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-D for Delusion-

The two opponents were looking at each other with serious and determinate countenances.  Thalas conjured  his crossbow and prepared for the battle which was at hand.

"Are you sure you want to face me?" Chalchiuhtlicue asked with despise "I don't think you have what it takes to bring me down..."

"Really?" Thalas asked with a mischievous smile "We'll see... "
He tied the Corazon de Guatemala in his ankles. As long as it kept shining, he would have his ammunitions always refilled.

"Show me what you've got, Maya!"


Back on Anael's place, Kimi was analyzing the frozen zombie version of Melchior while Anael looked at the bones he conjured before.

"How are we going to get him back?" Anael asked with two bones in his hands.

"I have no idea..." Kimi replied with a disappointed sigh "It seems that his powers as a zombie are directly linked to Maya's, or Chalchiuhtlicue's powers."

Kimi looked at Anael in silence. Elite Dragon replied the gaze with a surprised and slightly terrified countenance. He knew what Kimi wanted from him.

"I understand what you mean, but I cannot leave you alone here. What if Melchior breaks the ice and comes after you?"

The ice started chipping slowly in an inconspicuous way as the dialogue continued.

"What other options do we have?" Kimi asked rhetorically "Thalas is still with the Corazon, so you cannot cure Melchior. Our only chance to rescue our friend lies on Chalchiuhtlicue's defeat..."

Then, the ice started to break louder, causing Kimi and Anael to drive their attention to the event. At the same moment Kimi looked at it, Melchior's head and arms were already free. Soon, he released his feet and jumped on Kimi, who tried to keep Melchior's jaws distant from his skin.

"Kimi!" Anael screamed, tossing a lightning on Melchior, who fell on the floor. Seconds after the falling, he stood up and ran against Kimi.

"Go!" Kimi screamed to Anael "I can take care of this!"

"I can't!" Elite Dragon replied "I cannot create vortexes without the Corazon!"

Kimi was struggling to keep Melchior's mouth distant from him. The Salvadorian zombie was kneeling on the ground, keeping Ice Guardian's waist trapped between his legs. The blonde's arms were holding the halberd, which acted like a safety bar. Melchior also was holding it, but his claws here pushing it lower and lower so he could bite Kimi.

"I guess you leave me no option..." Kimi whispered with a serious countenance.

The blonde pushed the halberd upwards, releasing it from Melchior's claws. When the zombie had his guard lowered, keeping both arms upwards, Ice Guardian hit his diaphragm with the tip of his weapon, causing the Salvadorian to fall on his back.

"Ympyra Elinvoimaa!"

Right before Melchior could raise again, Kimi hit the wooden floor with his left hand. The floor beneath Anael began glowing. A 2-meter radius circle with drawings of the moon, of leaves and five-pointed starts appeared beneath Elite dragon's feet.

"The Circle of Life Energy..." Whispered Anael, looking at the floor.

He then looked at Kimi, who was smothering Melchior with his right arm and holding the Salvadorian's left arm with his correspondent arm.

"Kimi..." Anael whispered.

"The Circle will lead you straight to Maya's lair!" Kimi said "Once you get there, try do defeat Maya as quick as possible! I'll try to earn you some time, but I cannot give you any guarantees!"

The drawings then became a dark-turquoise vortex which dragged Anael, driving  him away from his place to elsewhere. Melchior then carved his claws in Kimi's flesh, causing the blonde to release him with a painful scream.

"Good luck, Anael." Kimi thought. "I hope we can save both Melchior and Maya..."

The blonde warrior ran towards his halberd, which fell on the ground few meters away from him. The zombie noticed what he was up to and tried to stop him by running towards the weapon.

"Not this time!" Kimi said, falling on the ground and grabbing the halberd "Icicle!"

He snapped his fingers, conjuring a small, icy tornado which threw Melchior against the wall, freezing his legs, arms and torso, leaving only his head and neck free from the magical ice.

"Ha...Ha...Ha...Impressive..." Said Melchior in a rough, hissing tone.

"What did you say?" Kimi asked, impressed with Melchior's ability to speak normally, yet in a scary tone.

"Can't you see?" Melchior continued "My master wants to raise a new world without you... You had only caused her trouble..."

"Melchior, this is wrong!" Kimi replied "Chalchiuhtlicue is bad! She took the control over Maya, and we have to save her! She is our friend and so are you!"

Melchior looked at him with despise. Ice Guardian felt sadness taking over the control, causing his powers to vanish as he felt sadder and sadder. He knelt on the ground in his civilian clothes: a sleeveless, turtleneck light blue shirt, dark grey jeans  and white sneakers.

"What if Melchior is right?" Kimi thought with a gloomy countenance, closing his eyes "Have we only caused trouble for Maya?"

He heard the ice breaking once more. His eyes were now half-closed. The sadness began to disappear as rage and seriousness appeared in his countenance once more.

"Ei." Kimi said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Melchior inquired, releasing his left arm from the ice.

Kimi's Shaman Marking started glowing. The Quetzal with an ice shard could be seen through his shirt. The light caused the zombie to retreat a few steps. Kimi, with his eyes still half-closed, gave Melchior a look.

"Let me tell you something" Ice Guardian said, slowly standing up "If we hadn't given Maya the chance to shine, she would be at Honduras by this time without safety. She would be wandering in the streets with fear of being abused or murdered as she passed through every corner of Tegucigalpa!"

The Quetzal came out of Kimi's skin in an icy blue tone, involving Ice Guardian and changing his clothes to the heroic outfit.  He raised his right arms and conjured an ice shard, which transformed into his halberd.

"Melchior, I do not want to harm you" Ice Guardian said "However, if that is the only way to stop you and give Anael the time he needs, then I will not give up of this fight! Come and face me, Elemental Alchemist!"


Back into Maya's lair, Thalas had been thrown against a huge wooden shelf, smashing it due to the strength used to throw him. Chalchiuhtlicue looked at him with a despising smile.

"I cannot believe Anael gave the Corazon to you..." She hissed "Did he think you possess the power to bear it?"

Thalas stood up with difficulty. Two of his left ribs had been broken due to the wooden shelf he hit. He was breathing faster and painfully, hoping he could stay awake to fight for the one he desperately wanted to save. He pointed the crossbow to Maya, who was slowly approaching him. His arm was shaking, making it difficult to aim.

"Give up!" She said.

Maya concentrated black energy on her left arm, using it to command Thalas' body, lifting him upwards. The black energy embraced Electro Archer's neck, smothering him slowly. Maya then used the same energy to levitate and look to Thalas' eyes as they seemed to lose their life sparkle.

"Why?" She asked, hissing "Why don't you give me this piece...In return of your life?"

"Never!" Thalas replied with struggle "I...I won't...I won't give up of you, Maya!..."

He tried to remove the energy from his neck while Maya kept looking at him with despise, yet her countenance started to reveal some curiosity within.

"Maya... I... I am... Sorry..." He was feeling breathless as he spoke "Sorry for... What I did..."

"Apologies will not save your soul..." Maya replied with a mischievous smile "I am sorry, handsome..."

"Corazon de Guatemala!"

The Heart of Guatemala started glowing intensively, counter attacking Maya's spell and releasing Thalas from its smothering will. The Quetzal spirit emerged from it, soaring towards Maya and knocking her down.

Chalchiuhtlicue sat on the floor with rage in her countenance. Her belly had a long cut, which was bleeding. She saw the Heart floating gently in the direction of the one who cried its name:.

"Elite Dragon..." She hissed boiling in hatred.

"Enough of this, Maya..." Anael replied with his right hand opened, waiting for the Heart to land in it "We already understood your message: you are angry at us, for we failed you. We won't do this again."

"Oh, really?" Asked Maya with an ironic countenance "Very well, I want to see you try!"
Anael conjured his sword and tied the Heart on his right wrist and prepared to fight Maya.

"Hm, a sword fight!" She said with a smile "Very well, I accept your challenge!"

She raised her right hand, concentrating a massive amount of violet and black energy  which became a Japanese sword with crow feathers. They then ran towards each other with their swords equipped.

Elite Dragon against Chalchiuhtlicue: who will fail and who will prevail?

To Be Continued...


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