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-Death to the World-

The eternal silence... Cries over Justice... Forgiveness is not for sale nor is... The will to forget. The pen is mightier than the sword, and it seems that most people have forgotten it...

"I hate them. All of them. Anael finds himself a great leader... Guess he knows nothing about the reality..."

The storm was raging over Guatemala City. It had passed two weeks since the defeat of the Templar Dragons, and life had become quite normal to the Knights, which came back to their civilian routine, diving their time between civilian and heroic responsibilities in Guatemalan soil.

Nevertheless, their relations were quite shaken, for Kaiser seemed more distant, Thalas and Melchior began arguing more aggressively and Maya... was missing. Anael, Kimi and Altagracia seemed to be the only ones safe from the sudden disunion environment, but  not from the shadowy days yet to come.

The dark-gray clouds, the dark sky, the flashes and roars due to the lightning strikes... And the rain. The restless, endless raging rain, which started on the following day after Tristan's death and Consuelo's departure. A departure Anael would never forget.

In fact, that was what the Guatemalan boy was thinking on that day. For another round of rain was starting once more, there was nothing that he could do to avoid boredom. Since his mother didn't allow him to practice Capoeira and the school had been closed due to the weather, it was hard to occupy his mind.

He was sadly looking through the window of the living room, wishing the rain would finish and so would the crisis faced by the group. He closed his eyes and images started to be displayed in his mind. Memories regarding the last events - Consuelo, Lancelot and even Tristan were there, together with fun and happy images of the Knights, from days in which they were all unite.

And God knows how desperate Elite Dragon was to get back to those days...

"One of us suffer daily, and all of us ignored it... Not all of us, to be sincere... Melchior, I understand and feel your pain..."

Melchior was grounded once more; this time, however, he was not trapped at his room - his mother, Lucia, locked him on their basement with chains. His arms and legs were chained to the brick walls, and the cuffs were cutting his skin, which was bleeding.

He cursed as many words as he knew in Spanish and Finnish; for every word he screamed, he tried either moving his feet or arms, causing the cuffs to cut deeper and deeper.

"Curse you, Lucia!" He shouted several times "Cursed be the day you were brought to this world! Mark my words, bitch: I will have my revenge!"

The pain was intense, and the scent of blood made the air heavy to breathe; Elemental Alchemist was on his knees, bending on the ground, with his bleeding arms on the floor. The Magician Blue Moon Knight was crying in despair. His mind was taking him back in time, showing images prior to his joint to Anael's Knighthood: the circus time, the presentations... The abuse. There had always been abuse.

The thunder covered Melchior's painful cries and pleas for help. On the upper part of the house, sitting on the rooftop, lied Lucia with a sadistic smile. She wasn't covering her body to protect herself from getting a cold - in fact, she was dressing regular clothes, which were already soaked, enjoying the moment.

"Mother knows what's best for you, my child." She said to the raining sky "Specially if there's a naughty child calling for more than he really deserves..."

Freedom. Love. Compassion. Acceptance. Melchior knew nothing about those words and never heard of them in his home. Anael was the only one who introduced him formally to them, but he'd never be completely accepted if Thalas continued to reject him, arguing for no reason.

Hate. Despise. Indifference. Those word the Salvadorian knew well...


"Kimi strongly believes in his mind. ­Guess he finds himself perfect, like an elven God..."

"Nothing improved, Gracia? Well... Guess I'll have to think of something else. I'll contact you later. Bye."

Ice Guardian looked at his book, Sankari, with sadness. Was he running out of knowledge? Since he started to work at Mr. Zelaya's library, he felt less... Smart. The second mastermind of the Knights felt more darkened and obfuscated as the days went by.

Altagracia seemed to not be getting stronger and more powerful as he thought his trainings would make her. Altagracia's powers, which Kimi previously thought to be limitless, were reaching its zenith, and he was not willing to tell the young Lotus Flower of it. Then, he fell on his divan with a sad and unpleased countenance, for other thing came across his mind - Kaiser and the way he started dealing with his sexuality.

At first, he only hang out in parties sponsored by gay communities. Then, he started to be less discrete, bringing men to their house; though he never mentioned any sexual relations, Kimi knew that there was the possibility of those have really occurred. Truth to be said, Ice Guardian couldn't care less about his brother's sex life, but what really bothered him was the lack of trust and truth, for he was never informed of Kaiser's dates.

He heard some laughter coming from the second floor; there was Kaiser and another teenager going downstairs. That kind of situation was really angering Kimi, who was almost bursting down. He waited until his brother guided the current lover to the door. The rain was getting stronger, and so was Kimi's lack of satisfaction.

"Who was this one?" He asked with apparent indifference.

"Oh, he was Sigrid!" Kaiser answered happily "He is so amazing, Kimi! You've got to hear the amazing things he was talking about! See..."

"Could you do me a favor?" Kimi interrupted, causing Kaiser to look at him with both anger and curiosity 
"Could you please tell me when and who are you going to receive here? I don't like the way you deal with things, Kai..."

"It is called dating, and I personally believe you should try it sometimes" Kaiser replied with an angry tone of voice "And why should I tell you?"

"Because this is my house, too!" Ice Guardian shouted, stepping on the floor and freezing part of it, clearly angry "I hate to be the last one to be aware of things, considering that I always give you information regarding my routine!"

A lightning appeared on the sky, and the thunder sounded as louder and roaring as it could ever be.

"Enough of this." Kaiser said "I am going upstairs. Well, my life is mine to be lived, and I won't allow you to control it. Enough said. Have a good night of sleep, Kimi."

Kimi stared at Kaiser as he went upstairs and closed his room's door with fury. Ice Guardian felt anger taking control of him, and his eyes changed from blue to turquoise icy blue.

"Respect..." He hissed angrily "Too much lack of respect over here... He thinks he's in charge... He is not. Definitely not."


"...And Thalas. Sweet, innocent proud Thalas. He thinks he's always right... 'Mr. Right'... So pathetic"

The French Guatemalan was sitting on his bathtub, with his back exposed. It had some deep scars from shoulders to his waist, which were bleeding. All of them were made by leather whip. Who whipped Thalas? His uncle, Jean-Claude.

Electro Archer was silently crying, for cleansing the  wounds was a painful process; showering the blood and trying to clean the cuts was a difficult task for Thalas, who was feeling very weak after all this punishment. He was almost crying again when he heard someone knocking on the door.

"Who's that?" He asked shy.

"Felicia" His cousin answered "May I come in, Thalas?"

Felicia was Thalas' cousin, who lived with him as far as he could remember. They were so close that they 
were almost like brother and sister.

"Father does not treat you well" She stated, carrying some clean towels and bandages with her. "He shouldn't punish you so hard..."

"He hates me." Thalas replied with his eyes closed and tears in his face, though his voice was awkwardly serene "He always hated, and always will."

"That isn't true, Thalas." Felicia replied, cleaning Thalas' wounds "I know my father is difficult to comprehend, but believe me - he likes you, he really does. The only problem is that he's too picky and easily angered."

She helped Electro Archer to get out of the bathtub, covering his body with the towel. Then, he sat on a bench with his back facing Felicia, who started wrapping the injuries.

"Sometimes, he reminds me you, Thalas..." She whispered "He is a stubborn figure, who defends his point of view strongly, just like you..."

A lightning followed by a roaring thunder interrupted Felicia, who looked at his cousin's back with sadness.

"Oh, is this rain never going to stop?"


"Actually, it won't, Felicia..."

The Knights were being watched by someone. It was a dark place with violet fog. The sound of bat wings and shaking bones could be heard. The floor was stony, grayish and lifeless. There were dead trees nearby with spikes in its trunk.

There was someone standing in the middle of that sorrowful wasteland. A female form, which was about 15 years old with medium, straight Judas-colored hair and golden eyes surrounded by a devilish black globe.
She was wearing a long, black tunic with two large crevices, showing her tights and the tiny, dark-gray shorts with a violet stripe which partially covered them. Her Judas-colored top had three triangular crevices and a modified Honduras flag in its ending, exactly on the top of her heart. She also had a wine-colored fabric over her shoulders, a long, purple glove with lilac details on her right arm, a dark-pink, bat-wing-like ribbon with three stars in the ending of each lace, black ink on her finger nails and lips, a pair of scarlet boots and a black star in the center of  her forehead. Her name was Chalchiuhtlicue, the Fallen Mayan Voodoo Mistress, named after the goddess of Passing Waters.

She was the one commanding the rain and setting the unpleasant environment for the Knights to lose their union. She had no smile in her face; in fact, her countenance was filled with anger. Her golden eyes had a sinister glow as she kept doing her mantra.

"The Knights... I hate them all..." She hissed. "I hate how they address their matters... They seem not to care about me... They don't miss me... They... Never cared... About Maya Altahuela..."

The Voodoo Mistress then conjured purple shards of lightning through the magical vortex from which she obtained images of the Knights. She made the rain harder and scarier than before. Through the vortex, she could see Altagracia screaming in fear while Anael held her in his arms, slightly frightened. She also saw Melchior crying harder as he tried to get rid of the chains, and saw Kimi getting angrier and angrier while Kaiser looked at the skies with fear and distrust. Also, she saw a wounded Thalas lying in his bed, crying in silence as the rain came by.

Chalchiuhtlicue snapped her right hand fingers and made the vortex disappear. Then, she conjured another vortex which had other targets : the Three Unholy Pieces.

"You, folks, are mine to be taken..." She hissed "...And none will stop me from taking what's rightfully mine..."

To Be Continued...


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