front of her, concentrating a bloody colored energy inside the ring.

"Xibalba's Pride!"

A red jaguar came out of the vortex, knocking Anael on the floor. The Guatemalan hero used his sword as a safety bar in order to push the feline backwards.

"Well, have fun with my kitten!" Maya madly laughed "I am going to take care of the others..."

Anael closed his eyes and pushed the sword with all strength he had in his arms. The jaguar was growling and pushing the sword with his claws, but he didn't seem to be able to overcome Anael's strength. It tried to bite the sword and break it, but it started glowing intensively and became hardened.

"Corazón..." Anael whispered "Corazón de Guatemala..."

The liquid Shaman-Stone stated glowing with big intensity, involving the Jaguar. Anael looked at the beast with an enraged countenance. The Guatemalan showed his teeth to the creature, and his reptilian eyes became brighter. He pushed the sword even more.

"Lord Kukulkan, give me your Blessings! Corazon de Guatemala!"

Anael's arms were involved by two Quetzals, which gave him the final strength he needed to push the sword towards the jaguar, causing it to fall on its back, slay the big feline by cutting its belly with his sword and throw a lightning beam against Maya, who didn't see what was coming for her.

The Voodoo Mistress fell on her knees with pain in her countenance. She turned her head into Anael's direction and stood up with her scepter ready. Anael slowly walked towards her, grabbing his sword with both hands in a way the blade was kept upwards in a knight posture.

"I don't want to hurt you, Maya." He said "I want my friend back. All of us want!"

"Enough of these sick bulwarks!" She replied, running towards him with het scepter's blade pointed at him. "I am tired of this!"

She struck the blade's tip in Anael's sword generating some sparkles as she kept advancing and attacking. The Elite Dragon, however, was not going to let Maya beat him; the Blue Moon Knights' leader then hit back, attacking and moving forward as she lost terrain and retreat step by step.

"Go back to us, Maya!" Anael screamed as he kept striking his sword "Give up of this sickness!"

Anael struck Maya so hard that she let the scepter fall. As a response, she conjured a dagger to fight Anael.

"Never!" She screamed "You will..."

Anael and Maya heard a shooting sound behind them. Maya screamed in pain and knelt on the floor with her eyes closed. Anael half-closed his eyes as if he was trying to see beyond darkness. There was a metallic glow few meters away from him. He then heard some steps and the stranger showed himself: it was Thalas.

"I will take care of this." He said in a decided tone "I created this monster, Anael. This is my battle to be fought."

"Thalas..." He babbled with surprise.

"Take care of Kaiser and Altagracia, and leave this fight to me!" Thalas asked "I need to save her, Anael. Just like you did to Consuelo and Iracema!"

Anael smiled at him and nodded affirmatively. He ran towards the darkness seeking the other two Knights. The first one he found was Altagracia, who was pale and unconscious.

"Mi rayo de Sol!" He whispered with worry in his voice. "Don't worry, honey... I will save you."

He held her in his arms, putting her head in his chest. He then untied the Heart of Guatemala and placed it in Lotus Flower's chest.

"Please, lord Kukulkan... Hear my prayers and give me your blessings..." He whispered as he put his hand on top of the Heart.

The liquid Shaman-Stone started glowing as Anael repeated the mantra. Little turquoise energy spheres came out of the magical item, floating gently. Anael held the Heart stronger and opened his reptilian eyes.

"Allow me to heal her wounds, my Lord..." He whispered "Allow me... To use the Quetzal's power...Quetzal Healing!"

The spheres involved Altagracia's body, healing her wounds and giving her skin its natural tone once more. The turquoise energy then became a small, pink Quetzal, which flew to the roof and exploded right afterwards, becoming turquoise dust, which fell on the ground as a thin rain.

Altagracia slowly opened her eyes and put her left hand in Anael's face. Her arm was shaking and she could barely keep her eyes open, but she was immensely happy to see her older brother on that cursed place.

"Hermano mayor...Estoy contenta en verte..." Altagracia said with a discrete smile "I am so glad you are here..." She started crying "I thought I was going to die here...I got so scared!

He smiled at her with a gloomy countenance. Then, he put her face against his chest and held her gently between his arms, passing his right hand's fingers through her curly hair in order to nurture and calm her down.
"That is ok, mi rayo de Sol..." He replied "It is ok to be afraid..." He looked into her eyes as he whipped her tears up "... Right now, however, I need you to be strong, ok? See, Maya needs us, though she denies it. I will need your assist on healing Kai. Can you help me at this?"

She nodded affirmatively and they stood up seeking for Kaiser. DarkStalker was lying unconscious next to the lair's rock wall. He seemed much paler and wounded than his sister, for Maya mercilessly threw him against walls and shelves of her lair. The Guatemalan siblings came closer to him, and Altagracia decided to take care of the situation.

"Leave this to me, brother" She said with a smile. Then, she put Kaiser's head on her lap and placed her hands in Kaiser's tempers. She closed her eyes in order to start her magic. "Wisp Cure!"

Golden energy spheres came out of Altagracia's hand. They began concentrating in every wound of DarkStalker, healing it and leaving only white, thin scars instead of the flesh wounds. The spheres also helped Kaiser's skin to get back to its normal color as they were absorbed by DarkStalker. The short-haired blonde warrior slowly opened his eyes.

"Oooh... My head..." Kaiser muttered as he passed his right hand through his hair and face. He then sat on the floor "Where are we?"

"We are at Maya's lair" Anael answered, helping his friend to stand up "Kimi is at my place dealing with Melchior... And Thalas is fighting Maya."

"Do you think he has a chance against her?" Kaiser asked "I mean, I know Thalas is strong, but..."

"We have to trust him, Kai" Anael replied "I believe that he has much more power than he shows. The only reason he doesn't show it is because we censorship him too much. We've got to give Thalas a chance to withstand Maya!"

"You are right..." Kaiser said with a gloomy countenance "But what are going to do? We cannot leave him alone here!"

"You and Altagracia will be heading back to my place!" Anael replied with a decided countenance "I will give some backup to Thalas."

"But..." Altagracia babbled trying to object her brother's instructions.

"Kimi may be needing some help." Anael replied "Please, rayo de Sol, don't question me. Just get inside Kaiser's vortex!"

She nodded affirmatively with a sad countenance; DarkStalker then created a vortex . He grabbed Altagracia's hand and entered with her inside the magical transport, which closed right after the young lady passed through it. Elite Dragon then walked back to where Thalas and Maya were fighting.


Thalas fell in the floor so strong that it opened a small crater. He tried to stand up, but his legs seemed not to be answering. With a despising smile, Maya slowly walked towards him.

"Give up, Electro Archer." She said "You can join me in my quest for a revamped world. You will is too strong to be defeated by any mortal weapon..."

"You are right" He said while standing up with difficulty "My will is strong enough to be defeated by mere course of action!"

The French Guatemalan closed his fist and put himself in fight position. His left leg was about forty centimeters in front of his right leg and his fists were in front of his body, separated by fifteen centimeters. Maya looked at him with both curiosity and worry.

"What the hell?" She asked.

"Instead of fighting you from distance, I would rather avoid your spells by simply not giving you distance enough to cast them." He answered with a smile "In other words, I will show you the best weapon the Frenchmen ever invented - Savate!"

Savate is a French martial art which mixes boxing with Muay Thai techniques. It was developed by the French navy during World War I so that the sailors could defend themselves if unarmed or caught by surprise in a pirate raid. Though the Savate practices cannot kick his opponents - only boot them - their punches are powerful enough to knock down adversaries much bigger than the Savate fighter.

Thalas ran towards her and started punching. Since Maya was not expecting it, she was hit several times in her belly, causing her to spit blood and retreat completely dizzy and confused. She shook her head to the left and right and then ran towards him ready to give him some punches.

As she tried to strike him, he held her knuckles with one arm and punched her in her ribs, breaking one of the left side. Though he hit her really hard, he was avoiding punching her face, for he had no courage of doing so with a female.

She fell on the ground completely enraged. She hit her hands on the floor and conjured two skeletons, which ran towards Thalas in order to defend their Mistress. Thalas broke one of the skeleton's skull by using both hands as a hammer, smashing the old bones. The other one he only used his right hand's knuckles,  raising his arm as a lever as the skeleton tried to stab him in his back.

He did not notice, however, Maya's move: While he was fighting the skeletons, she ran towards him, jumped and kicked his face right after he defeated the second skeleton.  He fell on the floor with the right side of his face, which gave him a long scar coming from his temporal to his jaw.

Electro Archer then stood on his knees and concentrated dark blue energy between his left fingers.

"Electro Daggers!" He shouted, throwing four dark blue-energized daggers at Maya.

The Honduran tried to evade all of them, but the last one scratched the left side of her face, giving her a large scar in her cheek. She touched it without believing in what just happened. She looked at her right hand's fingers - there was blood in them! Her blood!

"You...Bastard!" She shouted as she ran against him.

She tried to kick him, but he was faster, evading all attempts coming from Maya. To each kick attempt she made, Thalas reacted with punches. However, Maya was starting to learn and follow Thalas' pace, which improved her avoiding. Now, she wasn't getting so hurt by Electro Archer's punches.

She united her hands and used them as a hammer, hitting Thalas' belly. Unfortunately, he was not able to predict her move and he was hit hard by her. That move caused him to retreat a few steps while he spitted some blood. Maya smiled mischievously: that little distance was everything she needed.

Maya created a purple energy sphere in her left hand, which she was preparing to throw against Thalas, who had fallen on his knees once more.

"Prepare to die!" She screamed, throwing the sphere.

"No...Not this time!" Replied Thalas.

In a fraction of seconds, he united his hands imitating the shape of a revolver. Then, he concentrated dark blue energy on both hands, creating a loaded crossbow.

"Electro Gatling Gun!" He shouted.

Countless energy bolts came out of the crossbow, ceasing the sphere's movement and shattering it. Maya rapidly conjured a dark magical force field to keep her safe from the bolts. She knelt on the ground as she felt weaker and paler. Her tights and arms were wounded, showing an enormous amount of cuts. She was breathing uncomfortably and rapidly. Though she was his foe, Thalas couldn't avoid feeling sorry for her.

"Stop this, Maya, please..." He said in a gloomy tone of voice, gazing her with a sad countenance. "Stop at once..."

"No!" She replied "I won't let you humiliate me, Thalas-Juan Dharalión!"

He sighed and absorbed the crossbow back, looking at Maya with sadness.

"I never wanted to humiliate you, Maya..." He said "If I did, I am deeply sorry. I don't want to fight you, my dear."

"I am no Maya!" She roared to Thalas "She lives no more! I am the Voodoo Mistress, Chalchiuhtlicue!"
She created a bloody red energy sphere between her hand and Threw it on the ground.

"Necromancer's Convocation!" She screamed.

The sphere created a huge crack on the floor, calling for a huge number of skeletons, zombies and ghouls to rise up.

"Damn!" Thalas thought to himself as he repeated the ritual to conjure the crossbow "They are too many for me to deal with!"

Once again, he united both hands in the shape of a gun, concentrating dark blue energy in them, creating a loaded crossbow.

"Electro Gatling Gun!"

The bolts hit their targets in their vital spots, but it seemed not to be enough to stop Maya, for the numbers grew bigger and bigger.

"God damn it!" Thought Thalas "Too many undead! What do I do?"

"Quetzal Missile!"

A massive Quetzal-like turquoise energy appeared next to Thalas, soaring fast and eliminating the ones in front of it. At least fifteen undead were caught by the bird, burning inside turquoise flames and becoming white dust, which was swept by the weak wind.

"What the hell?!" Maya growled. She heard flapping sound coming from the roof "Elite dragon?! Was that you?!"

Thalas looked up in order to find the one who saved him. Anael was there, flying and looking at Maya with an enraged countenance and a mischievous smile. He then looked at Thalas, who stood up in order to hear what his leader had to say.

"I will take care of the undead!" Anael shouted while stopping to fly, landing on the ground "You can take care of Maya."

"Thanks, Anael" Thalas said with a smile.

"I believe in you." Elite Dragon replied putting his right hand on Thalas' shoulder "All of us do. I will give you some backup, but you've got to be fast, for Melchior is still zombified."

Thalas nodded affirmatively; the two Knights then looked at Maya, who had conjured another energy sphere, preparing to perform another Necromancer's Convocation. She threw the ball against the soil and more undead appeared. This time, however, they were going to fight Anael instead of Thalas.

Electro Archer prepared to perform the Electro Gatling Gun once more, causing Maya to give him a despising smile.

"Is that all you've got, Electro Archer?" She asked with despise.

"No." He thought to himself "No, this is not all I have, and you haven't seen the last of me. Kukulkan, please allow me to win this fight. You have given your blessings to Anael and so I want to have them. Give me the strength I need to break this spell and save my beloved Maya!"

To Be Continued...


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