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Revamped Profiles!

Hello, Everyone!

As I promised (and finally did), the Profile images have been updated. The older ones had to be replaced for two reasons: first, the amount of information they bore was too much, and it was not easy to see. Second, my drawings are changing - since the Knights debuted more than a year ago, I thought about doing a comparison  imagining they've grown older just as I did.

Well, here you have them! These images can be found on the Official Page in Facebook just as well!

Anael's new look!
Thalas' new look!

Melchior's new look!
Kimi's new look!

Kaiser's new look!
(my personal
Maya's new look!

Altagracia's new look!
(She looks a bit older
Which ones do you prefer? The older or these new ones? Tell me!

Stay tuned for more!

Sakura Hayes


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