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- F for Forgiveness -

After all that fight, Anael's living room was completely messy and damaged due to their fight against zombie Melchior. Kimi cleansed Kaiser's wounds and put some bandages on his body. The, he took him to the guest room and lied him on the bed, letting his twin brother finally get some sleep. He did the same for Altagracia and left her on her room.

He then went back downstairs to find a solution for the house problem. He smiled and blinked slowly as ideas came on his mind.

"Well, we've got no time to lose..."

The Finn clapped his hand thrice and some snow flakes appeared between his hands. Ice Guardian then threw them in the air, causing them to get bigger, more transparent and wider, engulfing the house in its light blue sparkle, reconstructing the damaged areas and cleaning all the dirty spots of the building.

He smiled at his job and let his body fall on the sofa just behind him. His Shaman Marking, an Icicle shard with a Quetzal behind it, drawn in the left part of his upper back, glew softly as the Quetzal came out of his skin, becoming larger and acquiring an icy blue tone, involving Kimi and turning him back into his civilian clothes.

The following hours were the worst in all Knights's lives. María Moon'Seeker arrived right after Kimi conjured his cleasing spell. The diplomat saw the blonde lying exhausted on the sofa. She then went upstairs and found only Altagracia on her bedroom, sleeping.

"Where is Anael?!" She thought, worried.

She ran downstairs straight to the living room, where Kimi was. She put her right hand on his shoulder, then hesitated for a moment.

"This may be related to all that 'Blue Moon Knight' thing..." She thought "If so, he may be aware of Anael's whereabouts!"

She took a deep breath and gently shook Kimi's shoulder. The Finn opened his eyes in half way, slowly blinking at Anael's mother.

"Yes?" He asked sleepy.

"Do you know where Anael is?" She asked with concern.

"Anael went to the hospital" Kimi replied "He and Thalas took Maya and Melchior with them. Melchior was quite injured, and so was Maya. Anael and Thalas seemed to be fine..."

She sat on the available spot of the sofa with her eyes gazing Kimi's face. The Finn knew she was more worried than a mother would normally be.

"Did Anael tell you?" Kimi finally asked.

"About... The Blue Moon Knights? Yes..." She said "He told me. He told me... Before his birthday."

"I see..." He replied as he slowly sat on the sofa. Then, he thought to himself: "So, she was already aware since... The Templar Dragons."

He then looked at the aflicted mother with seriousness.

"Well, since you are already aware of our activities, it wouldn't hurt if you hear what happened to us now..."

"I am listening" María replied "Anytime, Kimi."

"The battle we recently faced was a consequence of our acts towards one of us in the Templar event..." He started "This combat gave us a lesson about never forgeting about one of us..."

He then told María everything, from the corruption Mictlantecuhtli brought to Maya to Melchior's zombification and the several life drains she did to Anael and Melchior. He told everything about their powers and origins, and a pact was made. A pact for María never to tell anyone and become their ally...


Hospital San Andrés de Guatemala...

On the meantime, Anael and Thalas were sitting on a white sofa on the hospital's waiting room. Both seemed very tired, for they were almost sleeping there. However, they were waiting to hear news from the physicians  who were taking care of Maya and Melchior.

The Welsh Guatemalan looked at the movement on the hospital. There were nurses, paramedics, residents, interns, surgeons of all kind walking on the spotless basault floor.

"Medicine is a promise of a full-adventure lifestyle" He thought "Just as firefighter... How did my father called his fire department?" He looked at the fire extinguishers near him and a smile appeared in his face "Of course! Raging Dragons of Guatemala..."

The, he looked at Thalas. The French Guatemalan was playing with his fingers in a shy attittude. Anael knew what was the meaning of this.

"Talk to her." He said, attracting Thalas' attention "Say what you really feel. Tell her how sorry you are for what happened, and that you wish things were different..."

"I can't!" Thalas said, waving his head from the right to left repeatedly "I... I don't..." His voice became lower as he looked down once more "I don't think I should do it."

"So, you want a new Lorcan to appear in her life?" Anael said with seriousness in his eyes.

"Pardon?" Thalas asked in return.

"You heard me" Anael replied "See, Thalas, I know you are shy, and so am I! However, if I want a girl..." He stood up and kept looking and talking to Thalas "...You bet I do whatever it takes to be with her, and I don't care who is going to be on my way."

He grabbed his wallet and opened it in order to count how much money he had.

"Tell me, Thalas..." Anael said while counting the money "What is Maya's favorite color?"

"It depends..." Thalas replied "Normally, fuchsia, purple, lilac and golden. Why?"

"You will see" Anael hissed with a mischievous smile "Her favorite music group?"

"Metallica with no doubt." Thalas said "Again, why?"

"Wait and see" Anael responded once more "Her favorite flower?"

"Lavender"  He replied impacient "Anael, what the hell are you doing?!"

"Here, take it." He said, giving Thalas some money "I believe there is about 60 quetzales in your hand. There is a flower shop about one block ahead, and there is a music three blocks across the street. If there is any change left, bring it to me."

"Anael..." Thalas looked at his friend impressed.

"Go, man!" Anael ordered "Get your ass out of here and don't think of coming back empty-handed! Understood?"

"I hate you!" Thalas said in a mocking tone and a smile in his face "I'll be back sooner than you may think!"

"You will be thanking me for that!" Anael replied laughing.

The Welsh Guatemalan sat on the sofa, watching Thalas as he left the halls of the hospital. Then, a resident approached Anael. He was about 1.70 meters tall with black, short curly hair, brown eyes and black-skinned.

"Señor Moon'Seeker?" He asked.

"Yes?" Anael replied.

"I am resident Marcel Mendellín" he said "And I am here to tell you that your friends are out of danger now. One of them, Melchior, I think, is already awake. You can visit him, if you wish."

Anael became extremely thrilled when he heard these words. He thanked the resident, hugged him and ran to the room in which Melchior was. He knocked on the door and entered almost immediately. Melchior was there, looking at him with a mischievous smile and his arms wide opened.

"Hello, my friend!" He said in a happy tone "Sou good to see you here!"

"I am happy as well!" Said the Welsh Guatemala as he hugged him "So, you are you doing? Are you recovering well?"

"Much better than expected, actually!" Replied Melchior "My bruises are going away and the scars don't look so fragile anymore!"

He rotated his shoulders in order to stretch while Anael kept looking at him.

"Now tell me..." Elemental Alchemist asked "What happened? Like, I just remember of getting into Maya's lair, being beaten as hell and then... Nothing else."

"What?!" Anael asked, surprised "You don't remember... Anything?"

"No..." Melchior replied slightly confused "Anael... you are scaring me. What have I done?"

"Well..." Anael sighed "Since I sent Thalas in a...Mission, so to speak, I'll have plenty of time to tell you..."


On the meantime, Thalas was outside the flower shop Anael indicated. The French Guatemala was hesitant. He kept looking at the displayed flowers, seeking an answer to his problem... And the right words for the shop attendant.

He entered in the store with a thoughtful countenance. He tried to find lavenders there, but the closest were some orchids, which would be too expensive for him to afford at that given moment. He kept looking at them with thoughts and memories going through his mind.

"It was all my fault..." He thought "I should have paid more attention to what was going on instead of..."

Images of that day came into his head. He remembered when he went to her house. Thalas also saw Maya on the balcony, but he never mentioned that to her. A stupid act, he said to himself. He also remembered how hesitant and anxious he climbed the stairs until reaching her room.

Her face, her expressions, everything about Maya came into his mind.

"Are you afraid of me, Electro Archer?"

"Mage against Archer... what an interesting sight!"

"Thalas... Thanks for the opportunity you gave me! I will always be grateful to you!"

"You are my best friend... I will always be at your side."

Her smile, her walk, her voice... He closed his eyes while the memory of being dragged down to Xibalba through Maya's mirror. His eyes closed harder as he recalled the enormous jaguar spirit which engulfed an blinded him. He recalls Maya's voice screaming for him and the complete darkness and silence afterwards.


"Can I help you, chapín*?" Asked the shop attendant.

Thalas then came back to reality by opening his eyes and staring at the young lady. She was around her 20s with short, wavy black hair, hazel eyes and copper skin. She was chubby and measured around 1.70 meters. She was smiling at Thalas, who instantly blushed.

"Well, in a way..." He replied embarrassed "I was looking for... Lavenders. Do you have them?"

"They are quite rare in here" She replied sadly "However, I think I have the floral display you are looking for..."

She rapidly upstairs and said some things to one of her employees. Then, he came with a small vase which contained lavenders and few chrysanthemums.

"I believe this is the arrange you are looking for." She said with a smile "by the way, my name is Chalchiuhtlicue Maria Cadiz, nice to meet you."

"Chalchiuhtlicue..." He thought "Passing waters. Mary of Passing Waters." He took the bouquet with his right hand, giving her 20 quetzales with his left hand.

"If there is any change, you may keep it." Thalas said with a smile "You have already done much more for me than I would ever pay."

The French Guatemalan ran from the store with a smile in his face. He took the Metallica CD an hid it on the lilac bouquet. This time, he was hoping not to ruin it all...

"Passing Waters..."


Thalas was around fifty meters by the time Kimi and Kaiser arrived at the hospital. Maria didn't come with them, for she preferred to take care of Altagracia instead.

The Finn twins seemed perfectly fine - Kaiser had only some bandages around his forearms and a band-aid on his face.  They were talking and smiling as they entered on the building. Thalas saw them and slowed down.

"Calm down, Thalas..." He thought, sighing "The worst thing that can happen to you is Maya's rejection...Take it easy..."

The French Guatemalan then took a deep breath and slowly walked towards Maya's room. Since the twins entered on Melchior's room, he would have plenty of time to talk to Maya alone.

He walked few more steps straight ahead,  reaching room 120 - Maya's room. his heartbeat increased significantly as he approached. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Maya?" He whispered.

She slowly opened her eyes; her body was covered in bandages, and she seemed quite pale and weak. Thalas felt sorry for her and his countenance became slightly gloomy. He slowly entered on the room,  closing the door as he passed by it.

"Thalas..." She said in a low tone "Glad you came..." She then points at the flowers "Are those... For me?"

Thalas blushed. He sat on a chair near her and offered the lilac bouquet.

"Oui..." He replied trying to hide the shyness "...These are for you. I... Well..."

"I loved them!" She replied happily "Did you know lavenders where my favorite kind of flower?"

He nodded affirmatively. Then,  she looked inside it and took the Metallica CD Thalas bought her  - a special edition of St. Anger** album. Her eyes gained an excited bright as she looked at it. Thalas touched her heart, no doubt.

"I...I love this album!" She screamed thrilled "Thalas... Thalas, you are an angel! That's the only explanation I have!  Why... Why are you giving me all these things?"

"Well..." His face got even reddish than before "I... I have a thing to say to you... Something I've been keeping to myself for quite a long time..."

She sat on the bed looking at Thalas with curiosity and surprise. What was that all about?

"And..." Maya began for him.

"...I cannot keep this to me anymore." He said. Then, he took a deep breath "Maya, I... I..."

She held his hands and came a bit closer to him while he tried to say what he was planning a long time ago.

"I... I just wanted to say that... I have feelings for you... I mean..."

Maya's face was only one inch apart of Thalas'. He half closed his eyes as he slowly approached.

"I am in love with you Maya... Since Tenochtitlan..." He finally said prior to kissing her.

It was a shy kiss; they only touched each other's lips. He got so distracted that he didn't even notice two people swiftly entering on the room.

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Halle-lu-jah!"

He stopped kissing Maya jut to look at the direction of the song. It was Kimi and Kaiser who were singing;  they were just a few steps away from the couple, who rapidly separated, blushing.

"I knew it from the very beginning!"  Kaiser said with a mischievous smile.

"You guys shouldn't be embarrassed!" Kimi said "Like, we always knew you would make a great couple!"

Maya hugged Thalas' shoulders, and the French Guatemalan retributed with a kiss. She was back, and back to his arms... They way it should have always been. The Knights were now all together. With Maya now with them, one question was still on the air:

What about her source of powers?

End of Season Five



*Chapín: it means "boy" in Guatemalan spanish. It is a slang.

**St. Anger: A music Album released in 1982 by Metallica. It is considered one of their masterpieces.


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