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Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to inaugurate the month of April! The Fool's Month is back on business and so am I regarding this Blog and my real life. As you can see, the 5th Season is still going and plenty more features coming.

Well, since I'll be starting my College classes, I may not have the amount of time I used to work on the Blog. Because of that, between the 5th - 6th Seasons and 6th - 7th there will be NO JOURNALS, for they cost certain time to be planned and posted. However, between the 7th - 8th Seasons they will be back again.

Is there anything you want me to focus on? Suggestions? Complaints? Let me know it all!

I'll be giving you guys a set of images dedicated to this April Fools! (for the entire week, I believe)

Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes


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