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-Before I Forget-

The other three Knights, DarkStalker, Electro Archer and Lotus Flower, arrived in Maya's lair, which had a dim purple and magenta glow, which allowed them to see at least the shape of the objects nearby.

"What a creepy place!" Commented Kaiser "I doubt it is inhabitable!"

"So do I..." Hissed Thalas "Okay, we've got to rush and see if we can find Melchior's soul and retrieve it. Altagracia, stay near me, please..."

Then, the place got surrounded by a violet fog, which seemed alive, coming after them. The trio came closer together, and Altagracia held Thalas' waist stronger and stronger as the fog became closer and dense. Moments after that, they heard a mad laughter coming from all directions. It was Maya, no doubt.

"Soon you all will become my puppets!"

They became more alert than before, calling their weapons for the fight. Thalas conjured his crossbow; Kaiser conjured his sword and Altagracia conjured her defense grimoire and scepter. They were ready for the fight.

Then, black shards came from the ceiling, causing the Knights to either run or maneuver their bodies in order to avoid being staked. Unfortunately, that event caused them to split, which was going to ease Maya's job and diminish her efforts.

Kaiser then got tired of evading. When one of the shards came for him, he absorbed his sword and grabbed it with his bare hands, avoiding the staking process.  He then held it with his right hand as if it was his sword and he hit his left hand in his chest, calling the challenge for himself.

"Is that it, Maya?!" He shouted "Is that all you have gotten?!"

"No, my 'friend'... It is not even half of it..."

Her hissing voice sounded on the floor; they started hearing some Mayan enchantment, which caused the fog to become tentacles, which rapidly grabbed Kaiser and held him up in the air, smothering him as he tried to cut them.

"What about now, honey? Still got the courage to provoke me?"

"Kaiser!" Thalas shouted, throwing bolts against the tentacles, which were not even scratched by it, causing the French Guatemalan to get a surprised look "What the..."

Then, a tentacle grabbed him by his waist, holding him upwards as well. Other tentacle came and grabbed his neck, slightly smothering him. Now, the only one who was standing downstairs completely free was Altagracia, who was too scared to do something.

The Tentacles started moving and hitting Kaiser and Thalas against the lair's walls, destroying shelves, books, potions and other things that would give any leads regarding Maya's activities. In the middle of that chaos, Altagracia stood silent and serious.

"God damn it!" Kaiser screamed as he hit the stone walls "This will leave me a mark!"

Thalas already lost his consciousness, which horrified Kaiser, who tried to scream his friend's name in order to wake him up. The tentacles started to smother DarkStalker, getting tighter and tighter. He came breathless, unable to scream.

"Stop it!" Altagracia screamed "They are your friends, Maya! Why are you being so mean?"

A mad laughter took place, while Kaiser tried to remove the tentacles and Thalas remained unconscious.  Altagracia started breathing faster as she got scared for not seeing Maya.

Then, the Voodoo Mistress appeared from the top of the lair, laughing and throwing large obsidian stakes against Altagracia, who conjured a light magic shield.

"So, this means you and I will be fighting?" Altagracia asked "So be it."

"Come and show me what you've got!" Maya challenged.

The Voodoo Mistress knelt and started saying things in Mayan language, which were causing the floor to sparkle in a bloody red tone, revealing geometrical drawings made prior to the event. Then, the drawings came out of the floor and merged, forming tall, muscular Mayan warrior zombies, which ran towards Altagracia with obsidian macanas.

“Not this time!” Altagracia screamed, energizing her hands with white magic “Light Wisp!"

The youngest Blue Moon Knight created a big butterfly by conjuring two light spheres and combining them into one. The butterfly rapidly flew towards the two skeletons, evolving them in its light and smashing the bones, which started to burn inside golden flames.

"Impressive." The Voodoo Mistress ironically said "However, it would be very naive of your part to consider that you are going to knock me down with this silly move! Watch this!"

The Voodoo Mistress held her scepter in front of her, whispering a Mayan enchantment. A violet fog formed in front of the scepter's ring, forming a black jaguar in front of it.

"Xibalba's Pride!" She screamed.

The jaguar rapidly hit Altagracia, causing the girl to fall and injure her forehead. The animal kept bouncing and scratching her with its thick claws, hurting her chest, her tights, her face and arms. Lotus Flower fell on the ground, bleeding.

She stood on her knees only to be hit once more by Maya, who hit the scepter's ornamenting skull in Altagracia's nose, causing it to bleed. The youngest Knight, however, tried to stand up once more.

"Why do you keep doing this?!" Maya asked in an enraged tone "You are the same as I once were: useless, always on the second front. Do you think they respect you in any possible way?"

"That...That is no true..." She replied while standing up with difficulty. "Maya, has Thalas ever mistreated you?"

The Voodoo Mistress stopped attacking her to hear what Lotus Flower still had to say.  The youngest Blue Moon Knight then smiled at her. Though she was losing a lot of blood, she seemed not to care about it.

"No. No, he hasn't." She replied for Maya "Has my brother ever put you aside in any mission we faced, in every single threat we had to deal with?"

Maya looked at the floor with a sad countenance. Her eyes were going back to normality. Altagracia kept smiling, for she knew Maya was still there, deep beyond Mictlantecuhtli's spell. She started talking once more.

"My brother has always supported you from day one, Mayacita." Altagracia said, closing her eyes and conjuring  small light spheres, which went to her wounds and healed them.

Some of those spheres came closer to Maya, as if Altagracia was attempting to cure her as well.

"Melchior admires you, my friend." Altagracia said "And Kimi... Kimi thinks you are one of the most pleasant people he ever met."

Tears started to come out from Altagracia and Maya's eyes. Lotus Flower continued her speech as the little spheres became brighter and larger in numbers, surrounding Maya in a smooth, round dance.

"Kaiser, who is being help up there..." She said looking to Kaiser, who lied unconscious between tentacles "He also likes you. Sometimes, I see you guys talking and laughing at things... And I...".

Maya closed her eyes as the spheres passed near her face. Altagracia then tried to wipe the tears out of her face, but she couldn't. On the meantime, Thalas, who was unconscious, started regaining consciousness thanks to the power of the Heart of Guatemala. The French Guatemalan slowly recovered his normal breathe, when he opened his eyes, his vision was blurry, but he could distinguish Altagracia and Maya downstairs.

"I miss my big sister!" Altagracia finally said, crying "I miss you, Maya. All of us do! Please come back to us! I am begging you!"

The Voodoo Mistress seemed to be getting back to normality as she smiled back to Altagracia.

"Is that what you really think?" Maya asked in a sweet tone.

"Enough of these sick bulwarks!"

Altagracia looked up, seeing  Mictlantecuhtli near a wall, looking at her with anger. He was in his spirit form, which had a red coloring. At the same moment, Maya put her hands on her head and started to scream painfully as if she was having intense headaches.  The Mayan god of the Dead threw a red sphere of energy against Altagracia, knocking her on the ground and causing the child to spit a lot of blood.

He then started whispering on Maya's ear. As he talked, the floor beneath Maya released a black fog, which was bringing Chalchiuhtlicue back to the game.

"They hate you..." He said "They despise you. In fact,  you have been of no use for them..."

"Don't listen to him, Maya..." Altagracia said from the floor, unable to move her body "He is lying to you!"
Mictlantecuhtli disappeared and Chalchiuhtlicue was back on track. Altagracia passed out and the Voodoo Mistress prepared to stab her heart.

"Die..." She hissed.

On the meantime, Thalas, who had witnessed the whole scene, decided that it was more than time to show how awake and ready to fight he was.

"Corazon de Guatemala!" He screamed.

The liquid Shaman-Stone then conjured an enormous jaguar, which broke the tentacles and released both Thalas and Kaiser, who was kept safe on the floor by the same jaguar. Chalchiuhtlicue looked at Electro Archer with surprise.

"I've got to save Maya..." Thalas thought to himself "I am the reason she became this monster."

"How could you...?!?" She asked enraged and surprised.

"Leave Altagracia alone." He said with a serious countenance "Right now, I am going to be your opponent. Come and fight!"

To Be Continued...


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