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-E for Everlasting Question: Friend of Foe?-

The undead crowd perished in Anael's hands as he slaughtered the rotten flesh and elder bones in front of him. His sword cut deep their chest, legs and torso as they approached Elite Dragon.

"All this power..." Elite Dragon thought "It is impossible! She is summoning an army that even Eclipse wouldn't master..."

He then grabbed the Heart of Guatemala and used Kukulkan's blessings one more time.

"Quetzal Sweeping Front!"               

The Heart created a huge turquoise wave which rapidly created an enormous number of turquoise shards, which hit the undead surrounding Anael, annihilating them as the projectiles hit their target.

Thalas, on that meantime, was still fighting Maya. Due to the fact she had to deal with two enemies at once, she wasn't able to overcome Thalas, whose gatling gun was almost cracking the magic shield.

"I will give you one more chance to surrender!" Electro Archer said "I don't want to hurt you, Maya! Please, stop this insanity at once!"

The last three bolts he conjured were enough to break her magical shield and throw her against the rocky window. By the time it occurred, Anael saw himself free from the hordes of undead.  He then looked at 
Thalas, who was standing still while Maya tried to stay up once more.

"I... I cannot surrender!" She screamed "I will never surrender!"

"Well, if you are not..." Thalas said with sadness, sighing right afterwards.

He raised his arms imitating the shape of a cross, absorbing the magic crossbow. Anael looked at the scene slightly frightened.

"...Then you are free to kill me."  Concluded the French Guatemalan.

Instead of obeying him and finishing the long-lasting fight, the Voodoo Mistress feel on her knees, looking at Thalas with curiosity. He noticed her eyes were changing - instead of having blackened sclera, they were changing from black to white from time to time.

"The power of Mictlantecuhtli is wearing off!" Electro Archer thought. "Maybe this is my chance to save Maya once and for all!"

He looked at Elite Dragon, who nodded affirmatively in response. The Blue Moon Knights' leader then threw the Heart of Guatemala to Thalas, who grabbed it with his right and and held it by its chains, looking at Maya.

"This Heart was made by using the power of all Shaman-Stones..." He said "Maya, I know your powers come from another source, but I need you to accept the blessings of Kukulkan in order to save you from this curse!"

"Save...Me?" She asked while slowly blinking at him.

"Yes..." He replied with a discrete smile "To save you and Melchior, who was zombified just recently..." He then looked at Anael "Anael, how do I do to activate His Blessings?"

"You only have to say... Kukulkan's Blessings!" Elite Dragon responded with a smile.

Thalas nodded affirmatively and looked to Maya. Now, the Voodoo Mistress didn't seem so terrifying, for she was getting paler and weaker as the minutes went by. She started breathing rapidly and painfully, as if life was being taken away from her.

"Please, Heart of Guatemala..." Thalas said "Give me...Kukulkan's Blessings!"

The liquid Shaman-Stone started glowing strong and released a dense turquoise cloud which involved Maya. Then, the same cloud took immense proportions and involved all the surroundings, including Thalas and 
Anael, which had been driven elsewhere...

The cloud covered Maya's body entirely, making it impossible to see her. Thalas and Anael, on the other hand, were been driven above the turquoise cloud, which destroyed the wicked lair, washing Xibalba's unholy land and making that are greener and more lifelike than it previously was as they were directed to a vortex just few meters away from them.

"The very last act of Chalchiuhtlicue..." Anael whispered before entering into the vortex.


Back to Anael's home, they arrived exactly were Kimi once opened the Circle of Life energy for Anael to use. Elite dragon arrived with Electro Archer, who was holding Maya in his arms. Her body was covered by the Honduran national flag, now displayed in its original colors.

Kimi, Kaiser and Altagracia had scratches and cuts in their flesh. Their clothes were ragged. Altagracia was sitting on the floor  with her arms on her knees and with a lost countenance. Kaiser was lying on the ground unconscious and Kimi was helping Melchior to stand up. The Salvadorian mage was slowly recovering from the zombification ritual, yet it was not as fast as they wished.

"Wow, what a fight..." Anael said.

"Indeed" Answered Kimi "And Maya? Is she..."

"No" Replied Thalas "She is only unconscious.  The Heart saved her...My feelings saved her..." He said, whispering the last part for only him to listen.

"And now what?" Anael asked "Are you guys alright, considering the last events?"

"Well, so far so good." Kimi replied "I only have to heal these two and take Melchior to the hospital..."

"I can do that." Anael said "Give me Melchior and take good care of mi rayo de Sol, right?"

"Always, leader." Kimi replied with a smile, passing Melchior's left arm around Anael's neck.

"Time to go...As civilians." Anael said, holding the Heart of Guatemala in his left hand "Corazon de Guatemala!"

The liquid Shaman-Stone turned all of them back to their civilian outfits. The damages done to the house were also cleansed. With a smile, Anael left the house, followed by Thalas with Maya in his arms.


The sunset was beginning as the two Blue Moon Knights were walking on the street. They were only a few blocks from the hospital. Silence took place at most of the way, as they didn't want to talk about the recent events. Anael, however, was about to break it, for he had a question he couldn't hold any longer in his mind.

"Thalas, we are friends for quite a while, right?" He began, attracting Thalas' attention "I need to know: do you love Maya?"

"What?!" Thalas replied with his face completely red "Well, I..."

"You do, right?" Anael asked with a smile "Thalas, there is nothing to be embarrassed of!"

"Is that so obvious?" The French Guatemalan timidly asked.

"Since you saved her back there in Tenochtitlan" The Welsh Guatemalan replied "I knew you had feelings for her, though you tried to cover them up..."

"Do you think she feels the same for me?" Thalas asked "I mean, after the whole thing with Lorcan, I..."

"Don't worry about this now, friend." Anael said with a serene countenance "Right now, you only have to hope she goes through this night..."

To Be Continued...


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