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Hello Everyone!

Very well, the 5th Season came to an end and a lot of things changed on the storyline! Let's see what else I have added:

1. Techniques for the Knights! -> As you could see, Elite Dragon, Electro Archer, Lotus Flower and Black Witch obtained some special attacks! Though they were the first ones, they won't be the only ones with those techniques!

2. Exploring the Knights' Marks -> I have already talked about them in the previous Season, buut now they will be far more important then on that time. The drawings will soon be available! Wait for them!

3. More of Mayan Mythology -> This Season has used a bit more Mayan mythology than the others, and you bet I'll keep doing things this way.

4. Revamped Profiles -> I have changed not only the images, but some information and, of course, the techniques. I believe now the infos are quite better than before!

I want to know your opinions! Have you liked this Season? Yes? No?

Please, tell me everything! I am eagering to hear what you've got to say! And fear not! The next Season will be here sooner than you may think!

Sakura Hayes


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