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-Queen of the Dead-

The rain finally stopped, but the sky continued as dark as night could be. Anael, wearing his Elite Dragon outfit, soared once more through Guatemala City, searching for Maya.

"Any sign of her, guys?" He asked through his communication device.

"None" Kimi replied through his' "She seems to be nowhere to be found... And this lack of light is not helping at all."

"This is weird..." Melchior commented from a rooftop southwest from Anael. "That kind of clouds are not normal... This darkness isn't as well..."

"Something is more than wrong here..." Anael said while looking to the clouds. "Something is very wrong indeed..."

Then, the thunderstorm started violently. Red lightning came from the sky, hitting the floor and buildings near the Knights, as if the skies were to send a message.

"Brace yourselves, boys!"  Anael shouted from his communicator "There's going to be a hell of a fight today!"

Kimi conjured a huge force field in order to protect the civilians. Thalas then advised the police to escort people out of the risk area. Anael conjured his Quetzal Spirit Sword and prepared himself to fight against the newest threat.

The lightning continued, and some of the rays hit the ground, creating deep abysses from which unholy creatures came out; Kaiser witnessed with terror in his eyes a group of skeletal Mayan warriors coming out of the fences carrying  obsidian macanas, lances and daggers.

"God damn it..." Whispered Thalas as he saw the army of undead running on the streets, seeking for bloodshed.

The French Guatemalan conjured his crossbow and aimed on the skeletons' skulls, shattering their foreheads and ripping their souls with the power provided by Heart of Guatemala. Kaiser ran towards the crowd, slaying as many undead as he could with his sword. In order to make things easier, he often conjured a vortex to take the unholy creatures to another dimension.

Up on the sky, Anael and Melchior were awaiting for the enemy to show itself. The storm became more violent and rain started falling from the black clouds. Elemental Alchemist activated the Golden Communicator in order to stay in touch with his leader.

"I do not like the looks of this..." He whispered through the device.

The lightning became thicker and concentrated between the largest clouds, as if the electricity was going to make some sort of human form. Anael's eyes changed to their reptilian form, and he held the sword stronger.

"Neither do I..." Elite Dragon replied.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Laughed the lightning elemental, whose voice was female and awkwardly familiar to them.

Then, the red rays became united and ­Chalchiuhtlicue appeared on the sky. All the Knights  stopped to look at their new foe, surprised and shocked with her appearance - she looked so much like...

"Maya?" Thalas whispered with a tear in his eyes.

Up on the sky, Melchior and Anael were too shocked to react. Elite Dragon put his sword near the Heart of Guatemala, which absorbed it.

"Maya?" He asked completely surprised "Is that you?!"

"Maya lives no more!" Chalchiuhtlicue announce "By the grace of Mictlantecuhtli, the mighty God of the Dead, her soul was sent to her eternal rest in order to serve a bigger purpose. From now on, she the one you called 'Maya' is now Chalchiuhtlicue, the Voodoo Mistress!"

The dark magician started laughing madly as Elite Dragon looked with shock and anger.

"I don't believe you!" He confronted her with tears and conjuring his sword once more "Maya cannot be dead! Maya! If you are listening to us, mark my words: we will save you from this wicked figure!"

"Enough!" The Voodoo Mistress  shouted.

The magician conjured purple energy beams, shooting them against the two Knights; Melchior evaded them and responded with red explosive beams, which hit some buildings due to Chalchiuhtlicue's evading moves.

She started soaring near them, throwing lightning. This caused Elite Dragon's anger, and the Guatemalan decided to respond by conjuring his own lightning strikes with his sword. He then hit the Mistress, who started falling. The leader of the Knights then pursuit her, trying to inflict her more wounds and save Maya from this wicked curse.

"Leave Maya's body at once, Chalchiuhtlicue!" Ordered Anael.

Surprisingly, she managed to fly away from Elite Dragon, grabbing his neck and staring at the bottom of his eyes, as if she could see deep into Anael's soul.

"Do you think you can stop me?" She hissed "Then, let me tell you a secret..." She approached Anael's ears, whispering with malice and disdain "I am Maya..."

Black fog came out her hand, spreading through Anael's neck, whitening his skin and weakening his body.

"...I am alive..." Maya continued her mantra, weakening  Anael even more "...I despise your life and all others... And..."

She looked to Anael's eyes once more, giving him a despising smile. She then came closer to Anael's  face, letting her lips to be only one inch apart from Anael's.

"...You all shall die..."

She kissed Anael, causing him to pass out. She then threw unconscious Elite Dragon against Kimi's force 
field She laughed as she witnessed the Knights' Leader's fall. He hit the barrier with his back and fell on the asphalt with his face right afterwards.

"Anael!" Kimi screamed, removing the force field and coming to his friend's aid.

 The blonde elf held the Guatemalan boy in his arms, shocked with how pale and weak he was. His eyes widened in shock and surprise as he figured out what had affected Anael.

"Life Drain!" He shouted through his communicator "She has the ability of draining life-force! Don't let her touch you, folks!"

"Got it." Melchior replied with seriousness as he looked to Maya. He was certainly going to be the next one to fight against her.

"Well, well, well..." Said Chalchiuhtlicue "I think I'll get my payback... Do you remember our fights, fellow Elemental Alchemist?"

"How could I forget?" The Salvadorian replied "The Tikal Temple of Guatemala... And the Sun Temple of Tenochtitlan, in Mexico... Those were hell of fights, I must say."

"As much as I want to fight, now isn't the right time..." She smiled at Melchior with evil in her eyes "After all, I came here... With two purposes. First!"

She held her hands and concentrated an amount of power in form of black energy, which she aimed against Altagracia.

"I came for my Scepter!" She shouted to Lotus flower downstairs "Give me my Unholy Pieces!"

She threw the black magic against the young Knights, who tried to defend herself. Instead of hitting her body, the curse hit the asphalt, conjuring three skeletons which held Altagracia, who started screaming for help. Other skeleton grabbed Altagracia's Shaman-Stone and pointed it into the sky behind Maya, conjuring a vortex which brought the Outcast Scythe, the Haunted Blade and the Blazebringer Gloves.

"Altagracia!" Melchior screamed as he witnessed the whole event. He then gave Maya a furious gaze, which she replied with laughter and a despising look.

"These are mine to be taken" She said "You were too fool to think none was going to get them... Let me show you how to properly use those beauties..."

She snapped her right hand fingers and the Unholy Pieces were involved in a purple glow, which caused them to merge into a new weapon. It was a scepter with a large dark-pink ring with a skull on top of it, which had a green-feathered headdress, and four feathers  -  gray, red, dark-blue and green- on its bottom. Two minor rings connected the large one with the grip, which was primary two human bones with a pinkish glow and a pink blade in its ending.

"This is the Fallen Mayan Master's Scepter" She explained "and it's rightfully mine... Now, second!"

Melchior decided to threw magical beams against her, but they were neutralized by the Scepter, which absorbed them and used Elemental Alchemist's power against him, causing the Salvadorian to hit rooftop really hard, breaking it. He fell downstairs, and all Maya did was to laugh at it.

"Oh, such a funny scenario!" She commented.

Then, the Voodoo Mistress noticed Thalas looking at her with a shocked countenance. She smiled indifferently at him, staring at the bottom of his blue eyes.

"Let me give you a friendly advice, Electro Archer" She said "Stay the hell out of my way if you don't want to end up like them. "

The Honduran girl grabbed her Scepter and used the blade in its ending to cut the air and conjure a vortex which led her elsewhere. The sky remained dark, and the thunder announced more rain yet to come.

The skeletal army became a bloody red fog and went back to their abyss, which seemed to be temporally sealed. DarkStalker ran towards Lotus Flower, who was knocked unconscious due to the intense use of her Shaman-Stone. He held her in his arms and came to find the other unharmed Knights.

Ice Guardian was carrying Elite Dragon, who was really pale, weak and barely breathing. The Finn was also hurt - due to the lightning strikes, he was forced to use more power, and the black magic cut his skin, creating long scars in his arms and tights, which were bleeding as he walked.

Elemental Alchemist floated downstairs, arriving on the broken asphalt near Ice Guardian. Electro Archer was staring at the wounded group really, really shocked.

"Who would ever imagine?" Kimi whispered sadly "Maya, our enemy?"

"Why?" Kaiser sadly inquired.

"Thalas..." Melchior looked at Electro Archer, who was devastated.

The French Guatemalan fell in his knees with his eyes wide open and a tear rolling over his face. He looked at the group completely shocked.

"It is all my fault..." He whispered "Maya is forever gone... And it is all my fault."

"Regardless of whose fault is it..." Melchior whispered as he turned his eyes to the dark clouds once more "...We have a new enemy to deal; a new threat to Central America who we shall fight against."

The rain began smoothly, washing the asphalt and crumbles on the ground. Elemental Alchemist and the other Knights looked at the sky, which started to give them a raging rain.

"Let's go" Elemental Alchemist continued "We have to deal with their injuries. It is going to be a hell of a fight, and the raging rain is definitely a sign of it..."

To Be Continued...


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